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  1. ROLE: Player or GM LOOKING FOR: Group TYPE OF GAME: Face-to-Face SESSION SPECIFICS: REGION/CITY/AREA: Portland, OR, (specifically Wilsonville) as of December 1st! SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Weeknights or Weekends GAME STYLE: I think I'm okay with whatever GAME SPECIFICS: WFRP 2 or 3, either works
  2. Cool stuff, good work I noticed you have some stuff that tends to last in "minutes" or for a stat-rating number of rounds. I don't have the cards in front of me, but it seems like the paradigm of WFRP3 is that you have the associated effects "recharge", and while they are recharging, you gain the benefit of the effect. I don't feel that anything necessarily has to follow that, just wanted to point it out.
  3. Everybody at my table loved the tactical implications of the Initiative system, and how you could effectively control the battle very subtly with it. Thumbs up from our group.
  4. Damage: (Str or Agil) + Weapon CR + Card effects Isn't the Damage Rating used, not the Critical Rating, to claculate damage done?
  5. I plan on using some of the 4e materials to build an extra set of cards, at least until I can get my hands on the Adventurer's Toolkit. There's things out there like online 4e card creation and www.godeckyourself.com that can probably handle some of the stuff, as long as you're creative on how to display "boon" vs "bane" on the cards.
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