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  1. WFRP players may enjoy this article (and the accompanying reference material); my tribute to the history of WFRP and experiences with all three editions: http://www.orderofgamers.com/wfrp-3rd-edition-is-dead-long-live-wfrp
  2. Sad, but inevitable, news. This has prompted me to write a little article about WFRP for my Esoteric Order of Gamers site (www.orderofgamers.com) which will be up at the end of the week, and I'll finally get around to putting up my rules summary and reference sheets again (they'll also be some useful campaign reference sheets).
  3. I was really excited to see this announced - at last my buddy and I could play BattleLore together again, even though we now live in different countries. But - no. You can only play if you're on the same wireless network. Seriously guys, what's the point of that? If my opponent is in the same building, we'll break out the boardgame. The whole purpose of having an iPad/computer version is to play with distant opponents. Please, please, make this online 2-player. Bring distant friends together again over a game of BattleLore!
  4. But … but … it's a STARFIELD kit … so WHERE ARE THE STARS?
  5. With extensive improvisation and rewriting, the GM can name the Black Cowl from a much larger cast of suspects "It's not a bug, it's a feature!"
  6. I agree, the fan community, as always, has done heaps of work, and haven't received much support or encouragement at all. I have a comprehensive set of reference materials for WFRP3, but I can't share them as FFG/GW don't want me to show the logo or the dice symbols on anything I make. I know FFG are bound by the draconian GW lawyers in this case, but that seems pretty extreme. Anyway, we just feel the need to push the rules out of the way and get back to the FUN. We don't need the rules system telling us every little thing a player can do, the modifers are too many, and the handfuls of dice are taking too long to interpret. Also, now I'm starting a remote Google+/Roll20-based game as I've moved away from my group, the simpler the rules the better. And after playing all the incarnations of WFRP since it was first released, we're very tired of the same old plot tropes being trotted out again and again. The setting has just become too restrictive. My players recently rolled up 3 Labyrinth Lord characters each (some are going to die very quickly!) and came up with a bit of history for each of them, and there were many comments of how fun it was not to worry about 'realism' or the Empire background or any of that stuff. It's a shame, but I think WFRP3 is just too unwieldy a beast now, and its potential was never quite realised. I think a simpler, cleaner rules foundation would have been better. And I'm still annoyed about the Creatures Guide.
  7. Looks like the writing's on the wall, but anyway, my players and I are sick of the cards, the components, the mucking about interpreting dice symbols, the restrictive setting and the lack of support and we've got in the wayback machine to 1978 and old school fun with Labyrinth Lord! There we will do our best to avoid a single frickin' beastman or chaos-corrupted noble and let our imaginations free again. Just too many fiddly rules and bits and pieces getting in the way of the fun, WFRP3 … it was a grand experiment but it needed a very strong hand on the tiller.
  8. Just got the revised Premium core set - looks great, nice paint-jobs, all's good … except, what's with the flimsy box? That's the thinnest, cheapest box I've ever seen FFG release, especially the base. Look I know the company has to make a profit, but don't skimp on the box guys, OK? It's cheap and rude and you just come across as penny-pinching. Especially when I'm paying the premium price for the premium set.
  9. I don't know if they're still available, but James Wallis (who owned Hogshead Publishing, the company that kept WFRP alive during the lean years, and who incidently I did a bit of work for and is a **** fine bloke) did two Warhammer novels: Mark of Heresy and Mark of Damnation. "Former Empire solider Karl Hoche has spent his life hunting down the dark forces of Chaos. But after developing a mutation himself, Karl struggles to come to terms with becoming his own most hated enemy. Distraught, he reverts to what he knows best--the destruction of Chaos. But when he begins to garner a reputation as the near mythical Chaos Hunter, he becomes a more attractive target for those who seek out heretics." Dark, gritty, older style WFRP stuff and well written.
  10. I would be very, very, very suprised if FFG released a new edition of WFRP in any form. After two 'versions' and what is most probably not a very successful income stream, they're not going to pump even more money and resources into yet another revamp. What is most likely is the release of TEW, a few POD card decks, and very little else until the licence finally runs out. That said I of course hope they surprise us all and suddenly become dedicated to a whole bunch of new WFRP releases (an Elf box? I don't understand the need for that at all; too specialised) - but let's face it folks, it most probably ain't gonna happen. This is business after all, and if there isn't the demand, there won't be the supply. Sad but true.
  11. It's a little sad seeing Jay Little get all excited about the new Star Wars RPG … it was only a few short years ago that WFRP3 was the bright young thing. Now it goes unmentioned, unloved … sniff … its brand new sexier sibling getting all the attention …
  12. One thing I greatly miss about WFRP2 is Andy Law's maps - the WFRP3 ones have been children's scrawls in comparison. I wonder what he's up to? His site hasn't been updated for years. Very talented mapmaker.
  13. Well, at least - warning, cynicism ahead - we can be grateful that WFRP wasn't broken into three RPGs, each repeating the basic rules system. What a corker of a business model that one is!
  14. Just back on topic for a moment - I see the Star Wars RPG has just been announced, which someone in this thread pointed out was probably on the way. Looks like WFRP3 is becoming the second son in the attic no one wants to talk about …
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