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  1. Thx for the opportunity to ask some Questions! 1.Are there Plans to get additional content for your latest civ game: Civilization A New Dawn? 2. we Need a Diablo IP DUNGEON CRAWLER ! :))
  2. Signed! … and signed again or else my post is too short to be published.
  3. Any words on a Premium version for the building Pack?
  4. Totally Agree!! Pander by the Way no plastic Shops and Troops is a NO GO!!!
  5. Thx for your input on my issue. The reason for my question orginally came from reading the FAQ. In the DotF-FAQ is stated that a pinned squad may operate an AT-gun when a friendly officer is present (although at half firepower). My idea of the desperate defenders card was that it works as some kind of friendly offcier in the squads, granting the same bonuses (allowing to operate equipment and make a concentrated attack both at halffirepower) But when reading your comments and several rereading the op card i tend to believe your interpretation is correct. And for that it only grants the concentrated attack "bonus" to the friendly squads.
  6. sorry i have to come up with an rule question from the base game. the operation card Desperate Defenders states: "Your squads may attack at half their firepower -(round up) even if they are pinned or disrupted. Squads containing friendly officiers do not gain any additional benefit." So is a pinned squad with desperate defenders in play allowd to operate an At-gun (make an attack with the equpiment at half firepower?)
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