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  1. Thanks @Caimheul1313! That was a great idea (and something I didn't know existed) Emailed in this morning and already heard back from Alex! It'll be covered in the next RRG, but he said it will probably will be from the center of the turret hatch.
  2. cover (and range) are measured from the leader, but each model must have los to at least a part of one model in the target unit to add their dice. The Fifth Trooper did a great blog about this here: https://thefifthtrooper.com/fundamentals-cohesion/
  3. I made that mistake when starting out as well! The one that still kinda bugs me is that it is only for area terrain. If it's a barricade, for example, you are only slowed down in the template itself crosses the terrain (or the model's base along the template). If the leader is on one side and moving away, the troops can be placed on the other side no problem, and do not slow down the movement next turn either.
  4. Hello FFG Team, With the Corona Virus stay at home order I've had a lot more time to get caught up on projects so have been building my Clone Saber Tank (and the rest of my Clones). That got me thinking about the Line of Sight from it, and the rules for LoS FROM units in general adn so I wanted to kinda ask a question (in case i'm misinterpreting something), kinda make an appeal for change (if I'm not). While at home I'd usually play it as coming from the gunner, but reading the rules it seems that would not be the case. Instead it should be the highest point on the model over the center? Unless it gets an exception, like the E-Web, Shore Trooper Mortar, or Occupier Tank. The issue is that that changes depending on how the Saber Tank is modeled. If you build it with the Twin Laser Turret pointing forward, that reaches the center of the base (with a standard placement of the flight stand). But, if you build it with the Beam Turret gun, that is shorter, so does not reach the center, making the highest part of the sculpt over the center the top the hull section that looks like eyes (which is really awkward to look from). Also, the building instructions don't specify where you should glue the flight stand, just to "Test fit the peg to the bottom of the tank and align it on the base so the tank is in the desired position. We recommend allowing enough space to easily reach the notches at the front, sides, and rear of the base with a movement tool. When happy with the placement, glue the peg to the base." So you could glue it more forward (which would make moving it awkward), but would change that center position (as well as leaving open to charges of modeling for advantage). But also would put that gunner (or the gun shield if no gunner) in the center, making it easier to get down and look. I took photos of all of these, but cannot attach them as they are too big (But i'm happy to send them in to illustrate if needed). I have since uploaded them to imgur, here is a link https://imgur.com/a/JnumLev I'm just wondering if another exception needs to be made, or if perhaps a clarification to clean up the rule in general (and future proof it, like the silhouette rule for troopers) could be made. Thanks!
  5. He was super fantastic to meet a few years back at a convention, and was super nice. It's a real loss, but thankfully we'll have his great performances to remember him by. RIP Perter Mayhew
  6. While I agree there was a heavy emphasis on fighters, you still have a lot of the battles being decided by ship combat, at least that we see, as one side tried to prevent a landing, kill the launch bays etc. Plus you had a bunch of actual escort ships (especially on the Seppy side) that were more for combat, and to support the big carriers. It'll be interesting to see how they try to take this into account. Perhaps higher squadron values? Representing the command and control aspects of so many fighter? But also clearly what the battle for Coursant is is a new Sector Fleet battle, so everyone's been reduced to only 25% fighters
  7. Except that many players, myself included already have rough ways around this that take way longer than just using the tool. While you'll never be as precise, you can set you nav tool to what you want to do, measure that distance moved with you finger and squad move tool, and have a good estimation. then reset, or remeasure (as it's not precise). I haven't broken any rules as I'm not entering the play area, but it's still taking a longer time. Also, having played WFB and BFG though all of their non-premeasuring phases, what people talk about about ability to predict ranges is key. One of our top tournament players had the gift of being able to drop his cannon shots and nova cannon blasts exactly where he wanted (and then scatter them). ?It was really hard for a newer player, or even one without that gift (like myself mostly, I was good but no where near his level), to play him, as his shots were perfect, every time (modified only by the subsequent dice). Likewise, his charges were almost always on point, whereas mine, even when taking my fingers to the ruler, and putting them down as a rough estimation, were not. As soon as it pre-measuring was allowed, it made it way easier to be at a similar skill level. I want my cannon to be exactly 8 inches from the front of that unit due to bounces.... now I don't need to guess (or even measure really in that case, one max range is confirmed), just roll the randomizer dice. Does Squad play take a lot of time? Yep!@ My first game against a no squad fleet was done in a flash, but players are also investing a lot of points into it, just like how an MSU player will take longer to set their dials than a 2-ship player, that's where their points are. Another point that hasn't really been brought up is that yes Squad on Squad fights take a while....at the start of engagement. Before that, set-up is generally easy (I need to make sure his fastest fighter can't jump me, which also being in a good position-a few measurements max), and at the end of the game, as many of the squads will be dead if they engaged and had those long activation.... So one activation on the engagement turn might take a while, but how quick are they on other turns? Vs ships that always need need to activate? Also, small ships? How long does it take an experienced player to dodge with a CR90 with a nav dial (and maybe token)on a crucial turn? So there's lots of things that take time, and I think players may just want to step back take a look at more of them, rather than just on the one that bugs them specifically.
  8. Kinda in answer to ndogg229 (though you didn't drop if you kept playing each round) Be careful everyone, if you didn't notice it in Adeptacon's rules, anyone who drops an event they have started receives a ban from the rest of that Adeptacon and for all future Adeptacons. It's different if you're eliminated, or if you cancel an event (like say you made day 2 of something), but otherwise if you start you gotta finish. This includes playing day 2 if you qualify. (Though family/medical/work emergencies are exceptions). https://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2019/2019conduct.pdf It came up when a few people were planning their trips and wanted to do both Armada and Legion. If Armada was your primary goal you were fine, if it was Legion, you had to tank your Armada games or not sign up. Luckily for me the main game I wanted to play was Armada, but @Captain Weather is going to play Legion, but had wanted to join us for Day 1 and couldn't.
  9. I'd be in. Flying in early Wednesday, and hoping to see a bit of the city. Then would love to join for drinks and breakfast before. It would be really cool to meet you all IRL, and not just the Toronto folks I play against (and usually loose to) in major tournaments
  10. I agree with @idiewell and a lot of what I've read here and on the X-Wing board. As long as it's just an alternate paint scheme (which so far it is), then I think it's a really cool idea. Similar to the Alt Art Cards, so long as you can get, game wise, the same thing, and the only difference is a unique that looks cool, then I think it's a fun way to have a cool souvenir for the event. But a big NO if it is ever something with a unique game effect that you cannot get if you don't go.
  11. This has been an issue for us at times. Sometimes we get kits and other times not. One thing our group has done is to take a bunch of alt arts, especially some of the common, but older ones, as well as a few rarer ones that people got but don't use and make a grab bag as prizes. Rarer cards needed higher turnout, but it was a great way to get some newer players cards that a bunch of us had multiples of. I'm really sorry that the OP and a bunch of others had their communities die. We have a bunch of players, but our game nights have always been mixed. People post in a group what games they're playing to bring or want to play and people bring them out, but Armada has always been a popular one, and we got every player in the store into it. As for the reprints, it's super frustrating, but again, a bunch of us are longtime players, and we're happy to lend a ship or cords to others who want to try things. It does mean we can't all run @Crabbok's 5 Arq fleet, but we could pool ours so one person can try it. That's helped to really ease the burden on the reprints, as well as letting people try and experiment with things. Personally I really look forward to the SSD, but I've also really loved the meta shake up that the FAQ brought last year and am still playing with new things, but I can see if you're getting multiple games in a week how it could get stale (I just wish I could get more than a couple). I just still think there's loads I could try (like seriously playing Rebels, as I've tried a couple of times, but just miss my space pizzas), and the Never Have I Ever thread gave me even more ideas. But to each their own. Personally, I was hugely impressed when 40k (which I'd played for 2/3rds of my life) came back.... and then lost interest as it went tournament heavy, and I had only a couple of lists I could run, and upon set up I could practically say either 'I've won' or 'I don't have a hope'. So it got boring fast. I'll still play, especially as a few players have really pushed for 'fun' lists, but that's so hard to define that it's lead to some mixed results. In contrast, while there can be bad match-ups in Armada, I find there's still lots of variety that makes things effective, and, with the ranges being relatively small compared to the board size, plenty of ways that you can fight back against even a fleet that counters yours (unlike 40k, where so many of the weapons can fire across the whole board). But again, that's personal preference and opinion, and everyone knows what they say about opinions....
  12. So points plus is the same as what we have now, it's just playing a slightly bigger game. Instead of taking a 400 point fleet, where you *have* to pay at least 20 points for an Admiral, think of it as a 380 point fleet, (or smaller with the more expensive ones). Does it restrict what you can put in your fleet, yes! But it adds to the fun (and challenge) of constructing a fleet. Making the most use of those points, also, how many are you leaving for a bid, etc. Do some cost a lot, yep! But there are good reasons for that, as play many of the more expensive commanders at a 500 point CC final fleet game, and see how much crazier they get. All the admirals scale up, but getting a bunch of extra ships for Vader to give re-rolls, Tarkin to give tokens to, or Ackbar to give dice too? It's super nasty! And fun, if everyone's doing it. But you'll quickly see why they limited both the points in general, and the ship/commander/upgrades that can be taken because of it. Still I have to echo a few posts here, this has been one of the funner discussions I've read! Please keep them up! Also, try the task force format! It's one where commanders are optional, so you don't need them. You could even scale that up and see how it goes, though I think you'd fin in bigger games that the commander is such a force multiplier (usually) that they'll be better than the fleet with 20-40 more points... (but I haven't tried that, so don't quote me on it )
  13. Coming up! I had thought that others would have passed it on, but I'm reaching out to the organizer who has the lists and standings, and can send them to me. As soon as I've got them I'll get them over to you
  14. We have Seasonal kits in town, so it's like an hour bus. For Regionals, Nationals, and Store Champs (especially if no one locally is running one) there's a group of 2-6 local players that have driven 5 hours each way (we usually drive down the day before and then drive back at the end of the tournament, so we only have to stay 1 night in a hotel).
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