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  1. DeFrank said: Storm Sorceress -> Gold -> Pegasus Rune Age has a major weakness of only having one real path to victory per race. A path which is fairly obvious after just a few plays with each race. It's a shame because the game is a lot of fun up until the discovery of that race's optimal path, but becomes painfully tedious afterwards. I'm hoping for expansions that adds to the pool a bit to address it's current lack of strategic depth. In the non player vs player game I could agree with you but in the Runewars sceanrio and potentially the Monument one as well this is simply not the case at all. It's all about meta-gaming and diplomacy and that is where this subtle little gem of a card game get's it right. The game is about playing the people at the table, which is much more cerebral then just playing the cards on the table like in Dominion or Thunderstone. People are more complicated then inanimate objects. In that sense it's less a Deck Building Game and more of a multi player combat game like Runewars or Risk. It reminds me of Nexus Ops an awfull lot but with hit points for a home realm instead of victory points. Also asymetrical sides which is pretty cool. The Elves I've seen win the Runewars scenario several times. They seem to be underpowered at first, unless they manage to get some cities. Aquiring cities is key to elven victory. They need the influence to power their cards. This and downplaying your power, which means that the other races might leave you alone a bit more. Diplomacy is key to Elven vicotory, well, any race needs good diplomacy to win really. Unless you muscle your way in with some dragons or something. The other scenario's I don't really play so I can't say.
  2. Trump said: Fnoffen said: Maybe I should pick up a copy. I do like both Dominion and Descent so to combine the two would be plenty fun... Well then this is the wrong game for you. You want Thunderstone. True. At it's best Rune Age is a great Runewars card game. The other 3 scenario's are interesting and the combat in the Monument one can be pretty cool but this game is NOT a deck building game from what I can tell. It's a multi player combat game done with cards and no board and for that it's awesome. I'd compare it to Nexus Ops and Runewars maybe even more then Dominion or Thunderstone and it's definitely nothing like Decent.
  3. Ok, I love this game. It is amazing and the combat is utterly fantastic. I love the met-game aspect, the feel of it and the notion that I'm playing multi-player conflict game with no board in under an hour. Great work FFG and Cory K especially. But I feel the need for an expansion. I only really want to play the Runewars scenario since that it what I got the game for... co-op does not interest me at all and the other two are, to me, pale versions of the Runewars scenario. Expansion, bring it on quick. More units for each army and a larger neuteral pile would be incredible and make this game a masterpiece. Who's with me and please FFG.. give us some word on this. Quarriors has already announced one and NIghtfall has two already. FFG is a leader, especially with expansions, please tell me the game was successfull enough to warrent this.
  4. BJaffe01 said: Dana Lombardy designed Streets of Stailgrad. I'm,bjaffe, the scenario helper and playtester extrodinaire. I to am looking forward to the Russian front BJaffe Thanks for all your work on the game. You two have made some great scenario's and I'm really looking forward to what you'll do on the Eastern Front... however I want Pacific because I need another "bad guy". I'm sure any scenario's you two do will be fantastic either way. - Jacob
  5. YourBestFriend said: We are currently talking to the designers and compiling a complete list, and should have it done soon. I am only aware of about 4-5 errors in the entire 96 page book. Awesome news! Any word on the scenario editor?? I loved your rescue mission scenario and have played it 4 times now. Keep up the great work!!
  6. I think it's a flaw, a typo or something and not the only one. Twin Villages : No command but still decks?? Rat Patrol: too many squad bases for British division two and too many specialization tokens for both Brit divisions. Great scenario though.... just drop one squad base from division two and a recon token from each division. We played like this and it was fine. Totensonntag : No command but still decks?? again. So Near and Yet So Far : Not command but still decks?? again, again plus it looks like the Germans are set for a first round victory once you look at the German start positions, objectives and Brit start positions. Problem with the objective? Night Drop (my favorite) : How deep is the stream? That's if for now but there may be more. I really hope we get some Errata on this soon. I love the book and want to be able to play it... what about the poor dudes who don't go on-line to check out this stuff, even with a fix they're still screwed. This is upsetting, especially as it's my favorite game and has been for some time.
  7. 1romulancelt said: i know this lame but can you buy normandy now just got back to town Yep, just picked up four days before Christmas... it's awesome! Lots of good stuff in there.
  8. YES, a new scenario editor would be awesome. It's been a year that I've been waiting for this (since DotF) and since I have a Mac I can't make scenario's at all. I've seen the work in progress (it's Mike Z's baby and he can be contacted on BGG) and it looked great but didn't have DotF yet, never mind Normandy. A new editor would be especially awesome now that we've got so many more things to play with in the game, and some cool example of directions people took the scenario's in the book. They (FFG) obviously have something for this, why don't we? The scenario competition sounds great but with Normandy and the Book I'm busy for some time on the new Scenario's to play front, I'd prefer the extra work being put into Volume two of the Scenario book personally. Errata for the Designer Series book would be awesome and is needed on at least four scenario's, maybe more. Tank scale?? personally I don't care and can't really see much difference when playing. Also the present scale issues actually help me to tell the tanks apart from one another. Maybe I'll paint them now that I'm thinking about the issue. Apparently there is quite a few people who want new tanks to fix the scale so it might still sell O.K..
  9. Write FFG a letter through the contact us section or geekmail thad powell on BGG. I'm sure they'll fix the problem quickly, FFG is pretty good when it comes to fixing errors like this. I had no problem with my set nor have I heard of others having this problem... it's odd.
  10. I just played this scenario and what I did was reduce the number of recon tokens for the British to one a piece and then reduced the number of squad bases for division two British. It worked out well and was a really fun scenario. There is also a problem with the first scenario. How do you get command points?? Heavy card turnout and selection with no points??
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