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  1. I'd be in. Flying in early Wednesday, and hoping to see a bit of the city. Then would love to join for drinks and breakfast before. It would be really cool to meet you all IRL, and not just the Toronto folks I play against (and usually loose to) in major tournaments
  2. Crewgar

    Limited Edition Ships

    I agree with @idiewell and a lot of what I've read here and on the X-Wing board. As long as it's just an alternate paint scheme (which so far it is), then I think it's a really cool idea. Similar to the Alt Art Cards, so long as you can get, game wise, the same thing, and the only difference is a unique that looks cool, then I think it's a fun way to have a cool souvenir for the event. But a big NO if it is ever something with a unique game effect that you cannot get if you don't go.
  3. Crewgar

    Just how it is here.

    This has been an issue for us at times. Sometimes we get kits and other times not. One thing our group has done is to take a bunch of alt arts, especially some of the common, but older ones, as well as a few rarer ones that people got but don't use and make a grab bag as prizes. Rarer cards needed higher turnout, but it was a great way to get some newer players cards that a bunch of us had multiples of. I'm really sorry that the OP and a bunch of others had their communities die. We have a bunch of players, but our game nights have always been mixed. People post in a group what games they're playing to bring or want to play and people bring them out, but Armada has always been a popular one, and we got every player in the store into it. As for the reprints, it's super frustrating, but again, a bunch of us are longtime players, and we're happy to lend a ship or cords to others who want to try things. It does mean we can't all run @Crabbok's 5 Arq fleet, but we could pool ours so one person can try it. That's helped to really ease the burden on the reprints, as well as letting people try and experiment with things. Personally I really look forward to the SSD, but I've also really loved the meta shake up that the FAQ brought last year and am still playing with new things, but I can see if you're getting multiple games in a week how it could get stale (I just wish I could get more than a couple). I just still think there's loads I could try (like seriously playing Rebels, as I've tried a couple of times, but just miss my space pizzas), and the Never Have I Ever thread gave me even more ideas. But to each their own. Personally, I was hugely impressed when 40k (which I'd played for 2/3rds of my life) came back.... and then lost interest as it went tournament heavy, and I had only a couple of lists I could run, and upon set up I could practically say either 'I've won' or 'I don't have a hope'. So it got boring fast. I'll still play, especially as a few players have really pushed for 'fun' lists, but that's so hard to define that it's lead to some mixed results. In contrast, while there can be bad match-ups in Armada, I find there's still lots of variety that makes things effective, and, with the ranges being relatively small compared to the board size, plenty of ways that you can fight back against even a fleet that counters yours (unlike 40k, where so many of the weapons can fire across the whole board). But again, that's personal preference and opinion, and everyone knows what they say about opinions....
  4. Crewgar

    Commander cost.

    So points plus is the same as what we have now, it's just playing a slightly bigger game. Instead of taking a 400 point fleet, where you *have* to pay at least 20 points for an Admiral, think of it as a 380 point fleet, (or smaller with the more expensive ones). Does it restrict what you can put in your fleet, yes! But it adds to the fun (and challenge) of constructing a fleet. Making the most use of those points, also, how many are you leaving for a bid, etc. Do some cost a lot, yep! But there are good reasons for that, as play many of the more expensive commanders at a 500 point CC final fleet game, and see how much crazier they get. All the admirals scale up, but getting a bunch of extra ships for Vader to give re-rolls, Tarkin to give tokens to, or Ackbar to give dice too? It's super nasty! And fun, if everyone's doing it. But you'll quickly see why they limited both the points in general, and the ship/commander/upgrades that can be taken because of it. Still I have to echo a few posts here, this has been one of the funner discussions I've read! Please keep them up! Also, try the task force format! It's one where commanders are optional, so you don't need them. You could even scale that up and see how it goes, though I think you'd fin in bigger games that the commander is such a force multiplier (usually) that they'll be better than the fleet with 20-40 more points... (but I haven't tried that, so don't quote me on it )
  5. Crewgar

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    Coming up! I had thought that others would have passed it on, but I'm reaching out to the organizer who has the lists and standings, and can send them to me. As soon as I've got them I'll get them over to you
  6. Crewgar

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    We have Seasonal kits in town, so it's like an hour bus. For Regionals, Nationals, and Store Champs (especially if no one locally is running one) there's a group of 2-6 local players that have driven 5 hours each way (we usually drive down the day before and then drive back at the end of the tournament, so we only have to stay 1 night in a hotel).
  7. Crewgar

    Another VSD Thread

    A Warlord VSD 1 with External Racks, Tua, ECM, (and Captain Jonus beside it) did a number on my ISD on Saturday. I underestimated how much damage it could do, and it killed my ISD just before my squards could finish the rest of his squads and kill his 2 gladiators. The game ended in a 6-5 for me, but I came out of it with a lot of respect for VSDs again.
  8. Crewgar

    Issues with the Corellian Conflict

    So we ran a few house rules when we ran the campaign a second time. Our first was that, after Round 1 the Resource mission could only be launched by the side that was behind on campaign points. Similarly to above, we said that unused upgrades could be sold back at 50% of initial costs, allowing some fleets to help recover some points. We let players upgrade standard squads to aces by paying the points difference (assuming those aces weren't already dead/in use in another fleet). We also added that the skilled spacer token could make a ship a 'veteran' for a game if it wasn't used to change objectives. That meant that some others ships could get the benefit.
  9. So I've seen a similar thing happen, on like a table two where both players realize that they could win with a 10-1 but not anything else at the start of the game. They then play trying to get a 10-1 and usually get a 6-5 as they annihilate each other and both get lots of points. As long as the players are not colluding to fix their score, but are pointing out what they need, I don't see an issue with it. As for this, while I've frequently been the one being clubbed, while a 6-5 win is usually a great game and a close win, that also means that both players played about the same and one barely came out ahead (a minor victory you might say in terms from other games). While on the the contrary, someone who crushes their opponent won a major victory. I like that these are rated differently. It can suck (and I've had it happen a bunch in tournaments for other games) when you've been getting a lot of close victories, but then, as the system only tracks wins, you get paired with someone who's blown out all of their previous opponents. Instead I love the fact that the Armada system allows us to pair people who have been getting 6-5s and 5-6s all tournament against each other, while having the 10-1 players play each other. It also allows those top players to either blow each other away or, to get a 6-5 themselves, and so even out the field. But again, to each their own. The system definitely has it's flaws, like I pointed out, how someone you barely beat can still win the tournament, but I love the greater ability to match people at similar tournament results, and to give a greater incentive to try and play a better game and score more points.
  10. Also, how are you funding 2 SSDs as prizes and only having 3 players stick it out lol. We had a 30ish player tournament to put up one as a prize (pre-ordered for the person), and everyone stayed for that except one player who dropped due to a family obligation. And as someone with a Peanut allergy I'm mock offended that that would be a prize But I get that it it was all just about setting up the situation. Here's one: 4 Round Tournament 1 player has won all 4 games, but close victories, all 6-5 (total of 24 tournament points). The tournament winner lost to them Round 1, but then cleaned up all three remaining rounds (say 10, 8 and 8 for 31 points total). You have a situation where the winning player has less wins, and lost to another player who went undefeated all tournament. But that's why I love the Armada system, as the amount you win by matters, and a super close win is USUALLY not enough to matter.
  11. Pretty healthy, we have 6 people who regularly bring it out for weekly games, as well as a bunch of others who are part of a Facebook group and play a game every few months (or drop in every few months to the store). The store that hosts the quarterly tournaments. While a bunch of our old hands dropped out when one store stopped running it, we've gotten a number of new players in recently. The only issue if getting some of them some of the ships, but luckily a bunch of us have good collections and so are happy to lend ships or cards (or proxy cards) to keep people interested. We're also a 5 hour drive from Toronto, so there's 4-6 of us that are willing to do overnight trips to play in bigger tournaments down there (like the regionals in 2 weeks time). So I'd say it's quite healthy.
  12. Crewgar

    Never have I ever...

    Put Demo or a Gladiator on the table (and I am an Imperial Admiral primarily and have been playing since wave 1). I have crafted a few fleets, but never run them as I don't like their style. Used Boarding Troopers (and Sloan Avenger I love, just have to give up gunnery teams). The rebel lists are way too long, but those are my big ones
  13. Crewgar

    What to expect at a Regionals?

    I tend to just flip over the lit of my core box (though it's starting to get really warn now, and use my rule book and lists to fill in the hole where the ships were). But the idea of bringing a fleet that you know is really good. Also, consider one with fewer choices. While Thrawn, Chimera, and lots of Phantoms can be fun for a single game, trying to remember all of the timings when you're in your third game can be really rough.
  14. Crewgar

    Huge ships and ramming

    We do know that at least some ships that ram them take a normal face down, if the leaks are to be believed, as the Eclipse title makes them take it face up. Apart from that nothing is known and due to playtester NDAs I doubt we'll find out until we get an article.
  15. Crewgar

    The Clones - Crabbok gives us an Anthem

    Also, while BFG isn't being developed anymore on tabletop, it died when the old GW exec killed all of their Specialist Games. If the computer game's popularity is anything to go by, the IP is still popular, and given that GW is resuprecting many of their Specialist Games lines, we'll probably see it back in the next few years But ya, we're still getting news, still getting new stuff, still getting things put back in stock (slowly), so it'd definitely not dead yet. Plus, look at all the different fleet types people are developing now, and just wait to see all the new Imperial builds coming (I spent a lot of time this weekend building new lists based on the spoilers).