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  1. Just started school full time, and AGOT won out in the hobby category, so now I'm putting up my cards for sale on ebay. Here's the URL if you guys are interested. http://www.ebay.com/itm/320765392752?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Good luck with the game, guys. Hopefully it has a long and wonderful life. As as much flak as this community gets, there was some really good discussion on here. It was fun debating and ranting with you all. See ya!
  2. Well, now that Haunted City is banned and we're all friends again, what deck do you guys think is going to take its place? I've been a big fan of Kairos builds recently. I never thought I'd use Burn it Down as my main source of support destruction, but with the synergy of Savage Gors and Kairos it's a pretty good fit. Not to mention that the Sorceror and new 2 cost character do a good job of sniping without taking up valuable tactic space. Every game I've played, the turn Kairos comes out he's burned a zone every time. What do you guys think? What's going on in your playgroup?
  3. I find the Dwarf and Orc starters to be a lot easier to play than the other two. You think that might be your issue? It should even out as you play, but Dwarf and Orc out of the box (mainly Orc) have access to a lot more useful cards than the other two factions. As far as the state of the game, there are a few dominant decktypes, but I feel like you can have a fighting chance with any of them right now, Empire being the strongest and High Elf probably being the weakest. Of course that requires buying more cards.
  4. I just cannot figure out the point of these cards, and they always seem to come up in the developers posts. To me, as units they are too weak, and as developments they seem too expensive to switch. I mean, I guess you could flip them to developments as damage is being assigned to melt some of it off, but that's not really even all that cool. What am I missing, guys?
  5. Thanks very much you guys. What's up with photobucket these days? I can barely see the images. What are you guys using for image hosting nowadays?
  6. Teclis and the HE epic tactic together might be kind of cute. Kairos is where it's at though, that's a game-winning ability.
  7. Can someone clarify this one for me? Judgement of Loec Attachment Cost: 1HHH Attach to target unit or development. The attached card is considered to have a blank text box, it loses all its power and it becomes a development. Should this be target unit or support? If so, Christmas just came early.
  8. Hi Reinn! Welcome to the forums! ...and to the DE faction! Before you do anything else, I suggest you take everyone's advice with a grain of salt (including my own). This forum is notorious for labeling decktypes (though they may be really good) as unbeatable and broken, (while making 30 threads about it... in every subforum... including off-topic...) Don't let it change your deckbuilding, because chances are, by the time you really know how to play the faction, it will be gone anyway and there will be a new flavor of the month. I would say, your gameplan for DE is to disrupt your opponent's hand and field early, and then destroy them in the midgame. In a way you're trying to rush, but you're rushing to put them in a better position for you later. My playstyle differs from some, in that I don't use slave cards at all. The only good one IMO was Soul Stealer, and because of the restricted list, you don't want to lose your innovation or warpstone to play a 4 cost attachment. I also don't use Offering to Hekarti in mono DE, though amazing, it's too slow for DE's usual gameplan, and mono DE can't deal with some of the other faction's midgame options if they are left untouched. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cost 1 units - the preists come to play without a power unless with developments in a section, this wouldn't mean anything at the start of the game; thus makes this unit only for later use? ~ I'm with you, I find those guys to be pretty weak because of this. I wouldn't even run them personally. If you really want to, you can use dwarf slaves to get 2 developments somewhere turn 1, but ehhh. Cost 2 units - the cards with a Scout feature, they are too weak to survive the combat to enable their card discarding ability. Any better use to utilize this feature? ~Shades are actually pretty good, the best scout IMO. You want to hit a empty zone with them. They can make life pretty difficult for your opponent in the early game. Cost 4 units - the card with reduced cost if enemy has more corrupted units; but I can hardly find any card with ability to corrupt enemies. So this would mean to combine with the Chaos faction? ~Yeah, pretty much. DE has chillwind to corrupt, but it's not enough. Cost 5 units - this would mean the heros: I get one hero to reduce enemy hit points based on the numbers of development in this section. I reckon this is the best of all "big fellas". For a deck of 50, how many cards of this would you include? 2? 3? to maximize the possibility to draw it at an early turn? ~For a deck like DE, I would only run about 3, yeah. But IMO, all in-house DE at 5 cost are pretty bad. As has been previously mentioned though, Wight Lord is an awesome fit in DE because you can slave pen them at will. Look into these guys. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some of my favorites: Early game: Hate: Screw their first turn. We need your blood: Nice surprise for spider riders, lobber crew (take care you don't have units already out though, or they'll just kill them in response), any quest zone only guys....etc. It's especially nice used on your opponents 1st turn after you hate Shades: If you start second and can play one of these guys, you might pull something key, not to mention keeping their hand down. 2 or more in the first few turns is a threat your opponent needs to deal with, which is nice for you! Withering Hex: Apply liberally to their quest zone to help your shades. If you can get them drawing 1 card a turn, you may have already won. Vile Sorceress: Old reliable. Empire hates this card. Slave Pens: Too good. A trick is to play guys to your kingdom, count gold, and then feed them to one of these in quest before you draw cards. Mid Game: Wight Lord: Best in DE, as others have already mentioned. Naggaroth Spearmen: If you've got gold, you can burn a zone in 1 turn with just this unit. (Provided your opponent has no ways to mess with it, which is why you hit them early on with your shades and stuff.) Seasoned Corsairs: Love it. Boring, but does exactly what it is supposed to do, and has some staying power with its 3 HP. Late Game: (Don't let this happen!)
  9. Dam said: â—?Kefkaâ—? said: And then there's Charge of the Silver Helms, probably the most efficient hammer boost of any race. It's +3P for one unit. Totem of Gork is pretty much always at least +4P total (and Orcs have Waaagh! which makes CotSH look absolutely pathetic), Grudge Thrower nets way more than +3P and you can fuel that more than once, Empire gets ridiculous boosts with Griffon Standard/Greatswords. Chaos and DElves don't have as good a boosters, but at least the former doesn't really need it, their damage output just from units goes through the roof (Winged Furies are regularly 5+ Hammers each with all the corruption you put out). Totem of Gork is a 3 resource support that you have to put in your battlefield. Good luck rushing with that. Waaagh is incredible, but you're missing my point that CothSH is the most efficient booster in the game. It costs 1, has little loyalty requirements, no lasting damage penalty, and is playable to quest or kingdom when you're lacking the resources in that area. Though Griffon Standard, Greatswords, and Winged Furies CAN give great bonuses, they're dependent on other factors and horrible by themselves, (AKA not great), especially when they cost more that 3 gold to play. ~~ If you're arguing that empire and chaos have more potential for high damage bonuses, I'd agree wholeheartedly with you. But I took from the post that the OP is looking for a competitive breakdown, so I only count cards that I feel would actually make it into competitive decks.
  10. ...Well, they also have Dreamer of Dragons, which can almost destroy an entire zone by themselves backed up with Dragonmage Ascension. And then there's Charge of the Silver Helms, probably the most efficient hammer boost of any race.
  11. I'd say the drawback is the cost, not the ability. You don't need to destroy a 5+ gold character to mess up your opponent, just disrupt it for a turn or two. If your opponent can bring Hemmler out in the first 3 turns like you say. That's going to be the center of his gameplan, and that's a huge risk for him to take. If you can even just corrupt, or return the character to hand, that's a pretty heavy blow to your opponent. Kill the character and your opponent has to make up all the resources he missed playing by bringing Hemler out early, which is usually a game ender. What makes rush effective is the idea that you're creating more threats than your opponent can deal with. Hemmler is a single threat, which is much less effective.
  12. Yeah, innovation is still seeming pretty good. I'm curious to see if the development effects will really deter me from stacking the kingdom with developments. I don't think Empire needs WE at all because they'll still be ahead of the curve with Derricksburg Forge.
  13. I like this idea, and I think the list is pretty good. Soul Stealer is gonna crash and burn because of this though, since it was fragile enough to begin with.
  14. What about fast decks? I haven't played the decktype yet, but most cards you listed are mid to late game cards. Also, how does pistoliers fit into it?
  15. With just a single copy of these 2 sets, cards aren't really going to be going anywhere all that often, so power cards like Contested Stronghold and Master Rune of Dischord (i think... whatever that 4 gold Dwarf one is) are going to jump up in usefulness a lot. Dwarf has the potential to outmuscle really well, just fill the field with HP and toughness, and you wont have to worry about units getting through your defense (just watch out for Troll Vomit) Orc can still rush. They're really strong out of the box. Lobber Crew is even better in this format. For Empire, you're going to have trouble dealing serious damage, so any means you have of boosting damage should probably make it in your deck. (ie. Greatswords, Shrine to Taal) Chaos has a lot of really good cheap character control, you probably have about the same strategy as usual, just use your effects for defense and to surgically strike zones. Savage Gors is nice. Dark Elf will also have trouble dealing damage, but still have some great disruption. Vile Sorceress is very nice, even if you only get one. You can do the Har Ganath + Walking Sacrifice combo out of the box too. High Elf is pretty weak, but Swordsmasters will tie up the battlefield pretty easily (except maybe vs. Chaos or Empire) They are a good choice for Contested Stronghold, so you can set up some cool, but lower tier combos like Gift of Aenerion + Wake the Dragons. ~~~ Just some theorycraft. Your mileage may vary.
  16. Hmmm... I don't think it's that bad. There are some game shifting cards in here, that's for sure. I guess it waits to be seen, but I think the threat of cards like Hidden Grove or Malekith's Throne may slow down the innovation engine that every non-rush deck feels the need to employ. Think we may see pilgrimage a little more? Mark of Chaos is cool. And I agree, Tiranoc Chariot isn't a bomb card by any means, but it definitely opens some doors for HE in later packs. My gripe is Wood Elves seem kind of boring. Why the hell is a tree hitting for 1? I mean, it's a tree.
  17. Hey! Just some quick thoughts. First, just as a blanket suggestion, as soon as you get them, add Clan Moulder's Elite x3. IMO this is the best rush card chaos has access to. Blood Summoning and Ember's to Inferno both x3 in any deck will slow it down significantly, even moreso in a rush deck. So for my advice, I would recommend losing one or the other. If you keep the Blood Summoning, you need to maximize your loyalty gains on the first few turns. Chaos Spawn x3 and Cloud of Flies x3 will take care of this for you. Cloud of Flies is especially nice on Clan Moulder's Elite, which is one of the reasons I suggested them earlier. Otherwise for Ember's to Inferno, I would additionally suggest Sellswords x3 to get as much destruction out of the early turns as you can.
  18. Hey all, a friend of mine threw around the idea of doing the 40k version of W:I in our spare time, and I figured some of you guys would be interested in checking out what we came up with. He's all about the Eldar, and I really wanted to do the Witch Hunters, so I did a template, and here's what I've got so far. All of the art is shamelessly ripped from the internet. i2.photobucket.com/albums/y7/PIGNRave/40k
  19. divrg said: Totem of gork and the waagh card seem a little overpowered to be honest. Say you have 3 goblin units out with the totem. You place a waagh. Thats +3 for totem and +6 for the waagh. Anyone have opinions in this? It's strong, but that's what Orcs do. Like Virgo points out, there are like a million answers to rushy Orcs, so just make sure you're running something to counter it. You think that's bad, wait until you've seen spider riders + choppa 2nd turn :/
  20. Dr. Nocturne said: Virgo said: If someone is rushing you with one unit with one hammer then yes. I don't know man. Seems like a necessity when high elves are doing stupid amounts of Indirect Damage on ya. If you're worried about indirect damage, you're better off with toughness. Not that it matters, because they're probably running the white tower aspirant to make sure it all goes through anyway.
  21. It's good, but definitely not mandatory. Maybe if you're not playing with complete sets. I used to think the same way, but now I feel like it's too slow. If you aren't routinely coming up against demolition, pillage etc. in x3, I'd say it's a good investment.
  22. I think if GS triggers, BKOM should be able to. Otherwise, even if it's a forced action, if the card isn't all the way in play by the time it would activate it still wouldn't go off. Personally, I believe it works, because you're responding to the card being played, but before the action chain finishes, like how High Elf's Disdain works. It's kind of weird to think that a card could be "half played" If I play Seasoned Corsairs to discard the Deathmaster, and my opponent plays an action in response to get him off the table, what happens to the Deathmaster? If he lives, I say BKOM doesn't work, if he dies, than I believe it should work.
  23. divrg said: I just bought the game and played maybe nine times with three different ppl. We all liked it. But it seems that chaos was a little bit hard to play and didnt have the same good mixture of cards as the other teams had. Empire was way to defensive. O&G and dwarfs seemed to me to be the best decks. We havent mixed destruction or order cards to create a deck, but maybe that brings more balance and fun to the game? What expansions are recomended in order to get more alternatives? I think if you mixed order and chaos, you'd get some pretty busted stuff... like Smash 'em All and A Noble Quest. Don't worry about Chaos, it's always hard to play. I made a post about expansions and stuff on the off topic boards you could check out. To sum it up though: Besides a few key cards, Dwarf and Orc play really well out of the box. DE requires a smattering of all, HE gets solid stuff in March of the Damned, and Empire gets good cards in the 14.95 expansions.
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