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  1. From the clan war books, first scroll scorpion. The lost - Jigokuni Ochimuratachi 3 cost 4/4 0 glory Text: Cannot have fate on it. Reaction: When this card would leave play lose one honor and place an honor token on this card, to prevent it from leaving play. For each honor token on this card subtract 1 from it's military and political skill. Flavor text: The remains of scorpions who wandered into the catacombs, never to return.
  2. Good, keep it going. It appears to still have a lot of active players
  3. This is my favorite solo game of all time. I love how recently they have recycled cards from other expansions and used them in the new adventures. Great move and I'd like to see more of it. Any word from the devs on when they plan on winding this game down and ending it? I for one hope not and i hope that as long as people continue to buy product, they'll keep pumping it out. This game seems to have a pretty strong customer base even as they've dialed down releasing packs as frequently as they used to
  4. That's what I figured, but the resources don't get discarded do they? What about attachments that are hero only? If you stick them on him while he was a hero, I assume those would have to be removed if he was no longer a hero? Lots of these things came up when I used him but I haven't seen anyone all this stuff yet
  5. If prince Imrahil is a hero when Caldara is in the discard pile he ends up collecting resources when he's a hero correct? What happens if I get caldara back in play, can I spend unused resources when he is no longer a hero?
  6. Thanks for both of your suggestions. I'm going to test it with what you both proposed and report back.
  7. Total Cards: (50) Hero: Elrond Gandalf Arwen Undómiel Ally: (26) 2x Beechbone 2x Beorn 2x Booming Ent 3x Derndingle Warrior 1x Gildor Inglorion 3x Quickbeam 2x Treebeard 3x Wandering Ent 3x Wellinghall Preserver 2x Galadhrim Healer 3x Imladris Stargazer Attachment: (13) 2x Gandalf Staff 2x Light of Valinor 1x Shadowfax 2x Unexpected Courage 3x Vilya 3x Wizard Pipe Event: (11) 3x A Test of Will 2x Elrond's Counsel 3x Flame of Anor 2x Grim Resolve 1x The Galadhrim's Greeting So many shenanigans. This is a really powerful deck that really shines with the super powerful combo of Elrond/Vilya and Gandalf/wizard pipe. I always take a mulligan to try and get Vilya in opening hand but there are games which I haven't gotten it until much later and this deck is still very durable. Gandalfs scrying power ensures that Elrond maximizes Vilya. The pipe, well that just makes it unfair lol. You can put whatever you need from your hand on the top of your deck and Vilya it in or have ir played as if it is was in your hand once per phase. Elrond's healing ability benefits the Wellinhall preservers and the Galadhrim Healers have been a nice addition in case you absorb some early combat wounds. Arwen Undómiel is your steady quester and her ability ensures that all the duplicates you won't need can be churned into resources for better use. But don't burn every duplicate! They can be handy to partner with Flames of Anor or you may need them if a nasty treachery removes attachments depending on the scenario you are playing. Allys: Since the ents come in exhausted, that will mean you need a turn or 2 to really get this deck going, however since the heroes are all so beefy, they can hold their own until the army of Ents is ready to dominate. You can get a steady stream of allys coming in by turn 2-3 and it's situational as to who you should drop. I love getting a turn one Beorn out with Elrond/Vilya. Derndingle Warrior is the strongest blocker by far and can take on all comers. Getting a Wellinghall Preserver out at some point with either Derndingle Warrior or Beechbone is great but it benefits all Ents. Treebeard helps out immensely and I usually end using his resources to ready ents late game or drop more on the table early game. I put Imladris Stargazer in there to help set up the deck even more and get whatever attachment you need to the top of your deck as quickly as possible. Gildor Inglorion can do the same thing but with his strong stats he many other uses as well. Attachments: Already covered Vilya & wizard pipe. Put Unexpected Courage on Elrond to ready him after using Vilya, add light of valinor on him as well and watch him dominate. The other courage can be put on Arwen or Gandalf, in addition to Shadowfax on Gandalf. Event: I dropped in Elrond's Counsel & The Galadhrim's Greeting to keep threat in check. I experimented with x3 of each card before settling on the quantities above and usually play x3 of The Galadhrim's Greetings when playing multiplayer. A test of will to stave off the nasty treacheries and Flame of Anor to one shot any big baddies and ready Gandalf in the process. There are quite a few high cost allys that can be used with Anor and also 2 Grim Resolve - which can be the a closer in the end game with an army of ents on the table. Conclusion: This deck is powerful and fun. It's not the most inventive deck I'll admit, but I play mostly solo and this can handle pretty much all scenarios. I could've used the same heroes with probably any other theme available and had better success. I chose ents, well . .because I like ents. I get they are crazy strong but I don't care! I've only played a handful of nightmare decks and have been beaten a couple times. I played a lot of scenarios before settling on this deck list but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks
  8. The end of the current deployment phase, so it would be your last action. But at 5 cost, it should be your last action anyway. Very expensive
  9. Thank you, for some reason I thought the quest phase was after the actual quest for some reason. So one more question, anytime you draw a dungeon card with a treasure icon you can immediately grab gear and swap out an equipped piece of gear with one in the discard pile. What happens to all the gear at the end of the quest that's in the discard pile? Shuffled back into the the new gear deck? Thanks
  10. I am having trouble figuring this out. If I draw a dungeon card that allows me to claim a gear card, can I use it right away? It says that gear can only be claimed during the quest or settlement stages. Assuming I can use them right away (which I think is correct) if I'm playing the first quest then no matter how many gear cards I get, I can only have one equipped at a time since my heroes capacity is only one? I've read it like 10 times and it's not computing. Thanks Also I've only played twice so far and I was wondering that if you clear out a locations enemies, since you are not forced to travel to the next location, is there any deterrent from stalling and just taking rest actions and aid actions to heal all your wounds before you decide to move on? I realize there's a nemesis lurking and I haven't done this but I'm hoping this tactic wouldn't work because it's lame. I remember when lotr lcg was new and people would stall until ffg implemented the 10 points per turn rule to force people to move through the quests.
  11. I'm pretty sure the balrog attacks twice per turn correct? On doom doom doom it has the forced effect that the balrog makes an attack if it's in play at the end of the quest phase. On the balrog card itself it says while in the staging area the balrog is considered to be engaged with the first player. So that means it would attack during the combat phase as well right? I only play solo one handed and if I played this right (he attacks twice per turn) , I'm finding this really hard! Thanks
  12. I don't worry about the timing since the game is abstract. As you travel through the locations and fight one monster several turns I view it as: The company started at point A and made their way through the marshes and the forest too reach point B. Along the journey they happened upon a menacing spider and a few orcs. Some Silvan allies and ents came to their aid. One of the ents was killed defending Frodo from the spider. Or something along those lines. At the end of the game a tale can be told, I like winning in this game but I like the Tolkien theme more. Many times I will not put cards in my deck because they don't fit the scenario.
  13. wyrm187


    When me and my brother play this game we made a simple scoring system to see how we did similar to lotr lcg. Every turn is ten points, every marine dead is another 20 points each. Obviously shooting for a low score, u guys use anything like that? We still play this regularly I wish it wasn't dead. We also made a custom card, carnifex (counts as 3 enemies) that we use to keep things hard.
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