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  1. That's unfortunately what I thought, thank you
  2. Sorry to bump this thread but can you use gamling's ability when eomund comes in play from Lothiriels ability? When Eomund would leave play, Lothiriels response says shuffle it into your deck, rather than discard from play. Ive confused myself with this question
  3. Thought about it but so many of the allies are just chump blockers. Hard to keep them alive
  4. Man you scared me about fast hitch lol. I swear i read that card 5 times to make sure it was legal before putting it on her. It's a great combo
  5. I wanted to make something semi-thematic and fun to play. I am by no means an expert at this game but I've been playing since the beginning and still love it. I also wanted to get Gollum in there with Sam, Frodo and the One Ring to see if I could make it all work. With plenty of time on my hands I've been testing this and having a lot of fun with it. The focus of the deck is to get the unique allies out and pump them up with power of command. This tends to be more of a quest heavy deck that supplements a combat deck nicely. I always play solo 2 handed, so I'm not sure how this deck perform true solo but my guess is not great. One of the stars of the deck is Rosie Cotton with fast hitch. She can boost during questing and the combat phase which is really effective. Boosted with power of command and she's adding +3 during questing phase. One of the best cards in there is Drinking Song. I underestimated this card big time. My mulligan is looking for this card. Play the cards you can and get out whatever you can after playing drinking song. Ive had some nice turn ones with 2-3 strong allies out for cheap, compliments of Timely Aid. Then dumping Rivendell scout and Bill the Pony for free is great. The pony is nice since he's unique he gets the boost from Power of command. Another great free card is Curious Brandybuck to aid in your quest. The first 2-3 turns are for using secrecy cards. After that the deck starts rolling and you can start using power of command and Gollum's ability without regret. Please look at the deck list below and give me some ideas on what to tinker with. The decklist does not include the old sneak attack/ Gandalf combo since I was pairing this with a Gandalf hero deck. He'd be in there otherwise. I'd love for you guys to test it and let me know what you think. Thanks! Gollum Sam Gamgee Leadership Frodo The One Ring (attached to Frodo) Attachments 1 × The Power of Command (starting in your hand) 3 x fast hitch 1 x hobbit cloak 3 x woodmens clearing 1 x protector of Lorien 2 x resourceful 1 x staff of lebethron 1 x Dunedain remedy Events 3 x timely aid 3 x sneak attack 3 x daerons ruins 3 x the master of the ring 3 x drinking song Allies 2 x Bill the pony 3 x Rosie cotton 1 x Gaffer Gamgee 3 x Gimli 1 x Merry 3 x curious brandybuck 3 x Rivendell scout 1 x legolas 2 x quickbeam 1 x Elrond 1 x knight of the dale Quests 1 x scout ahead 51 card deck since you are starting with power of command in your hand in addition to your other 7 cards. Questionable cards are definitely Legolas since you can only get him out with timely aid. You can burn him with protector of lorien but ive had decent luck getting him out. Knight of the dale is one of the place holders for Gandalf but still a decent card. Scout ahead is great for getting rid of stinker and setting up the encounter deck but there may be better options. The nice thing is any card you can't situationally use can be shuffled back into the deck with drinking song. I welcome feedback, thanks.
  6. Yeah, i was asking if they'll continue to make new contracts in future releases. Wasn't clear, thanks
  7. Were an excellent idea that have been spicing up my decks lately. I just built a voltron sarumon deck using the one ring, the grey wanderer and attaching strider on him immediately. It's a lot of fun. Do we know if contracts are only for this cycle? I hope not - I really enjoy the variety
  8. Thanks i couldn't find that. So in my second example with tombstone, if he damaged an ally i control then his ability would trigger? The wording is still a bit confusing
  9. Does "you" refer to you as the player or your identity card? 2 examples below Interrogation room After "you" defeat a minion exhaust interrogation room, remove 1 threat from a scheme. Can an ally trigger that after it destroys a minion or does it have to be your hero? Tombstone Forced Response: After Tombstone attacks and damages you, discard a [mental] or [physical] resource from your hand, if able. Again is it if he damages your identity (hero) or when he damages an ally you control as well? Ffg are usually very literal with their wording on the rules so I figured instead of "you", they'd use "your identity card", "your hero"etc.
  10. Thanks for the replies but is there anyone who has played multiplayer? I don't feel the game scales well solo (one handed anyways). There's more of a chance you draw a dud villain card, with 2 players there's more risk to get some really bad combos going and with gg's reaction, each player starts with 2 encounter cards and is drawing a third on turn one. There's alot of bad stuff that can happen right away. Let me know if anyone has beaten this other than solo. We got closer yesterday use Cap leadership and justice iron man.
  11. Has anyone beat this on expert? Ive tried 2 player 3 times now and got absolutely destroyed. Im not complaining, I'm very glad it's difficult. It didn't help we used scorpion mod set, that guy is really nasty. Anybody beat it? If so what heroes and setup Also his when revealed effect can seriously put you in as bad spot and did so all 3 games.
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