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  1. We played the game yesterday and at one point we were instructed to move the mob in the the direction of the closest player (as any other monster) and we moved them into the building. Daniel
  2. My favorite silly encounter is this one: "Hey, buddy, you forgot your bag!" You didn't, but before you can object, the man is gone. You open the bag and find a Common Item inside. ... and then you can get a Sedanette or a Motorcycle from the Common Items deck. Just the idea of imagining the guy dragging a bag the size of car while calling "Your forgot your bag" makes me laugh. Daniel
  3. Avi_dreader said: Daniel said: If the number of dice is negative, you fail the skill check and then you spend one clue for each additional die. That last part is not correct. You do not fail your skill check. If you fail a skill check, that means your rolling is over and whatever happens happens (I'm just telling you this because if you're unclear about the terminology it may cause problems at some point). Well. in page 13 of the rules, it says that you fail or pass the check as soon as you roll the dice. After you fail the check (or after you pass it), you can add clues to pass it: "Example: Joe Diamond fails a Lore (–1) [3] check, but gets two successes. Deciding that he really needs to pass this check, he discards one Clue token and rolls another die, getting a 3. Still no success, so Joe spends a second Clue token and rolls a second die, this time getting a 6. This extra success increases his total number of successes for the check to 3, enough to pass the check." Daniel
  4. karpluker said: I thought clues were just for re-rolls. I have been playing, if you can't roll originally you can't re-roll. I'm doing something else wrong aren't I? No, clues are not for re-rolls, they are bonus dice (additional dice). You spend one clue for one additional roll after failing a skill check. Have a look at page 13 of the rules: "Important: Spending a Clue token always gives you the bonus dice that you are entitled to, even if the modifier has dropped the number of dice you can roll below 0." If the number of dice is negative, you fail the skill check and then you spend one clue for each additional die. Daniel
  5. Hi, all, For the Spanish league, they have made all the scenarios into Strange Eons files. I thought it would be good to have the same for the two Fantasy Flight leagues but I was wondering if somebody has done this already and, if it has been done, whether the fiiles are available somewhere. All the best, Daniel
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