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  1. LOL I could see that happening...that sucks like vaccums that your store is an hour away...
  2. Benjew


    BUMP sorry were looking for more players I think the max players we have are about 8-9 !
  3. Benjew


    Does anyone live in Texas around Grrapevine or Colleyville cause we play at the comic store Area 51 and were looking for more people to begin playing . Thanks
  4. Trothael said: I presume you mean "Does anybody know when this game is being released in America?" Can't help you, dude. I'm waiting on the PAL region release so I can figure out what's being said whilst I batter my opponents. Still can't beat Sephiroth... Dude Sephy was easy, just wait till you fight jecht. AND THERE IS A SAVE FOR THE GAME NOW YAYAYAYAYYAYA!!!!
  5. Squall is very unique besides the fact he has a gunblade, his attacks are more of the close range and heavy dudy fire power. Squall is just one of those characters that you need to learn ALL of his moves and find combinations for him to be really good. My other favorite heroes are: Zidan, Tidus, and cloud. So far I have beaten Squall, cloud, tidus, and cecil's (sorry if i spelt wrong) story line. XD
  6. I live by two targets but, only one of them has them and yes they are still getting them in! XD
  7. I agree with roxas on that, remeber Tony thats how I beat you a couple of times...
  8. Well, it seems that square enix already has a North American website for the game, so I bet it comes out soon.
  9. Dude I've been playing this game its epic, but my all time favorite character is SQUALL XD
  10. It really depends on what your goal is. I think sephy is more for aggro, and cloud is for WR but thats just my feeling. I really like them both though.
  11. I'm the judge for our local tournament down in texas with tonybam and I made signs so people would notice them and star playing. XD
  12. Well i'm back *around of applose* great deck so far man!!!
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