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  1. If you already have 8 dice and you play a card that let's you gain a dice are you allowed to discard one of your other ones in order to roll a new one?
  2. How totally exciting!
  3. Release this week?
  4. I do have a copy of Horus Heresy and that has little Space Marines and Chaos Marines. Doesn't help on the Ork and Eldar front though.
  5. Am I the only one that wishes the infantry units were little figures instead of flags?
  6. I'm getting my butt handed to me as the Imp player. Have only won the first mission so far. We just played Under Siege this week and the rebels just sat in a room and kept doubling resting so I couldn't move them off the tiles haha.
  7. Hey FFG PAX AUS 2013 was pretty amazing. Will you guys be attending in 2014?
  8. The bottom right number is the horror and the top right is the evade, right?
  9. Must be embarrassing to be that monster then
  10. So I know you modify your willpower by the blue number on the monster token. My question is what does the modifier of '1' do to your willpower? Is that a +1? Like, the monster is so plain and boring that you actually gain willpower for the test? I'm assuming the 'o' on some monsters have no effect at all and the ones with the - lower your willpower. I just want to know what the monster with a '1' do. Thanks
  11. I got an email yesterday saying mine has been shipped.
  12. Extremely jealous, I've been told we won't see copies in New Zealand till next month. Hell, I still haven't seen a copy of Runewars anywhere...
  13. You can retreat to a friendly or neutral or adjacent area, right?
  14. Like the one they did for Runewars. I'd really like to see the components out of the box.
  15. Sorry, when I said Deck I didn't mean the deck you'd actually play with. I meant the entire deck of Alliance or Destruction cards you're drafting from. Those piles must get enormous.
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