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  1. There are various dockyards listed in fluff but their full capabilities are not really discussed. Kormoroshi (sp?) Dockyards seem to be able to produce bespoke custom cruisers from the keel up, so....
  2. When there is no 'almost' and the arch militant fights dark eldar wyches bare naked. When the music mostly comes from the soundtracks to Heavy Metal, Mortal Kombat, Conan the Barbarian, and Dune. When the players name their ship the Night City. When the layers measure their ships firepower in 'Death Stars'. When the players point out that if the torpedoes have virus warheads full of life eater virus, how to they NOT have an exterminatus weapon?
  3. In one of the BL novels about the Damocles Gulf Crusade, even though they all arrive at about the same time, the RT fleet is scattered around the edge of the star's gravity well and takes some time to regroup.
  4. When the party asks 'How many nukes do we have in storage? We want to leave a 'Best' quality one behind after we rob the Faceless Lord. Might take him a day or two to figure out that stuff is missing.' 'Is it heresy to add Wyches to my harem?' 'Does the admech have a 'bridge bunny' cult of explorators we can recruit?' 'So, in other words, the warlord titan is started by playing the theme to Gigantor?'
  5. You know GW is running out of ideas when... ... they finally look like they MIGHT wrap up the Cypher storyline.....
  6. If that's the truth, they'd have issues with my last campaign, the players dubbed it 'Do Techpreists Dream Electric Sheep?'
  7. I'll say that the RT in my campaign developed something of a Harem, being the last survivor of the line.
  8. I should never have given Messiahcide the keys. But things had gotten busy in my life and it seemed like a good idea....
  9. Isn't that a redundancy? I thought all bagpipes counted as sonic power weapons?
  10. When you have several such ships and are not sure which one you left your stuff on. When your magos biologis starts a genetic engineering program for your harem. When you have enough juvenat drugs to stay young long enough to find out if you got your money's worth. If you have pict casters on your helmets so the player left behind on the ship knows just how lucky he is.
  11. When your Wych has enough pain tokens to take on the Justice League single handed.., ..after a good night on the town in Footfall.
  12. If you have ever stopped a chaos dreadnought by injecting the grox in the larder with 'slaught. All the grox....
  13. Any ship with the following component: Pecuniam Situla (S1, P1): a massive storage vault containing a diving board and approximately three cubic acres of financial security.
  14. The issue with Askellon is the warp storms make trade outside the sector tricky.
  15. I'd make a point to buy it now before FFG randomly drops it without warning like every other RPG they've ever made. Just sayin.
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