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  1. Hornaru

    Campain Book

    Would really love to see a full campaign book, giving all the background fluff with all the scenarios and a full campaign system...
  2. Have you seen the product support for the Star Trek: Attack Wing Dominion War campaign: Ships Upgrade cards Coloured flight stands Dice Counters Sideboard/reference cards I think that FF have missed the boat on product support here...
  3. Hornaru


    Miniatures are so expensive and hard to get in the UK but such a good game keeps me wanting more!!
  4. Hornaru


    Really hope that this is not just a "one off" and it gets support and expansions…
  5. Apocryphon Oath: Brother-Captain Horn Chapter: Raven Guard"Walk in the darkness and the light will come you you buy my hand"
  6. DH collectors edition number 11 just sold on Ebay for £286
  7. This would be a nice 'collectors' item to enhance all of the 40k products.
  8. Got mine from Ebay... Turned up today!! Always so long to get stuff in the UK
  9. Just seen an aricle in the UK official PS3 mag... Release date Q1 2012
  10. Will have to wait a little longer to get it in the UK...
  11. These are so cool, very well done so far!!
  12. So you can play as a marine... Will players just drop the DH charachters and want to play as these super hard paragons of drstruction? Is each release replacing the last?
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