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  1. I emailed FFG and got an honest reply that they are having problems with the UK print and "...are working on them." No idea of when it will be available. Regards, Jim
  2. Hi Nanich, I am really pleased for you and just a little bit jealous. I am in Scotland and, as yet, have not received it. Could you please tell me where you are based? Warmest regards, Jim
  3. Gentlefolk, Has anyone from the UK had any news? Regards, Jim
  4. I would be tempted to say, "About a year ago..."
  5. Good, Now I can go back to being grumpy about something else.
  6. Beautifully put. It's almost like getting divorced prior to getting married. I ordered on 21 September 2018 and, despite all the crap, I am still hanging in. It reminds me of Samuel Johnson's comment in 1791, "It's a triumph of hope over experience".
  7. In four hours and thirty-seven minutes I shall turn 70. With a bit of luck, I may yet get the mat whilst I am above ground....
  8. I honestly wonder if FFG ever read these fora.
  9. Leave the Loch Ness Monster out of this. You will deprive my Mother-in-Law of a good summer job, swimming up and down the loch.
  10. It looks like it's from FFG France: http://www.fantasyflightgames.fr/jeux/article/le_trone_de_fer_le_jeu_de_plateau_seconde_edition/tapis_de_jeu_mere_des_dragons
  11. I believe it is now on sale in France (in French) according to a couple of French guys who have just got their hands on it. I think that may be a good sign.
  12. I have heard on BGG that a gentleman in China has received his map from a local game store. Could mean it's on the way. He has posted several images on BGG, so it looks quite legitimate.
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