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  1. Hello; I would like to ask you for advise. I am not sure how to correctly operate Flying Monsters. To trigger Movement of Flying Monster do I need to have it's symbol printed on drawn Mythos Card? When Player ends his movement on the street, will be be automatically attacked by all Flyers or (as mentioned above) I need to draw Flyer symbol on a Mythos Card? Can Player be attacked on Player movement turn, or only in Mythos phase on Monster Movement turn? If Flyer is on a street not connected to a street where player is located, will he just move to adjacent street or directly to the Player's street? Thank you! Veross
  2. Hello! 2 questions: 1. Are there Strange Eons (.eon files) availalble for existing Arkham Horror releases? For example cards from base AH in .eon format? So you can print them if you lost or damaged originals? 2. I found AH very easy above 5 players, do you use any system (or maybe I am missing something) to make game more challenging? Above 5 players there is no problem to kill all monsters in 2 rounds and you always have someone spare to close gates… Cheers!
  3. Honestly? I have 7 players, and my dream is to play full 7 faction game with all planets etc
  4. Hello; I just found myself unable to understand new Gold Order rules (from Broodwars, with the Pool). I thought that you can always put on the stack as many Gold Orders as you wish, but then, when you reveal them, each of those need to be backuped with Research Module. If you revealed 3rd gold and you have only 2 modules - it is discarded. If that is so simple, why there is this Pool of used/unused Gold Orders, how to use it? There are also Event Cards that allows you to place Gold Order from stack to the Pool, how does it work? What's the point? Thanks!
  5. Hello; I would like to buy 1 faction of Terrans (figures and cards); but only that - I do not need entire game. I looked at ebay but guys sell whole game only, and I do not want to spend $80... Any ideas? Maybe you can recommend me some web site where I can announce?
  6. Hello! I have a question regarding combat. Let us say I fight creature with Toughness=3. In first round I managed to hit 2 Wounds. As creature does not die, I got X wounds (Stamina Loss) as a penalty. Then there is next combat round - in next round, do I need to score 1 wound (what left over 1st round) to kill creature; or I need to (again) hit 3 wounds? Please advise; Thanks; Konrad
  7. Many players recommend (when building new units) to spread them out through all sectors in the planet. My question is why? When enemy attack your planet, he will be very happy to send even 1 stupid marine to every sector beside his main point of attack, just to have +3/+6/+9 cards for his mail battle. It is just giving your opponent cards for free. Can someone please advise why above is still recommended?
  8. Hi; I have 2 questions, as I have a feeling that my AH games are to easy: 1. Terror level increases only if: - Encounter Card says so - Monsters are being discarded from Outskirts = Are there any other possibilities? 2. When Mythos card says to open a gate on a location where the gate is already opened - we only spawn monsters. Should I add Doom Token to the track?
  9. I have a question regarding Blight cards: Does they have effect: - on other "expansion" cities, like Innsmouth; or in Arkham only? - on Other Worlds? - during final battle with Ancient One?
  10. if investigator intercepts few monster at 1 street, he has to fight (or evade) all of them. do the monsters receive any bonuses for their outnumber or investigator just fights then one by one?
  11. Call your provider/shop. They shoudl replace you with a new units. If that fails - write to FFG team.
  12. Sure, I can come. Using our State of Art Polish Express Railways - I will be there in 7 hours only! Still I prefer to find a group a little nearer .
  13. Hello!; I am looking for SC/BW players who has the game, in Poland Trojmiasto or areas. I am thinking of buying one, but have no one to play with + I want to see how the game works. Please post message here of e-mail to: veross2@go2.pl Cheers; Veross
  14. I am asking about card: When come into play, will it's 3 Inv Icons count as PRINTED icons or not?
  15. That is a very good idea - expansions. I (alas) have only base one. Which expansion do you recommend to buy, to gain most fun, varierty and difficulty?
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