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  1. user4574 said: You can turn off the power field and use them as a primitive weapon of what they are, reducing the damage and penetration to that of their basic weapon (ie before the power field bonuses) Yea but what about a power blade? I know a power sword becomes a normal sword. but i dont remember seeing a "blade" in the book. does it become a knife? or just a 1d10 0pen weapon?
  2. Hey I'm working on my character and I was trying to put together a list of blades and I had a few questions What are all the possible upgrades for melee (blade) weapons? I know of mono and lathe (fire pack to but that seems weird to me), is there anything else? It feels like that its only those two options. And concerning power Swords & Blades, if you turn off the power on them I know they can be used as normal melee weapons but what does the damage and pen become?
  3. I'm happy with this preview because my character from Fenksworld was supposed to have a tattoo of a beast from the depths of the hive on him back so this works out perfectly
  4. That's reasonable but hard to truely judge that before the GM kit is released
  5. meh, poor business practice in my opinion.
  6. So any word from FFG on a possible release date for the director's kit? I mean it's listed on the anima website as coming soon.
  7. I've purchased Anima, although since I've had the book for less than 24hrs I have yet to attemp playing it though I'm trying to read it all as soon as I can
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