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  1. Awesome, I knew the first part of your answer after reading through the forums, I was just still confused about the bleed and burn abilities, thanks for the clarification, Steve-O!
  2. I'm sure this has been brought up in the past, but I figured what the heck. First: Did FFG lose its MC license? I ask because I saw Paradox coming out with the Doomtrooper online card game soon. Second: Has anyone ever thought of updating the Siege of the Citadel to perform something like Descent? I ask this because after playing Descent a few times, I have been fantasizing about the prospect of one day seeing a MC game that is something like Descent (even just roughly like it).
  3. I might have missed it in the FAQ (I'll admit that I skimmed it only) and I'll look one more time after I ask on here, so to get to the point: Bleed, Leech, and Burn? As well as other abilities that cause extra damage later on: Do these types of damage also ignore the abilities of some armor that allow the players to roll a power die in order to ignore it? Is it technically damage already dealt and thus cannot be re-ignored by a damage ignoring roll? The ability to ignore rolls isn't a huge issue, but it is something that may eventually come up with the groups that I am playing with.
  4. This.... This is amazing. I badly wish to see the Mutant Chronicles theme to continue and hope to see success from both this and the Doomtrooper Online (Card Game?) see some popularity. Good luck and I'll be keeping close watch on the progress of this game.
  5. I know my reply is basically lame but... All of the characters are equally my 'favorite'. Like the first reply indicated, each character has their place and I have reasons for taking each. I will say that my favorite familiar/companion is Pico. Can't go wrong with a little 'pet' that adds an additional die to attack rolls. That being said, my brother in-law believes that the best character in the game is Runemaster Thorn due to his teleporting anywhere within line of sight.
  6. Hey, thanks for all of the replies! I do plan on purchasing the starter box and likely the suggested additions to help highlight both of the included armies contained within the box. I THINK I have convinced the wife to at least help me learn the new game mechanics for the game before I rush off and try to demo it to my local gaming shop. Sadly, I do not live in Wisconsin, I presently live out near Fort Campbell, Kentucky (Clarksville, Tennessee to be exact). Again, thanks for the comments and I can't wait to get involved with Mutant Chronicles again!
  7. Once I have things ordered and get people interested, we'll be holding games (at an unscheduled time at the moment) at the Gamer's Guild (www.gamersguildtn.com for directions).
  8. I'm new to the game but not exactly new to the entire theme. Back in the day, I played Siege of the Citadel (presently looking for someone who has a copy!), the second tabletop game that involved figs other than a Bishop or Checker piece. The other being a game played on a table-like mat that I am going to assume was very much like or -was- Battlelore. Anyway, to the point of this post: I am new to the community and this new game as well. I'm looking to start collecting the game and need some advice on where to start. I plan on going down to my local gaming center and purchasing the Startup box set, but what else do you think I should purchase? A first/second booster pack? Along with finally getting into the game, I'll be working on trying to get my community involved. Right now they are big time Warhammer/Warmachine players but aren't exactly against collecting a new game system as they hold a different themed tournament each month, highlighting different strategy/collectable games. Additionally, does FFG have any plans for expanding the game to include other armies/corporations? Finally, I'm looking for advice on getting people involved in this very fun and unique gaming system so that it may flourish! Thanks! Busby
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