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  1. Polaria said: Rainbow Warriors (fluff by Philip Sibbering, game-mechanics mine) Space Sharks (fluff by Philip Sibbering, game-mechanics mine) I've added your links to my RW and SS pages BaronIveagh said: The name Rainbow Warriors comes from the Greenpeace ship of the same name sunk (read 'blown sky high') in 1985 by operatives from the French Intelligence service. It's name came from the book Warriors of the Rainbow by William Willoya and Vinson Brown. Before that the name came from Hopi (Native American) prophecy (which the book refers to). Greenpeace took the name from the prophecy, and they seem to think they are the Rainbow Warriors; so it's not surprising that they named a ship after it. I'm surprised they do not called themselves 'Rainbow Warriors'. The original prophecy is far richer resource to draw inspiration from than merely 'named after a ship'. It gives the Chapter a bit more gravitas. Philip
  2. Now this thread has calmed down a bit, and got past the usual 'there can't be female space marines!', I hope we can get back to my original topic. To be clear I do not want actual 'female Space Marines' - I want Sisters of Battle who are as powerful as Space Marines - but by powered up by different means. I also want a way to weave it back into the narrative. Concepts: My first thought: is to tie it into the ascent of the Emperor to godhood. The sisters have faith based powers, but they are limited, and I thought of expanding this concept to include of a physical boost of some kind - perhaps by the ingestion of something holy like 'saint's blood'? The drinking of saint's blood could change the Sister into something more. It could alter there physical being, and power up their faith based powers. This would be similar to the first steps of transformation used in some Space Marine chapters: notably the Space Wolves, but also the Blood Angels (transfusion of blood containing their primarch's blood), and hinted at with the Dark Angels. Blood drinking rituals seem like a good first step. Implants? As to later implants, I'm not 100% sure I want to go with the biological implants of the marines, and maybe more 'bionic' implants and tending towards some of the Japanses styles of augmentation, or sophisticated soul manipulation? I'm open to suggestions on this. As to powers I would like to see for the Sisters - 'chaos' immunity (they already have a power), psi-drain, rapid healing and resurrection. Perhaps even a 'rage zombie' state when killed before the body has a real chance to repair, and the snap back into their usual Sister role. Another power could be to sap the will of those they are in conflict will - a golden halo effect that calms the masses. The Sisters would be very hard to actually kill and keep dead. Many Space Marine may find it hard to fire on a Sister! The halo effect could make them seem 'perfect' and 'pure'. Weaving it in: This concept would then be overlaid onto current background, bring the Sisters into line with the Space Marines. To feed it in under the GM's control - this new type of Sister would mostly affect a cult within the Sisters at first, and the GM could choose how powerful that cult is - from 'nothing' to 'nearly all Sisters'. This means some regular Sisters may not be that powerful, but the 'heroes' of the Sisters are, and the living 'Saints' are very powerful. This revelation could be shocking to a Marine player. As an RPG concept for a campaign, perhaps the Space Marines (loyal to the concepts laid down by the original Emperor) and the Sisters of Battle (loyal to the new Emperor himself) come to blows. I'm sure the Space Marines will not like what they see in the Sisters changing over time. This could lead to a new heresy at the end of an arc? The Sisters could be using their policing powers to monitor the marines and build up data for later plans. A good sub-plot reason for a Sister to join Deathwatch. As this concept is 'house-rules' the Player may not know what the Sister is up to, or exactly how powerful she really is. This does move the Emperor towards strongly towards becoming a 'god' (which the marines will not like - except the Word Bearers! - perhaps they change and become an ally of the Sisters against the other marines?), but the loyal Space Marines may see this as a 'chaos god'. Sooner of later there will be war. I suspect that if the Sisters have a strong 'aura' effect that most IG will side with them - I siren effect (saints are like angel). This would put the Space Marine in a very tough position - but all the more heroic if they win - but I kinda like the idea of a stalemate. Another alternative is they become rivals for glory, and the Sisters start to take on Space Marine like roles. The IG start calling in the Sisters instead of the Marines! In a game of Deathwatch the Sister may be there to observe how the Space Marines function with an aim to setting up their own 'deathwatch', or the Sisters already have a secret 'deathwatch' program and is collaborating. ? Philip
  3. ak-73 said: Philip S said: In other words if GW upgraded the Sister to be on a par with the Marines, what would you suggest? Philip I would suggest that a number of guys want to have a small area in life left where women can't intrude. ;-) Intruding? This concept is for those who wish to include a female friend, and get back to 40K's roots. If a group does not want this: then it would not be for them. As for 'political correctness' - which bit are you referring to? None of it seems 'PC' (as in the original concept of treating people with respect, or the lampooning nonsense demagogues come with). Do you have any ideas for this retcon of bringing the Sisters back into line with the Marines? Philip
  4. What's more 40K than 6'6"-7' Amazon dominatrix nuns with strap-on power-armour using bolter-fu? The only real objection seems to be that it would take away from the Space Marines. I think this highlights a problem with the Space Marines being a Swiss army knife for all situations instead of the focused role I imagine them to be used for. Space Marines should be a very specialised hammer, and instead they are becoming regular all rounder soldiers and all to human. Ordinary. It's a shame - I like the barely controlled, ex-hive scum, psychos they once were - that the only thing stopping them going one a genocidal killing spree or serial killing is the psycho-conditioning and electrograft implants. The old Marines default mindset was to kill everything that was not a Marine. This feral power was harnessed by the Imperium, making the worst of humanity perform the greatest heroic acts in service to mankind. Now that is awesome in its own twisted way. That is not all that made them interesting - the old Marines were quite human, not demi-gods, but they were the 'wrong' type of human. The barabarian/ savage type, or more specifically (without the demonisation) tribal. The Rogue Trader era Space Marines they didn't have much in the way of implants other than the Black Carapace (that was it). They were enhanced (chemically) and seriously brainwashed, but they were human, and the fighting type of humans that naturally love war and are eager for battle (give power-armour and bolters to modern day street gangs and guess what they would do) As a counter-part to these hardcore, old skool, no nonsense Marines were the Sisters. The Sisters were just as powerful (and just as nuts). Old Skool Power armour: In both cases most of the power came from the armour, and looking at modern day exoskeletons being tested and how strong they are, it seems that power armour will be to combat and physical activity what a gun is to settling disputes: a great equaliser. A woman in power armour is going to be just as strong as a man in power armour. Much the same as a women with a gun is just as effective as a man (the bullets impact with the same energy) - so a punch from a powered armour gauntlet, derived from the machine's NFBs not the persons muscles, is just as powerful no matter who is behind it. Concept: The whole concept I'm suggesting is upgrading the Sisters to bring them back into line with the Space Marines, and seeing as so many Chapters of Space Marines are turing renegade and running off and doing their own thing, and quite a few fall to chaos, I think the Sisters are needed now more than ever. Why: The reason for this is to allow women to join in the fun and have their power fantasies too. Open background: As for the background I'm with GW in their original idea for 40K, that the rules could be used for any sic-fi, and the background can be expanded and altered, as mentioned on page 130 in the Imperium section intro; "It is for you - as gamesmasters and players - to use this information as you see fit. There is nothing to prevent you from expanding or altering the material given. In some cases this will be necessary if you are to derive the full benefit from the background," This idea for the Sisters is no different than a 'house rule' for the background. Help me: What I am interested in hearing about is other's view as to how to make it work - your ideas and imagination - you know; the fun stuff! In other words if GW upgraded the Sister to be on a par with the Marines, what would you suggest? Philip
  5. Inspired by that other thread on the Sisters (here), and my musings on the subject, I was wondering if the Deathwatch marine rules could be used to model the Sisters in the Rogue Trader era sense? Back then the Sisters were basically female space marines, and they were more than a match for the marines in a fight (the Sisters 'policed' the marines). Marines would be moved more towards my ideas on them (here), and the sisters get one hell of an upgrade. In order to keep them up with the Marines they would have to become 'Amazons' - genetically modified to improve their performance (or taken from 'Amazon' stock). The may lack implants, but they gain natural abilities plus chemical enhancers. You could tack on 'faith based powers' to give them an edge like the marines. As to why one of these RT era Sisters would be following around the Deathwatch? Policing. It's what the Sisters do: get in other people's business. The Sister (or Sisters) may be helping the killteam at times, but they may also be watching the marines for deviancy. This could introduce a new dynamic to the role play, as the Sisters my say when they think the marines are going too far. Marines may be the ultimate xenos hunter of the Imperium, but the Sisters are the ultimate law enforcers. The fact the Sisters like the Imperial Church, and the marines often see the Emperor as a man not a god, is only going to stir up trouble. ? Philip
  6. The Archangels in the gallery is one of the original 720 collected up by Dazzo. It looks like an DIY (some has tarted it up a bit), but I do not have a link (when Dazzo what collecting up chapters he did not collect up the links - the links only become important when I put together this new gallery). A lot of links have been lost. I'll try and track it down but if I can not find it, and If you translate you IA, I'll put it in. Philip
  7. The idea of the 1,000 Chapter Project is to list 1,000 current chapters (as in 'current 40K'). All the other chapters (traitor, renegade, etc. will be moved to a separate list). Having said that I'll treat the 1,000 chapters as a poetic 1,000 Philip
  8. schmic1977 said: Philip S said: when you have an IA or album let me know and I'll add them to the gallery. Philip PS: 874 chapters in the gallery! Then feel notified. LINK Your chapter has been added to the gallery (page 25). I also created an image for them (which can be found over on B+C) Philip
  9. Give them more ammo! I imagine the marines have a whole stack of ammo for their missions (I can not see them relying on chance to resupply). The problem is where to store it all: I shoved a stack of mags behind the back pack, in the lower back. You can see an image on my site: Ammo Storage Fully loaded this gives them 8 mags in storage and one in the weapons for 9 mags in total. To access the mags the marines operate a buddy system, where the marine behind takes from the marine in front as they leap-frog forward raining constant bolter shells on the enemy. They can access their own mags too, they 'pop down' for easy reach. All very unofficial (and if you read the rest of that page you'll see how unofficial it really is!) Philip
  10. I can't make out the chapter symbol on the models, but the shapes look consistant with two bulls? when you have an IA or album let me know and I'll add them to the gallery. Philip PS: 874 chapters in the gallery!
  11. @ schmic1977 - Red Bulls? LOL. I guess the chapter symbol is two bulls squaring off? There is already an Archangels chapter in the list, and another on the B+C forums. The best one will win out. Philip
  12. I've updated the new gallery with three categories: canon, DIY and MIA. Philip
  13. I've posted some ideas on Opposed tests and DoS over on my blog; Opposed tests in Dark Heresy Multiple opponents Degrees of Success in Dark Heresy The aim is to speed up opposed tests, and streamline DoS. Philip
  14. @ ItsUncertainWho - there seems to be as many interpretations of Space Marines as 40K fans! I fall into the (as I mention before) humans will god or demi-god implants. Quite a literal interpretation I think, but many disagree. Though this disagreement could be more because I push it the t extreme: I think the Emperor is 'Zeus', I have some radical ideas on Space Marines and their gear, and my ideas on the humble Bolter is not canon, or depleted deuterium. All back up with my musings on the Adeptus Mechanicus and my explanations of Imperial technology. I think all fans should share their views; so that we can all take what they like for our games. I don't think there is really a definitive view of the marines (mind you I'm still stuck in the Rogue Trader era ) Philip
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