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  1. Sorry for replying so late. For the people who want the eon files, add me to your YahooMessenger friend list and I will send them. My yahoo ID is "mykayel_88". Also, I haven't added a reply in so long because I was really REALLY busy with my next project. I would post the information on the forums but it has nothing to do with Arkham Horror. It's an interactive novel for the PC completely independet (so no programs required) It's almost like a computer game only that it has mostly text, a few action sequences and a few cutscenes. Also, it's interactive so you have to choose what the character will do next a lot of times and unlock various endings and side-stories by doing so.
  2. LOOOL! Sephiroth and Kefka as Great Old Ones. I made a Jenova Great Old One and a Sephiroth investigator along with lots of cards exclusively for sephiroth. I think I'll upload them also made a new mechanic (the Messenger Mechanic) for Jenova and Sephiroth in witch at a certain point, Sephiroth will win only if Jenova wins and he will not fight Jenova in the final battle.
  3. I did not make a custom back because we use card sleeves along with every new card. Thanks for your support everyone. Working on another AH project that will add some epic stuff to the game but I will wait a few more weeks before opening a therad and posting some stuff in order to make it 'official'. It's taking a lot of time to make since it is a very big add-on (don't worry, there's no board involved )
  4. Glycerine : Thanks for your comment. It raises my morale a little. ^^ Abdul : I will upload it when I find the time and add the links in this thread.
  5. I'd be intrested to see an Expansion based on "At The Mountains Of Madness" or maybe on "Pickman's Model". Two of my favorite Lovecraft stories, but you do know that doing At The Mountains Of Madness will probably result in another board (that I can see some people here hate the ideea off) with the ancinet city a top of the mountain, the cave where they find the Elder Ones etc.
  6. I hate to sound like an idiot but...THEiER MAKING AN INNSMOUTH EXPANSION???? AWESOME! A Shadow Over Innsmouth is one of my favorite Lovecraft stories. Anyway, I was wondering why they didn't make that, looks like they read my mind. As for the reason this topic even exists: I'd also prefer they keep making board expansions because they add even more diversity to the game. Nobody tells you to actualy use two or more board expansions at once. The same goes with the card decks, you should only use ONE expansion over the base game at a time, otherwise they cancel each other out. I for one can't wait until Innsmouth is released.
  7. PearlJamaholic said: i can see the chainsaw ignoring physical resistance but not immunity. if you hit something with a chainsaw its like an automatic multi-stab. bullets would deflect after a hit, blades are one slash/stab. i know the tommy gun and all but thats a million different bullets. so i dont think the chainsaw is that far of a stretch with the ignoring resistance. as for the boomstick, its a freakin' boomstick not a shotgun. i wouldnt change that at all. it might look and act like a shotgun, but it is no shotgun haha. but i think the one problem is ash is 'the chosen one' isnt he? and ash doesnt start the movies with the necronomicon does he? its something he picks up later. since the game already features that item minus the ex mortis part, maybe give ash those special abilities or something similar that fits game balance after he aquires the book. so its not something that will even happen every game. but then his ability box already has alot of text already.... since ive probably played less than 20 games i cant comment much on game balance issues with Ash without actually playing him, but ive watched the movies and have been reading the comic for years, so i guess i can have opinions on the flavor stuff. hail to the king! About the chain-saw...that depends on what kind of monster you are fighting. Some of them have resistance because they are extremely difficult to hit. So I guess that following common logic, the chainsaw shouldn't affect them at all because they are too fast? It's a GAME, so the rules are made for every monster, ancient one etc. But anyway, the biggest problem with the chainsaw is that it's UNIQUE. If it trully MUST be unique, then the necronomicon should be unique as well. The boomstick, yes it is different, what I meant was to CHANGE the abilities since it is POINTLESS to print out that card when you can just use the shotgun from the AH game and treat it as single-handed. If he wants the ability on the card to be the same, then he should also add something new. For example: The boomstick is easier to wheild therefore, direct shots are easier to make. So it should do 'double successes' even on a 5. Its just like a shotgun only lighter, so it's not as difficult to hit something with it. Anyway, that's JUST a suggestion.
  8. I just HAVE to reply on this topic. My girlfriend is the one who did this little SCREW UP even tho I told her it was going to happen (most likely) She was sent to the hospital. Decided to chill there a little and I was telling her that there are too many monsters around (including 2 in the sky) but she still wouldn't leave just yet. She had NO weapons, and exactly on the turn she decides to exit, MOST of the monsters move in and block the hospital exit. But she made up for it in a more recent game where weilding the shotgun she attacked the ancient one and rolled 5 successes. All 5 succesful dice had 6 on them. Another funny thing happened once when one of our players decided to make a very DUMB decision, by going through a gate, when Yig had 9 on the Doom Track. He of course got Lost in Time and Space and Yig appeared, devored him, and then attacked us. When we should of infact gone to the church to get blessed.
  9. batmobil said: Hi I'm totally new to the game. Last sunday I played my first game and I was totally fascinated. When a co-player told me about this program to create custom chacters, I just had to download it and make my first character. I have looked through the posts in the old Forums and noticed a somewhat (in my opinion) overpowered simillar characer. However I made this one even before reading the post. The character is designed as the alternate Evil Dead ending / Army of (Arkham-) Darkness beginning. Comments and Critic is welcomed. - bat Character: Front: img388.imageshack.us/img388/9458/ashleyashjwilliamsfrontzs6.jpg Back: img388.imageshack.us/img388/3717/ashleyashjwilliamsbackpo9.jpg Items: img388.imageshack.us/img388/7734/necronomiconexmortisfrolr4.jpg img388.imageshack.us/img388/6214/boomstickfrontpx3.jpg img352.imageshack.us/img352/3895/chainsawfrontjg1.jpg P.S.: On a side note this Forum kinda sux. I tried hosting Images but it didn't work any way I tried it. A small tutorial on how to use this Forum would be great, esspecially the image hosting. Or alternatively revert back to the old one. Which was way better in my opinion. And really simple in usage. I belive I should try and help ya out a little bit: First of all the forum isn't so bad. If you want your images to be seen here directly you should use Photobucket (google it) and use the second link of your image when uploading the link on this site (but use the ADD IMAGE button when commenting, don't just add the link) and remember to change its size so that it can be properly displayed. Also, it would help to copy/paste the text under your image of the card for those that can't see the images because of their internet connection or screen size. Second, lets analize your cards and sheets: Ashley is ok, but the abilities don't really sute him. (but this is just a personal opinion) the main problem with him is that you used wrong game terms and that can be...uncomfortable. You should learn the game terms before making your own stuff. For example, you wrote Horror test instead of Horror Check. Next, the Chainsaw, it's a UNIQUE item even tho it shouldn't be. Yeah, it is his chainsaw, but come ON, the necronomicon is COMMON but the chainsaw unique? You should see a problem with this. The effects are preety cool, but don't make sense. Why is Physical Ressistance not affected? It should be since it is a Physical Weapon. (when you will play this game doing ROLEPLAY, you will see WHY this is an issue) The boomstick is uncalled for, it's just a copy of the Shotgun, the only difference is that it's one handed. I noticed your boy can't use two-handed weapons but still, it's kinda strange to print out an extra card just for a one-handed version of the shot-gun. Also, got a question, you don't want him to use a double-handed weapons because he has one hand sawed off right? (seen Evil Dead 2) Well, the fact that he can use 2 guns will sorta make the whole "no double-handed weapon" thing kinda pointless wouldn't it? Necronomicon Ex Mortis (Ha!) that's an easy one, and I can see i'm not the only one who noticed some issues with that card. First off...ITS A COMMON ITEM! And it's even got a hand symbol. Question: How exactly do you use this item in combat? Next, why is it a tome with no Lore Check? Tomes have lore checks and you usualy loose sanity for using it. Anyway, that aside, the effects have some issues: Beside the fact they are unbalanced....What exactly is a Demon portal? Do you mean a gate? (Exactly what I was talking about earlier) Next, a Monster appears in the streets....What streets does the monster appear in exactly? How do you decide? What if you are in a location?Also, teleporting yourself to lost in time and space and back to the city is kinda.....strange. Why would you want to give the player that ability? It might as well tell you to teleport wherever you want. One problem, that is RANDOM and makes the tome very risky to use. The consequences of being teleported to LOST IN TIME AND SPACE can be very large. Number 5 is also kinda weird: What does BANISH refer to ? Do you just put him back in the cup or do you keep him as a trophy? Do you send him in the box? (remove from the game) What if you are lost in time and space? It doesn't make sense to send a monster from the street out of the game when you are in a completly different dimension. Also, the ANCIENT ONE is NOT a monster, that is why they call that type of creature ANCIENT ONE, because it is NOT a monster. you fight it differently, it appears differently..anyway, you should just use (Discard this card when the Ancient One awakens) that way a player can't use it against an Ancient One and you can't confuse the ability with a instant-win ability. As for number 6, do you CHOOSE a gate? Any gate? If you are lucky enough to use that ability 6 times in a row...the game is over. If those 6 times are in the first 7 turns. Even IF you start the game delayed (and you do) that means you can't move, but you should still be able to use the card. Anyway, the thing is, that most of the times I play, there are usualy gates opened in the very unstable locations. If those locations are completely sealed by your card, then the game becomes TOO easy. One last questions: Does the Necronomicon explain itself? Because I can't see why you don't use ANY movement points to read it. You just open it and something happens? So over all, you should play the game a few more times before making your own cards. But don't let my words get you down, it's just constructive critisism, nothing more. Don't take it personaly, take it as advice. You should try 2-3 solo games and THEN make yourself some cards. One thing I recomend, if you truly MUST make cards from the Evil Dead (army of darkness) series, then modify the effects on these cards before making new ones.
  10. The Message said: Ok, this one has a bit of a... different end game, should it come to Final Battle. http://boardgamegeek.com/file/info/38091 Mnomquah would be the GOO obviously, the scenario, monster token and map are all for the Final Battle, as described on his sheet. In short, when he wakes up you put the Horror of the Black Lake scenario in play and move all investigators to the Lake of Ubboth map, placing the Mnomquah monster token in the center (The map is currently having issues, probably because I forgot to upload each location file. The update is currently pending and should be up in a day or so). Gates open up on the outskirts of the map and spew out monsters, which the investigators must battle and close. Meanwhile, Mnomquah's token moves (As a fast stalker) after them and starts kicking tail. Basically, combat with him is started like a normal monster, but you use the statistics on his AO sheet just like a normal final battle (You may still flee, though). The end result is that the endgame is slightly more dynamic, but I'm unsure whether it's harder or easier. dude, I'm having some trouble printing this "scenario"...my Strange Eons program (or any program I have for that matter) can't open Lake of Ubboth or Mnomquah Monster. Any ideea why?
  11. Is it weird that I like the Maniac Investigator?
  12. Made a small change in the Image position as well, like him better this way. This is his new Attack: When Hastur is attacked by a Weapon, in order for the attack to succeed, that investigator must pass a Speed(-2) check or else lose 1 Stamina. When Hastur is attacked by a Spell, each investigator must pass a Luck(+1) check or become Cursed. Every investigator loses 1 Sanity and 1 Doom Token is added to the Doom Track.
  13. Just so you know...When The Lost Tower gets PUT in play, you do NOT add a Doom Token since it is not considered a gate. Also, the FINAL FLOOR (Floor 5) card has the "FLOOR" Title missing from the card. This is not a mistake, I wanted the card to not have the title since it is not a challange. As you can see there is no PASS, FAIL or BONUS text on the card...so it's more of a healing area than anything else really. Anyway, glad you like it.
  14. Yup, I can see the problem with my Hastur. Gonna modify his end game attacks a little. Posting him later today.
  15. Oh boy! Do I !? 50% of the games I playied ended like that. I mean, at the last possible second, when you feel like you might as well wrap up the board because there is NO WAY you can lose. Something happens. Something VERY NASTY happens. And you say...I'll live...it's just one BAD event, that's all. Then another bad thing happens...and another...and another...and another...and before you know it, you are one seal away from victory and the Ancient One awakens and mopps the floor with you investigators. It's almost as if the game is making fun of you. For example: We were playing against Yig (of all 'people') and to my BIG surprise, the game lasted about 4 or 5 hours! :| Yeah, WTF? We were 3 players each with only ONE investigator. How the game dragged out so mutch is beyond me. But BY GOD, was it entertaining. The players were me, my girlfriend and my girlfriend's cousin (a 20-something year-old guy playing his 3rd AH game). Don't remember what investigator each of us had. Yig was about three Doom Tokens away from awakening and there was a preety nasty rumor in town. But we had what we needed to get rid of it. I don't remember the name of the rumor, but I remember we needed Clue Tokens in order to close it. The funny part was, that we couldn't get to it. Ah, why? Well...picture this: The only two streets connected to the street we needed to get to...were blocked by CULTISTS! CULTIST OF ALL PEOPLE! It was like the game itself was moking us. The pulled on....and when we needed to seal just one more gate...just ONE MORE bloody gate...one of us decided to go into the portal. I did the biggest possible mistake at that moment...Yig was one Doom Token away from awakening and...I SENT THE NEW GUY IN! (Yeah...I know) Obviously he got Lost In Time And Space and Yig got that birthday gift he always wanted...THE FINAL DOOM TOKEN. Of course he awakened, Cursed me and my gf (since her cousin was devoured by being LITAS when the Ancient One awakens) and then started ripping us to pieces. The funny part was that my gf had a shootgun that she used to take half of the AO's...ahm..'health' (?) with just one shot. Yig first killed me, then her...and that was it...the game was over. Also, you might be curious why we weren't blessed. Well, whenever we got cursed it took at LEAST 5-6 turns to roll a 1...where as when we are blessed, it took 1 turn and SOMETIMES 2 turns to roll a 1. :| Also, each time one of us was sent to the hospital or asylum, monsters that didn't move for 5 turns ALL end up in front of the asylum or hospital. Does this game have a soul or something? Anyway...even tho we lost to YIG (wich is preety embarassing) the game was still fun. REALLY fun!
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