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  1. So I have recently discovered Anima and am a HUGE fan of Korra. Has anyone done anymore work on this? If so I would love to see what has been worked out. Also maybe to pitch in and get the thread alive again.
  2. AMAZING SHEET!! One of the best that I have seen to date for my liking. Nice work.
  3. I am with you on this 30 bucks for a non final product and then 12 bucks shipping … NO WAY. I am a huge Starwars fan but this kinda kills it for me and my 6 players. We might look at it if we could get a retailer kit for the right price but other than that good buy FFG Starwars .. Hello D6 Starwars.
  4. I was waiting at my work (Ancient Wonders) when UPS showed up with this game. Since then I have played it 3 times and yes they should put out an expansion. We were talking it over at the shop and one idea we have kicked around is a six player version were the map is extended by 3 rows one way and 1 the other, with some more tokens to have enough for the 2 new players. I did this with a 2 friends as they also have copies and it was fun. Either way I love this game 2,3,4,5,or 6 players does not matter
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