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  1. GenCon updates and UFS worlds information are now up on the jascogames.com news page.
  2. There will still be new licenses to add to the game, and original licenses as well. All current 5 point shuriken cards are Standard legal, and all other cards now have supported formats.
  3. It will be up on June 2nd!!!! We had to wait for copyright issues to be settled, and the memorial day weekend to end. See you soon on the new site (jascogames.com)
  4. ROUND TWO.....FIGHT! UFS .......IS BACK! After several months of pouring our heart and soul into getting UFS back, IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED! The Universal Fighting System CCG is alive once again! As of today, our negotiations with Fantasy Flight Games over the purchase of the UFS license are now finished. Jasco Games has now officially gained control of this amazing game that we have all come to love. We hope that this announcement is as exciting to you as it is to us, as we cannot begin to describe how eager we are to share with you our passion and ideas for the future of UFS. As a token of our appreciation for all of your continued dedication and support: · We want the player base to know that the UFS community is as important to us as the game itself. We personally welcome you to call and discuss the future of UFS with us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have. We encourage you to share your ideas and feedback with us. Listed below is contact information for Jason Hawronsky, president and owner of Jasco Games and the UFS license. · We are treating our player base with a limited time offer that takes effect June 14th - August 1st. Each of you who purchase a total combination of 2 boxes (boosters and/or starters) of: (a) Soulcalibur IV: Tower of Souls, (b) Soulcalibur IV: Quest of Souls, © ShadoWar, and (d) Tekken VI will receive a FREE booster box of the upcoming UFS expansion; first produced expansion by Jasco Games! This offer is limited to one purchase per player. Availability of this offer will only be through Jasco Games. · Tell your retail stores to contact us for a special onetime start-up promotion kit to kick off the UFS excitement again! There is so much to look forward to in the near future, not only for the players, but for us. Get excited and get ready, because UFS is coming back stronger than ever! Jason Hawronsky President Jasco Games Phone: 806-252-3404 E-Mail: jascocollectables@yahoo.com Website: www.jascogames.com
  5. For information about UFS please visit the new home at www.jascogames.com If you have not yet been added to the mailing list and you want to recieve updates, please contact us at ufsmail@jascogames.com and ask to be added. Fight On! Jason Also ask to be added to the UFS mailing list. As a subscriber, you will get all of the updates and news of the future direction of UFS.
  6. If you are not on the UFS mailing list, and would like to know what is going on and where the game stands please e-mail jascocollectables@yahoo.com At the end of the month (March 2010) we should have our new website up, and you will be able to find all new happenings and news regarding UFS and by then, hopefully the new ownership of the UFS license. Please visit www.jascogames.com at the end of this month and we will hopefully have any answers to your questions there at that time. If it is not yet up and running when you check, it will be shortly so keep checking in. Thank you, Jason
  7. I stock it. If you want anything just give me a call and I can see what I can do for you. If you have a local store that you normally go to, have them call me as well if you are interested in them carrying the product for you. 806-252-3404 I'm Jason
  8. As we mentioned in the mailing list, www.jascogames.com is under construction for a full revamp until the end of this month. It will be live once again, at that time. You can check in occasionally to see if it's up and we will also announce it here and in the mailing list, once it is live again. Sorry for the inconvenience, Jason
  9. For information about UFS please visit the new home at www.jascogames.com If you have not yet been added to the mailing list and you want to recieve updates, please contact us at ufsmail@jascogames.com and ask to be added. Fight On! Jason
  10. Sounds fun! Wish I could go! Have fun and glad to see people still competing! Jason
  11. Hey everyone, We are still working on the license arrangements. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your patents in this long process. I have added most of you to the mailing list if you have e-mailed me and I plan to send everyone a test mail by this weekend. If you do not receive a message by Saturday night, and you have e-mailed me, please let me know so that I can get you on the list. During the whole waiting process we have gone ahead and purchased a new website, so www.jascogames.com will no longer look terrible and be useless. We will have the new site up shortly so check in and we will have the new forums up on the new site as well. I hope that helps with some questions and just stick in there! I am in the same boat as you guys, I am just waiting for the deal to close. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at jascocollectables@yahoo.com or call Jasco Games store directly at 806-252-3404. I look forward to telling you all that UFS lives on so keep checking in here and there! Sincerely, Jason
  12. Sorry Guys! Please hang in there! we should have news for you soon! Jason
  13. Sorry again for the title of this page, things changed drastically right after I posted the original message. I will let everyone know now since this seems to be the topic of discussion, that we will not be starting the game with Capcom or other major licenses, simply due to costs. We are still working on purchasing the rights to the game mechanics with Steve, and if/when we achieve this first goal, we will be working on a new set that may or may not be combined with the current standard format. We have an idea right now on how to avoid many of the initial printing costs, but there are so many other factors in producing a card game for prices (art, shipping, design, distribution, advertising, prize support, etc). We have been working on a business plan and contract agreement for weeks now and will hopefully have the ideal plan ready when/if all works out. I very much hope that all of you players who have been interested in supporting the game will continue to back us if things work out. Part of keeping this game alive indefinitely is having support from the players. I will personally be overseeing and working on this entire project, and as a player and lover of the game, I think this passion will show in the future of UFS. I will be glad to answer any questions you have about our plans for UFS and what ideas and plans we are throwing around. Just e-mail me at jascocollectables@yahoo.com I can't talk about the negotiations with FFG, but I will discuss any future prospects for the game and the community itself. I will try to bring you all good news as soon as I can! Jason
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