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  1. Do you (in the rules) increase the destinies of "something value---life or strength" by one? Or does it mean to gain one "of that something"--life or strength? Does it mean the "base value" goes up by one? Do you get an additional strength? If you have a base value of four lives, do you now increase to five lives (above your starting value)? If you have a beginning strength of 2, does that mean you now increase to three? Let's say you now have (after several battles) a strength of 5. Now, with the destiny card (involving strength), do you go up to six? It seems like a simple answer, but two of my participants at the last convention could not figure out the answer. Mr. Talisman
  2. At a recent gaming convention, a gamer strongly felt he had a right (with an axe) to use and move the raft "that turn." I ruled that he must wait a turn to use the raft, because he acquired or built the raft during "that turn." You use the axe to cut down the tree and build the raft in one turn. You use the raft the next turn. Is that a correct interpretation of the 4th edition Revised Rules? I look forward to your prompt and thoughtful replies. Best, Mr. Talisman
  3. The 4th Edition Revised Rules say one must remain a toad (once selected) for three turns. Does that mean three complete turns? That is the way I am interpreting. Now to the serious issue: A person became a toad at the beginning of her turn as she was finishing her turn. I ruled as the judge that she became a toad at that point (when the "temporal" spell was cast from another player) and finished that part of her turn. She as the character had two more turns as a toad before returning to her original character. Others in the tournament argued that she had three full turns to be a toad instead of the two. Was I correct in the ruling for two more complete turns? It is a frustrating business trying to interpret between the lines of the Talisman Rules for 4th Edition Revised. Best, Mr. Talisman Northridge, CA
  4. Improvisor

    The Reaper

    Dear Player, The Reaper is contained in the first Talisman Expansion: The Reaper. It contains four new characters and the cards for those characters. Additionally, you receive The Reaper character card and the figure. The Reaper looks interesting, especially for gaming tournaments. Does that help? Best, Dr. Jay Talisman judge for over 20 years
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