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  1. Excellent thanks - I am an optimist by nature so a definate maybe is like having a glass half full By the way - nice avatar Kadath
  2. Hi Thelric - Do you have any plans to update SE with content for Mansions of Madness. My wife is a total Clue/Cluedo head and I wanted to make her a series of MoM characters based on Col Mustard, Prof Plum etc to play MoM with when it comes out? Cheers Kadath
  3. Kadath


    Having bought 4th ed from GW when it was released I was excited to hear FFG were releasing the game and developing it as they are my fave boardgame company. I was going to opt for the conversion expansion, but I might just go the whole hog and buy the revised 4th for continuity and because i am a hoarder. So - 4 board expansions expected, on Dungeon, probably the City remade as well. Hopefully we wont be seeing timescape back again... What others are contenders? I never bought 3rd ed but have everything for 2nd ed. The 3rd ed board model looked impressive but i only played it once or twice
  4. Huzzah! Does it come with a free Table expansion so we can play the frikken thing?
  5. Can you please confirm whether the stikied information from the old FFG AH forum will be ported over? The player creations hold alot of content, far too much to go through save and print out at short notice and I understand they are to be deleted on the 31st Dec - is all of that resource to be lost? Kadath
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