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  1. I use about 99% of the RAW. I don't play regularly enough to justify tinkering with the rules so we play pretty much as written. The main change I guess is starting PCs off with more experience. After reading this thread I might steal a few of the tweaks mentioned though. My group has always leaned towards rules lite narrative systems, however I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun we've been having with a more detailed and strategic system. I honestly don't have many complaints with the RAW at all.
  2. Thanks Jastley I'm familiar with his awesome work, unfortunately he hasn't done a cheat sheet or combat modifer table. I'll probably end up putting something together myself anyway, but am checking to see if someone else has done the work first. Great link though.
  3. Has anyone compiled a cheatsheet summarising the combat rules, and/or a table of the combat modifiers, that they'd like to share? Thanks!
  4. Gingerwerewolf said: I just wrote this thread for very similar reasons: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=70&efcid=3&efidt=43666 Hope it helps a little Actually it does, especially the beginning. It is close to what I was looking for, a short sumary of the setting and what the Inquisition actually do. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Well I haven't read it, but Scourge the Heretic is a 40k novel that appears to have been written specifically for Dark Heresy. It is about an Inquisitor's Acolyte cell so you probably can't go wrong. I've also just started reading Ravenor by Dan Abnett (my first 40k novel) and it focuses on an Inquisitor's retinue. I'm nearly half way through and so far it has given me a really good idea of what it would be like to be an Acolyte under an Inquisitor. I highly recommend it. I hear the Eisenhorn trilogy (about another Inquisitor, set before the Ravenor series) is also required reading for Dark Heresy.
  6. Ah yes, Dune. Another good film to refer to. Thanks.
  7. Agmar_Strick said: 40k is a huge setting, with players unfamilar to it you will need to patiently explain at lot of stuff (trust me, 2 of my 3 players are totally unfamiliar with the setting). I recommend using classic 40k artwork as well, some of which is very evocotive. Keep your descriptions breif too, you could easily spend an hour explaining the Horus Heresy, but it would all be in one ear, out the other, info overload. Also, you-tube the Dawn of War intro movies (1 & 2) they give a great idea of the kind fo brutality to be expected in the setting. Oh, and encourage them to play characters who don't know squat about the Imperium, thus their igorance is characterful. Great ideas. I'll start collecting a folder of artwork and send him a link to the Dawn of War intro movies as well. Playing PCs with minimal knowledge of the greater universe is another excellent suggestion. Thanks everyone.
  8. KidChainsaw said: There is also at least one thread about DH themed/inspirational movies/books and such here. Go on and take a look. I've found that having such a movie playing either before/during chargen helps players get an idea of what the campaign is going to be like and the types of characters that would "fit best" or how to make a pet concept work within the paradigm. I believe he has seen Chronicles of Riddick and Event Horizon, so that's a start!
  9. Velvetears said: i think the main 40k tag defines it plenty well enough... Just google the "It is the 41st millennium" and you'll get the full 3 paragraph speech about being one man amongst countless billions and much GrimDarkness Actually that speech was the first bit of text I copied down, thanks though.
  10. Eesh Ka-Bibble said: There are no criticals until all of a characters Wound points are gone? Exactly. Eesh Ka-Bibble said: I could swear that I read any roll divisible by a 5 is a critical success as long as it is under the score needed for a success. Is that in a different part of the game, say only for skill/ability checks? I don't remember reading anything like that in the rules.
  11. Hi there, I will be running DH in the near future. One player has a good grasp on the general WH40K setting having played the wargame many years ago. The other player however is completely new to the setting (not just DH but WH40K). I'd like to provide him with an overview of the setting before we begin - can anyone point me to a summary of WH40K that touches on the most important fluff aspects so that I could copy and paste a handout? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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