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  1. I guess I didn't think the two were necessarily related because the description of the mod is: Defender chooses ship component affected by Ion Weapon quality as opposed to the attacker. This seems to me to refer to something inherent with that quality rather than a result on a crit table. If what you say is correct, that is certainly poorly worded.
  2. I have a question regarding weapons with the Ion weapon quality. One of the modifications for this attachment is that the defender can choose the ship component affected by the Ion weapon quality rather than the attacker. However, I can't find any reference anywhere else stating that the attacker can do this - including in the Ion quality. There are vague references to it affecting systems - but no specifics, such as the attacker choosing to do such a thing. Would this cost advantages to activate? How long are the systems down? I am curious as to how others handle this or if I am missing something within the rules.
  3. So the launch event was last night. Any idea when it might be available to purchase from the FFG online store? Kinda odd to launch the game but not have it for sale.
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