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  1. Does Dettol strip primer too? What about varnishes (I.E. Matte varnish, or 'Ardcoat)? I have a unit of stormtroopers painted up as Deathtroopers right now, and when they release actual death troopers, I'll need to strip these and repaint them...
  2. First pass on Death Troopers. Super easy and look good up close. From a distance, though, they look like they’re primed, and that’s it...
  3. Nope. While I did larp for a long time, never played combat larps. I just got the bad end of the gene pool. And thanks. I'm glad to be back. Lots to learn over again, and lots of practice required. I've never been good with flesh painting, though... so I'm not looking forward to painting the rebels.
  4. I'm thinking about painting one of my stormtrooper units as Death Troopers. Might be easier to paint, too. 90% black might make it easier.
  5. So, its been 10+ years since I last painted minis regularly. As a log time fan of order, of course I’m siding with the empire... Feedback is appreciated, what do you guys think? Obviously I still need to base them, but they’re table ready otherwise. I’m slow to paint due to back issues, so I’ve only got the AT-ST and one unit of storm troopers.
  6. I may try it, then. I'm going to do base coat on Vader tonight, and will slowly be working on details over the next week (I have a bad back and can only paint for 20-30 minutes at a time). I've got my AT-ST done, and one squad of stormtroopers done. I figure Vader would be good next, and then I can return to stormtroopers. I went for a little more subtle highlighting on mine than yours has, which probably makes them take 2-3 times longer, but in my opinion doesn't make them look any better or worse. But I've kind of committed to the way I did it, and this one would look very funny if I changed it up for the other squads. Long story short, learning lots after coming back to minis painting from a 10 year hiatus. I will continue to push my boundaries.
  7. To tell the difference between my squads, I plan on painting the ring around their bases different colors. Great job on the OSL on vader. Way beyond my ability.
  8. I'm looking to do some upgrading to components, and was wondering if anyone has the measurements for the command tokens? In mm, specifically. Thanks!
  9. I knew I was missing something. Thanks!
  10. I think I may have missed something somewhere, but why/how are most characters starting with a technique that requires school rank 2? For example, I was making a Bayushi Manipulator, and it said I start with Lord Bayushi's Whispers, but that technique (on Page 140) says prerequisite is School Rank 2. I doubt this is an oversight, because looking at a few other combinations I saw starting characters with Rank 2 abilities right out of the gate. If anyone could help me with what I missed, I'd be grateful. Thanks!
  11. While it would be nothing but a hindrance for the duelist (slows the draw, dulls the sword, ruins the saya) my sensei has shown that dual draws are feasible. Not practical but possible. But I just keep telling myself this is also a world where kami will manifest and do real stuff just because the right guy read something off the right scroll. My suspension of disbelief allows it. My only issue was that they made the duel more cinematic. Flash of steel, people moving to fast to see, end up on other sides of each other, and one is cut, the other is not. It just seems boring and overdone for dueling. As someone who's studied it in real life too, I'd like to see a more realistic take, instead of cinematic. But this is a minor complaint for what is overall a phenomenal story, well written, and with a good cliffhanger. I'm waiting with bated breath for the conclusion.
  12. They will get you into almost anything, but the chances of you getting into this with Generics is basically nil
  13. According to the L5R discord, there is a guy that bought an additional 19 tickets for the Thursday event, and plans to auction off the tickets. I really hope that is a hoax. That is bull if it's real
  14. Yeah, we need to hear from FFG ASAP if they will have copies available at the Con even outside of the tournement. If there are not, I'm going to cancel. It sold out within seconds. I clicked to submit exactly when it opened, and still couldn't make it in.
  15. My big concern is the "prerelease" comment at the end. How limited will be the prerelease there? I expected allocated to one per person, but the way they made it sound, it may be EXTREMELY limited. I bought a Gen Con ticket just for L5R, and I will be very upset if I can't get a copy there, and I wasted a ton of money.
  16. Good chance I will be there. May be bringing a Crab friend too, though.
  17. Basically, after all modifiers are applied (positive or negative) if your skill total is below zero, then you treat it as zero. So yes, you'd only take three damage.
  18. Depending on how you play it, the campaign is not clear it is a single night. So it requires very little imagination to make it a side quest elsewhere. With that said, if you do want to think of it as a single night, DEFINITELY play it first. You'll be missing out on very helpful XP, but it would make MUCH better story sense.
  19. Spoiler free, actually. After the second scenario, before the third. It fits decently well, and mechanically is a good spot, too...
  20. I'm hoping for two. Gencon and Arkham Nights maybe.
  21. That seems like a whole lot of work to just avoid drawing tokens out of a bag. Do you really dislike tokens that much? (that's not sarcasm, that is a serious question)
  22. My only change I will make is upgrading to wood (or acrylic) tokens when Team Covenant puts some out. Other than that, I love the chaos bag idea.
  23. That's still a lot of work for FF for something that doesn't generate a lot of money for FFG. I think if they do that, mixed with something else, that would be great. Maybe doing a pre-release/early release event for a deluxe expansion would be nice. I'm not sure. Just throwing out ideas. Don't get me wrong, replacing the four seasonal kits for other LCGs with four seasonal special scenarios would be awesome, but I do not expect it.
  24. There has not been an official announcement, but most likely yes. Lord of the Rings is the most similar game, and it does have organized play, but it's changed forms a couple of times. So we will have to wait for the announcement of what it will look like for AH:tCG.
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