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  1. Heh, i'll be sure to let you all know how the second session goes... All things considering, I may just have them start over... or I may not... depends on how evil im feeling on the day.
  2. My players have never met their inquisitor, nor do they even know his name, he is simply 'The Inquisitor'... for that matter they do not know if he is actually a 'he'. They have contact through 'agents' of the inquisitor, and occasionally other inquisitors.... but they will not get to meet their inquisitor for quite some time as that branch of the campaign is one of the major branches.....
  3. I have collected a large number of scenarios, not just offical DH ones... but as for fleshing out missions, I have an idea of how far I want them to progress, and I just make sure they don't get to far ahead. To do this, I propose sub-plots as a 'speed-bump' to slow them down, something of little actual signifiance, but will have them distracted and/or thinking its a bigger issue than it is to get them to spend time on that. I don't worry if they don't get as far as I would like, thats not a problem at all.
  4. Ok started a new Dark Heresy campaign last night... being something os a sadistic GM I decided to start them on 'Cut off the Head' Scenario, its quite a short, and fairly easy scenario to work through.... I didn't make it off of the first page before they throughly fluffed it. I had made a few small modifications tothe scenario to make it a bit more comical, firstly, I has the govnr know Inq Storm personally... as in good friends.... I informed the party of this, but the other bit I changed is that the govnr didn't know which inq was arriving... so logic says when impersoniating the inq for this one... they don't try to pass themselves off as Storm.... Well they finally decided to impersonate the inq... after many plans of storming the garrison and 'going down fighting' and various other sneeky plans destined to get everyone in the party killed... They step off of the ship and the adept impersonating the inq says "Hello, my name is Inquisitor Storm"....... I couldn't stop my head hanging in shame.... that was the one and only line that would get them arrested in my modified script.... I dropped lots of hints that that would not be a good thing to say.... I think its time to introduce my head to a brick wall..... But it gets better yet.... they managed to dig themselves in even deeper... the govnr said to the adept that he knows storm personally, and that hes not him... the adept replies "Well you can never be too careful, this fella over here is actually inquisitor storm" he was pointing out a female character.... Well at least I had fun locking them up.... although it took them the entire session to escape... and only after I gave up and 'mysteriously unlocked the cell doors'. Anyone else had such an epic fail for a first session?
  5. I'd have it so that the implants from mr.squish-head are implanted in a tech-servitor and a semi-resurection is made... once again, its a poor way to continue, but to me, it seems like you need to stop your party, power-playing... limit their effectiveness, or at teh very least I would have had some of the thugs tackle the players before hitting the guy in the head with a hammer... that is after all a very slow weapon to wield.
  6. I have an idea for a reasonable short and fairly stright forward one... Its actually right out of Blind (BL book, you may want to pick it up). Player/s sent to a psykers space station to investigate an 'impossible' murder. The murder victim is one of the administrators of the station, he was killed in his sealed room, no possible access and the room is shielded from psykic attack. Nobody was with him when he died. The agents job is to determine who is responsible for the killing. The list of suspects are: Female just returned to station, victim had a meeting with her and she is the last person to have seen him alive. His second in command (Administratum), power hungry, but lacking in backbone, has a number of lackies (read: thugs) to 'maintain order' amongst the stations labour force. His second in command (Psykanna), a powerful, but worn out psyker, seems decent enough, but prone to saying and doing unusual things. Rouge Trader, mysterious individual who has not left his ship, but has a few 'agents' about the station. Ok basic run down, as the agent arrives there is a riot in the docking bay, a number of dock workers are rioting and being engaged by the local arbites (who number barely half a dozen). Once riot is under control player/s will meet the commanding arbite who will give them basic background of the station (astropathic waypoint, think telephone switchboard) and the background to the murder and the prime suspects. The Female suspect will be found in the victims chambers, the Admin will be found wondering the halls in a near panic, and psykic will be found in teh great hall, monitering the astropathic waypaths, and rouge trader will be met later in the scenario. Once the admin is found, there will be a gunshot heard outside the chambers where a single arbite was on guard, he will be found, shot by his own sidearm, the corridor leading to the chambers is long and has nowhere to hide, or seek cover, yet no assilant is found. At one point, there will be further riots breaking out in the docking bay, investigations (if the agent makes them) will discover that at both occasions agents from the rouge trader, plus the same henchman of the admins was present, the RT's agents will grab a couple of dock workers and attempt to abduct them, the henchman seems to be able to walk through the chaos unscathed by either side. The RT's agents are professionals, vet guards and assassins. If the agent is able to track them (they have camelion body suits) they will be led to the Rouge Traders ship, the RT is actually working for an inquisitor investigating rouge psykers and the people abducted have recently been under psykic control, either as the puppet or the master. The RT has a device that can nullify a psykers powers, but it only works over a very short distance. Investigation into the henchman will lead to discover he has been at the centre of a number of outbreaks of violence on the station, violence with no apparent reason or cause, if the player/s have a psykic they may be able to discover psykic resonance from him, if no psyker in the party the psyker second in command will be able to if his assistance is sought. To wrap up what actually happened... the henchman has developed unusual psykic talents, he is able to put commands into peoples heads and make them do what he wants, even after they are outside his area of control. He commanded the victim to run screaming through the station shortly after meeting the female suspect, shut himself in his room and shoot himself, he also made the arbite shoot himself, the riots were cause by him for 'entertainment'. He will also kill the admin second in command before he is caught, if the player/s do not have a psyker, they will need the assistance of the Rouge Trader to apprehend the henchman and neutralise his psykic powers. This will need fleshing out, and the character names, etc I will leave up to you....
  7. Inquisitors reasons to destroy items: 1. Its got the Taint 2. It was carried by one with the Taint 3. It could have been near the Taint 4. It smells kind of Taint-y 5. Cos I said so.
  8. That approach could work, it would be interesting to see how the rest of the group handles this... will the player try to hide their mutations, or willl they be discovered....
  9. I have a slightly different approach to how players deal with their own morality over their characters.... This is after all, a role play, so they should be role playing, and in character. If the players continually take actions that deviate from their character then I will gradually corrupt and/or alter their character to more closly match how they act.... Granted the players never like it... but thats what happens when they role play out of character. Of course, if someone goes against their inquisitor and refuses to complete their mission.... well the penalties can be fun, and not always the bullet in teh head as most people would expect.... Im more fond of the suicide mission they get sent on.... alone.... Never had anyone survive... yet...
  10. If you was to write it up as mabey the team being onboard a titan and giving orders to the crew, but it is highly unrealistic to think they would be able to control the titan by anything but proxy. I quite like the knight titan idea, but unless your on mars or one of the major forge worlds, thats not gonna happen, they just don't make those anymore, and once again there is the training required to use it, its not quite the same as a rhino.....
  11. Never mind, I found a site that has the sheets for download.
  12. Hi, I am starting a new DH game soon and im looking for the downloadable character sheet, there used to be one, but I cannot find a copy of it anywhere, does anyone have a copy? Thanks.
  13. I would love for such an add on pack to be released, and I would not think twice about buying a copy. Yes I already have most of that material, but even in printed form, there is no comparison to an offical book.
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