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  1. I've not played much recently, and don't have the latest wave but have signed up for a store championship this Sunday to get some games in. I've not got any expectation of winning much, but I also don't want to be completely trounced. Can anyone with more knowledge of what's hot at the moment help me choose between these lists: 1. AS/PTL DUAL AGGRESSORS My go-to SC list. I've flown this competitively more than anything. Should I stick to what I know? Does it still hold water in the current meta? 99 points IG88-B [Push the Limit, Advanced Sensors, “Mangler” Cannon, IG-2000, Autothrusters] (48) IG88-C [Push the Limit, Advanced Sensors, Heavy Laser Cannon, IG-2000, Autothrusters] (51) 2. DASH & CHOPPER (& DONNER & BLITZEN) I've flown this a few times with some success. Always fun to play Dash again. 100 points “Chopper” [Fire-Control System, Autoblaster Turret, Hera Syndulla] (42) Dash Rendar [Push the Limit, Heavy Laser Cannon, Kanan Jarrus, Outrider, Engine Upgrade] (58) 3. REBELS SHMEBELS Too much a gimmicky "fun" list for a SC? Might be fun but I've not practised it at all. 100 points Braylen Stramm [R3-A2, Gunner, Alliance Overhaul] (32) Biggs Darklighter [R4-D6, Integrated Astromech] (26) Captain Rex [Sabine's Masterpiece, Captured TIE, Feedback Array] (18) Ezra Bridger [Autoblaster Turret, Hera Syndulla, Rage] (24) 4. WAVE 8 X-WINGS ...because X-Wings are awesome and someone should be flying them. 100 points Wedge Antilles [BB-8, Predator, Integrated Astromech] (34) Wes Janson [R2 Astromech, Adaptability, Integrated Astromech] (30) “Red Ace” [R2-D2, Comm Relay, Integrated Astromech] (36) --- Help me FFG X-Wing Forum, you're my only hope! vs
  2. I'm thinking of taking a classic Advanced Sensors/Push the Limit dual Aggressor list to a SC this weekend. I've done OK with it in the past but haven't played competitively for quite a while. Will it still hold up? IG88-B (48) Aggressor (36), Push the Limit (3), Advanced Sensors (3), “Mangler” Cannon (4), IG-2000 (0), Autothrusters (2) IG88-C (51) Aggressor (36), Push the Limit (3), Advanced Sensors (3), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), IG-2000 (0), Autothrusters (2) http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/490212/asptl-dual-aggressors
  3. Done! Well, except Trick Shot because the card hasn't been properly seen yet. Awww... geee... Stop it, you guys! Tried both of these with no luck; the messages keep getting rejected. Figured I might as well post my bug here. Despite having 4 Protectorate Starfighters in my Collections tab, the title does not show as my having any copies of the card. Other cards in the set (pilot and Fearlessness) show the correct quantity, but the title shows as 0. As others have said though, thank you so much for maintaining this site! Pretty sure I spend about triple the time on your site making squadrons that I do actually playing the game. I think you mean "Concord Dawn Protector". I have added it now. And I also spend much more time tinkering than playing. Why are so many squadrons 101 points? been there done that. I so hope he isnt giving up un the web site and is only on holiday or something cool Hm. Looks like there's a problem with that address. I'll get it fixed. And, yeah, I've been on holiday, walking in the English Lake District with no internet (but plenty of real ale). Sorry about that. Cheers vs
  4. I've been playing around with something similar: IG KREW 100 points PILOTS IG88-B (51) Aggressor (36), Push the Limit (3), Advanced Sensors (3), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), IG-2000 (0), Autothrusters (2) Moralo Eval (49) YV-666 (34), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), IG-88D (1), Bossk (2), Zuckuss (1), Feedback Array (2), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2) View | Tweak | Export as XWS
  5. Thanks. Your kind words are well appreciated. It can be time consuming sometimes but I enjoy programming and I guess it's nice to do nice things for people... Anyway, the bug should be fixed now And I've also fixed the components for Imperial Veterans. Thanks for reminding me. vs
  6. Thanks for the bug reports, everyone. I'm looking into it now...
  7. Me, too. Anyone else having a problem? And what do you mean by "having trouble"? Do you see any error messages? Anything appearing in your browser console (press F12 then reload)? Cheers vs
  8. In my squadron builder, I've gone for: Han Han (Heroes of the Resistance) whereas with Poe I went for: Poe Dameron (PS8) Poe Dameron (PS9) But I'm not really happy at using two different systems. However, I couldn't think of a compact way of summing up the different abilities (like with the PS8/PS9 Poe). Maybe I'll just switch to: Poe Dameron Poe Dameron (Heroes of the Resistance) Even though it's less illustrative. (In the XWS spec, we agreed to use the SKUs but I didn't thnk that would be useful to most players.)
  9. Awesome. Although, I hope FFG didn't notice.
  10. Just wanted to say that your new printouts look amazing! Great work, Fab.
  11. Been trying to come up with a way of using the TIE Shuttle title to make a hard-hitting Imperial alpha strike list. My best effort so far is: IMPERIAL ALPHA 1. GSVs move; take focus 2. Tomax moves; gives 2nd focus to GSVs 3. GSVs fire missiles with focus + GC 100 points PILOTS Tomax Bren [TIE Shuttle, Crack Shot, Fleet Officer, Tactician] (30) Gamma Squadron Veteran [Deadeye, Extra Munitions, Concussion Missiles, Conner Net, Guidance Chips] (30) Gamma Squadron Veteran [Deadeye, Extra Munitions, Concussion Missiles, Guidance Chips] (26) “Wampa” (14) View | Tweak | Export as XWS But I'm still not happy with it. Any suggestions?
  12. Also, Vectored Thrusters is now fixed.
  13. *blushes* Aww, gee, you fellas...
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