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  1. miket3

    Wave Three?

    Sergovan said: Tie Avenger (; Avenger Squadron; Secret Order; Task force vengence; 181st Imperial fighter Group) : Atk 3/ Agi 4 (surpasses Tie fighters speed and agility)/ Hull 3/ Shields 4 (twice of T-65 X-wing) Pilots: Maarek Stele; Upgrades: Space Bomb (mine dropped behind ship); Advanced proton torpedoes; Tractor Beam; Emperor's Hand This is a ridiculous ship and I very much doubt anything like this would ever make it into the game. There's a massive difference in even a single step up for attack or agility which is why the Interceptor, also supposed to be more agile than the Tie Fighter, only has 3 agility. Similar points could be made about having a ship with presumably an equal or better maneuver dial than the interceptor, along boost, barrel role and focus, having 4 (!) shields to go along with it's 4 agility. The Tie Avenger is supposed to be the production version of the Tie Advanced, and so should expect to have roughly the same stats. An arguemnt could be made for bumping primary weapons up to 3, or giving it the boost action, but 4 agility/4 shields is prepostorous* *Also, where'd you go with the defender? 8 shields and 5 agility?
  2. LedZep said: Its true. Im just generalizing. Not all players play just to win. ps: Wave 2 upgrades ruining the game (for me). That why I asked for opinions about thoughts and fears about wave 2. If adding options to an existing game without removing or eclipsing the existing options ruins the game for you then you should probably limit yourself to something like Chess. Complaining about people using options that synergise well together in a game explicitly built around being rewarded for choosing and using different options well together is asinine at best.
  3. miket3

    Fixing the Y-Wing

    ForceM said: Well i do in fact think the best squad Rebel can field at the moment consists of 4 X-Wings indeed. At least against Tie Swarms. You desperately need to kill 2 Ties in the first encounter and even the odds. And you just wont with Y-Wings. You keep stating your personal opinions as fact but, even though there's not much available, the data that is absolutely does not support your opinion. I'm more than willing to accept that you aren't able to make Y-Wings work, but that's more a case of personal ineptness that a fundamental problem with the game.
  4. One of my players choke-slammed the sister into the side of the Sigmirite temple wall as she reached behind her for the hammer (Dwarf in attendance had just sucesfully rolled a comet in her presence to impress her) to present to the dwarf. I suppose I should take it as a compliment that they were amped up enough by the earlier investigatin' (they'd previously found Otto in the tunnels attempting to hide the two books after they'd missed them earlier).
  5. Games workshop themselves have been aggresivly excising Halflings from the backstory, so I'm not surprised to see their exclusion from WHFRP3
  6. Hmm, I wouldn't mind making a gun oriented assasin character for this. I assume the slot is still available?
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