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  1. Games of Relic do tend to see a few players take the lead early and retain it until the end of the game: Part of the problem is that once you can survive the middle tier, you gain exp and kit much faster than anyone stuck on the outer rim. This is particularly notable with the more specialised, less balanced characters, as it is easier to pick on certain enemies which you can combat with your best stats. HOWEVER! Whilst this can make the game less enjoyable that it ought be, a bit of sportsmanship among players can go a long way to mitigating this. And I suspect that once Nemesis introduces better PvP elements, it will go a long way towards helping negate an early lead advantage.
  2. I've been playing GW games for 18 years, and it all started when I was given an old edition of Talisman (back when GW still made it) for my 8th birthday. I played the hell out of Talisman, and have followed the GW product line ever since. Guillametexas is right, selling Relic in their stores would be a great way to spread the brand: I'm proof that it could work. But they won't. Even mentioning the FFG games will get you funny looks from the staff at most GW stores. It is becoming harder and harder to shake the feeling that GW has stopped caring about the quality and long-term viability of its games in favour of quick profits. I can't help but wonder if they are afraid that the lavish attention to detail and depth of the FFG games will make their own games look worse in comparison. Perhaps they are right. Over the last few years, I've barely played any 40k games, and it's been several years since I bought any new models. But I'm still playing Talisman.
  3. Can't wait. Talisman always worked best with more players, hopefully it'll work just as well with Relic. Besides, I never did like the Space Marine much. Be nice to get a chance to kick his teeth in.
  4. I'm OLing a campaign (my first) that's just getting into Act II, playing a competitive game against a bunch of very clever and experienced power-gamers. Every game has been a taxing uphill struggle....but so far I've won all of them. Usually only by the skin of my teeth (or a single square), but a win nonetheless. Being OL is difficult, but so far I can't say that the heroes seem overpowered in comparison. Whether I'll still think this once the players get the Act II weapons remains to be seen, however. I just hope I've limited their resources enough. The best advice I can give to a struggling OL is that, yes, you will spend most of each game feeding your lovely monsters into an angry, dwarf-shaped meatgrinder. But most of the time, it doesn't matter. Mobility and completing objectives wins games, not kills. It's not the angry dwarf that'll save the heroes, it's that blasted Wildlander hiding at the back rushing out to complete the objective. So play to this. Don't bother charging the heroes with your monsters, just fill the corridors with a wall of solid, howling Barghests (Do I ever love Barghests). Run your master spider right into the middle of the heroes. He'll die, but the heroes are either wasting activations killing him, or wasting stamina escaping his web. Save your dash cards for whichever monster needs to escape from the board carrying the MacGuffin. And most important of all: Abuse the hell out of the saboteur cards. Make no mistake - Web trap is a game winner, especially since the faster a hero is, the less likely they are to be strong enough to resist it. Also, the look on the angry dwarf players face as he tries to rush to the rescue, only to fall down a pit trap every 5 feet is priceless.
  5. If you get onto Steam, you can download the entire Dawn of War II soundtrack for free. 'Battle Brothers' is great for pre-mission sequences. And I once had great fun playing 'For the craftworld' during a full-scale daemon incursion.
  6. Flesh Render works well to, for a modest 500xp. Great with the starting chainsword, and works with lightning claws as well. If you can contrive it (and have the supplement), some Mk6 Corvus armour (with agility bonus) goes down well.
  7. If you can lay hands on a Space Hulk box, I've found the floorplans work very well, and look great. And having some lovely genestealers lying around never hurts, either.
  8. Is the power icons listed on the kingdom and quest sections of the capital board used in any way in combat, or is it only present as a reminder of the 'base' number of resources/cards gained?
  9. Leogun_91 said: DrgnScorpion said: So, i'm sending my group through a Space Hulk for halloween (and revenge) and I need some good enemies besides Genestealers to throw at my group. Any ideas from people? Broodlords? Nah, for a halloween scenario I'd go with daemons or plague zombies, or a mix of the two. Or you can even go as far as taking a Warpvampire from the old Rouge Trader days. I like plague zombies. I had great fun dropping my Rogue Trader players onto 'St Evangeline's Mercy', a Sister Hospitaller ship where the crew had been wiped out by the Vile Savants (Disciples of the Dark Gods). I had the players reach the bridge and the ships logs first, without meeting any zombies, just plenty of eerie scenery. There they found details of the 'secret cargo' the ship was carrying, several warheads containg the Life Eater virus.......which, unbeknowst to the crew, had been warped tainted, and was the source of the zombies. Not knowing of the taint, the party tried to recover the warheads.....but in doing so unleashed the huge hordes of zombies present on the sealed decks. And then the tainted Life-eater started spawning plague bearers. Also, the look on one players face when the 'dead' sister he was trying to search grabbed his ankle was priceless.
  10. The Guard are certainly the most likely candidates for reclaiming the planet. Of course, if the Tau know the Guard are on the way, they'll ramp up the defenses, including orbital stations. These would make an ideal objective for Kill teams. It also gives a nice contrast between the Tau's super high-tech space vehicles and the gothic majesty of the Astartes. In terms of battlefields, it allows you to switch between brutal tunnel fights, and sprawling engagments in hangars and other open spaces, preferably in zero-g, to mix things up. Also, nothing brings a smile to a players face better than giving them a hyper-powered orbital railgun that does 10 bazillion damage to play with. Of course, one thing to bear in mind if you go down this route: Bet you a tenner that at least one player (probably the anime fan) tries to drop the station onto the planet.
  11. As a sanguinary priest (apothecary), I tend to play the rifleman, especially as my KT lacks a tactical marine. A Storm Bolter is too......efficient to ever leave home without, and what apothecary wouldn't take a diagnostor helm, especially as they are dirt cheap. Also, a chainsword, as it goes nicely with the Flesh Tearer talent.
  12. When I first read the rules I was a bit narked at Bulging Biceps being a starting trait for space marines, and was immediately concerned that it would make heavy weapons too powerful. However, having played a few games, it doesn't really appear to have been an issue. The Heavy Bolter has a significant, but hardly massive, damage advantage over the bolter. Whilst it can theoretically land more hits on a target than a bolter when firing full auto, in practice the Devastator will have to be pretty lucky to frequently get more than 4 Margins of Success, even with the +20 for firing full auto. In the games I have played so far, our devastator has done more damage then his battle brothers, but not enough to overshadow them. Even when other heavy weapons become available, I can't see them being all that much more effective then their basic equivalents, at least, not to the extent that the other players cannot contribute significantly. To add further fuel to the bolter/heavy bolter debate: Hellfire rounds. Being able to rapid fire them with a bolter makes them approximatley as lethal (especially with the +20BS for rapid fire) against hordes as the blast variant heavy bolters use, and significantly more effective when trying to bring down big ugly xenos. As a long-time 40k player, I like the shout-out to the old 2nd ed hellfire rounds, but I don't really see the use in DW.
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