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  1. I think a reprint of the Core set with current errata and 3x of each card would have been a nice "experiment" to test he feasibility of other core sets being in that format. Nothing to lose really; they aren't developing or supporting the game anymore, and if it didn't sell well... they wouldn't have to reprint the core set for a very long time.
  2. I'd be in if they just fixed the text on the cards when they reprint the sets. POD cards I guess would work but they'd have to be available for cheaper than BPs.
  3. Yes, Meddling Mage is the second thing I thought of when I saw Jeremy's card (the first being that Fimir, beyond all expectations, are now in Invasion... except they're not, cause they decided this guy should just be a creature). Main differences between abilities is that Corb can nullify any card, but only one card, where as Meddling Mage cannot stop "lands" (which don't have a real equivalent in WH:I), but you could feasibly stop up to four different cards due to card-by-name limits in Magic (4) and non-legendary/unique status of Meddling Mage versus Corb being unique. C'mon FFG! Bring us the Fimir vs. Halflings box next
  4. Corb Polybog. That's all I have to say right now.
  5. Once you hit Quest card 3 in the Shadow and Flame quest, Dark Pit enters the Staging Area. You have to defeat Durin's Bane while Dark Pit is the Active Location. I realize you can leave Dark Pit in the Staging Area until you feel confident or ready to attempt defeating Durin's Bane, but let's say through extreme bad luck, you aren't successful and Dark Pit ends up with 11 progress tokens on it. What happens? A) Dark Pit enters discard and you have to wait until the Encounter deck reshuffles and Dark Pit is revealed as a non-shodow card again to win B) You lose, game ends immediately C) Progress tokens equal to quest points rule is ignored D) Melkor returns from the void
  6. Yes, but the rules I mentioned are in the FAQ, not the rulebook. Otherwise, all card text would over-rule the errata for the cards.
  7. Sure, Orcs did it better, but if you wanted to play Chaos... (never mind that Chaos was generally bad until late in the Enemy cycle).
  8. I have two questions pertaining to this scenario or a card included in the Adventure Pack. First, Durin's Bane cannot leave the staging area as per the card's text, and is engaged with each player with threat 1 or higher. The Adventure Pack insert sheet states that this allows Durin's Bane "to both add its threat to the staging area and attack." However, the FAQ states: (1.20) Engaged Enemies During the quest phase, engaged enemies do not count their threat for the staging area. So which is correct? Does the FAQ assume that if an enemy is engaged, it is not in the staging area? If so, it should be updated. The other question I have regards Elrond: his card text states his resources may be used to play allies from the spirit, tactics, and leadership spheres. Does this require a resource match as well, through Vilya or perhaps a SoM cycle song or Narvi's Belt? Would it matter if one of the other Heroes the player controlling Elrond uses has a different icon than Elrond? The FAQ does not address this directly. Thanks!
  9. In Dark Zealot's defense, it was not a horrible card when the game was first released, and is still not terrible if all you have so far is the Core Set. Sure, subsequent cards like Sorcerer of Tzeentch are the exact same card for the exact same race but with an added (awesome) ability, but there was a time when such cards did not exist. At that time, Dark Zealot was a first-turn play, provided a Chaos loyalty, and had a beefy 3 hit points. Beast of Chaos, on the other hand, was born useless, was released useless, and remains useless.
  10. Very sorry to read this. I hope there was not some tragic event in your life that had you decide you must leave WH:I behind. If there was not, might want to hang on to your things (hide them from sight) and see if things change in the future. Your rules clarifications will be sorely missed
  11. I like this card a lot, good in Dwarf death decks. The art has me scratching my head though; where is the pictured Dwarf's beard? I would've thought Queen Helga went Slayer on us if not for the pictured Dwarf keeping a long mustache and tiny goatee on his face. Is this perhaps a known character pictured here? The Dwarf that had his beard shaved off by Elves and initiating the War of the Beard, and so shamed that he took the Slayer oath? Or is this a hint that a Chaos Dwarves set is on the way, replete with randomly removed beards?
  12. When I look at Vlad, a few things cross my mind. The legend cards in this expansion will have traits? That's new (Undead trait to align it with captial, yes, but that could have been done with the new undead "loyalty" symbol on the captial card). Given this legend's ability, I think Corpse Cart becomes a much more interesting card than it ever was. In multi-player, I think Vlad might even give you a way to ignore your own dominance (depending on what new cards are in Cataclysm) and focus more on simply taking away/denying dominance from the other players. I imagine most opponents will avoid trying to deck you when they see the Undead capital in front of you.
  13. And now that I've changed my pants, I'd like to start some discussion on this announcment; when I've posted my pinings for capitals for the non-loyalty races in the past, I often asked/hoped for an alternative to the loyalty icon benefit that the existing capitals provide, with some sort of smal ability/boost to the race in question. I'm glad to see that this is now a reality instead of simply a theme capital (gray capital with power icons in kingdom/quest and new art). I think this also turns out to be a nice balance; the extra power provided by the gray capitals to their respective races might balance out the fact that these races have a much smaller card pool to choose from than any of the loyalty races. Does anyone think that Hidden Kingdoms will make these four races viable on the tournament level? I feel that pure or near-pure Skaven, Lizardmen, and Undead decks are already viable and powerful in casual play if built well; perhaps the Treaty cards described, if able to be used by the non-loyalty races, could push these guys into tournament worthy races?
  14. Totally drool-worthy news right there! Yet another common excuse whiners have to not play the game (I want to play LIZARDMEN!!!). These expansions keep slaying such "issues" people purportedly have with the game. Maybe a future expansion can fully introduce Ogres, Britnonnians, etc. to the game.
  15. Whu? No one likey the phalic-hooded gobbo and his pet mouf n' legs? You know you're all dying to know the answer to this question like I am, but are afraid to answer 'cause it's one of them tough ones. Right?
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