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  1. I asked the beautiful people at FFG and here's the verdict: "There was definitely supposed to be a bridge over the water hex that is highlighted in red. I’ll be sure to enter it in to fix for a reprint, but for now go ahead and play as you like; either by placing a bridge there or using your ford placement in that hex. " Derrick Fuchs Game Producer Fantasy Flight Game Thanks for the quick reply, Derrick!
  2. In my personal opinion I like the dragon best since it sets up some interesting questions for the opponent: Do I go archers and mages to take down the dragon or do I get some cavalry to try to get to the dragon hoard? (like the command tent but with 3 vp, you have to deploy it on the dragon's deployment field as a balancing factor for its power) Do I really want that command tent since the dragon can easily fly there? And of course WHERE IS THE BEAST DEPLOYING? One thing I should note is that I think that it's kind of odd that you can game the dragon's-hoard-as-nerf by deploying him on a waterfield. The dragon's hoard isn't spawned then. In my personal experience that actually makes the dragon a tad TOO powerful. PS: I feel like the fun about the reinforcement packs is grounded in the fact that all those neutrals offer slightly more bang for your gold than your regular units. The downside being of course that your opponent knows you are going to utilize them and can prepare countermeasures.
  3. Hi all! I've got a short question about the Undead Scenario C1: Keeper of the Bridge: Isn't there supposed to be a bridge in this scenario?^^ Otherwise at least the Uthuk have drawn the short straw since in most cases they won't be able to enter the water hex in red. Oversight or balancing choice?
  4. I wondered about something similar: Is it actually in the rules that the phase is skipped, because we play it like this as well, or is it just common sense? I couldn't find it in the rules when I tried to look it up.
  5. I got all of the challenge and market decks in one big pile. Events and Encounters aren't really a problem, since all challenge boosters bring additional events and encounters with them, so the ration stays roughly the same. More of a problem is the fact that there are a lot less market cards for magic users if you mix in all the market cards, giving rangers and melee guys a severe edge. This is in our games usually migitated by the fact that we choose our heroes, there's never more than one mage being played and the one playing it lives with a slight handicap in a game that's heavily based on luck anyways.
  6. ...did someone say South Park??? Oh my god, they knocked out Kenny!
  7. Thanks! My vision however is that other forum members and Runebound fans help me continue the story, call it a cooperatively played (and told) solo adventure. I can't quite remember all the details of where Varikas went and who and what he encountered along the way. I hope you all can help me out: Choose a challenge, a duel or meeting with another hero (or weasel), a shopping tour in town and help me tell the tale of Varikas the Dead (who, by the way, was my long time favorite character, until Sands came out) The real beauty about Runebound was always, for me anyways, that in a way you have a giant set of building blocks for building classic fantasy adventures. So, as said, I dare you to help me continue the tale!
  8. The threads of time are like the strands of a spider's web. There are countless of stories written in the land of Terrinoth alone, but only one shall be accounted here, at this time. I shall not tell the end of this story, if indeed there is an end, nor is it my place to even tell the pinnacles of this story, such as the encounter with the unspeakable master, the zombie king, Vorakesh himself or with the fellow hero Ronan, who some call of the wild. I shall give the story a beginning, but other voices will be needed to tell the tale in full. Varikas was dead. He had been since the decline of the era of the Elder Kings, for he himself had been part of their demise. He had been a hired blade once, bought to rid Riverwatch of their despot. Though he had been freedom loving it had been coin and not conviction that guided his sword. Thereby it came to pass that he gave his life as well as taking the life from the Riverwatch's line of kings, but was denied the entrance to the High Heavens. A wandering spirit among the many that haunt the places of power across the land. It would be a sad tale if ended here, but unknown if through fate or fortune he gained the attention of a particular powerful spirit being. She was Korina, eternal antagonist of Margath, and less old but far more powerful than the champion she appointed to transcend the barrier of life and death once more. Her will pushed him into the mortal realm once more, with but the one obligation to stop Margath's resurrection through the hands of the necromancer Vorakesh. When Varikas the Dead awoke from the sleep so many believe eternal he found himself clad in his armor, his sword on his right, the bounty he never got to claim in life, three gold coins for the head of the king, on his left, his mind imbued with the knowledge to manipulate the essence of the living and his heart pulsating with the desire to shatter the plans of Vorakesh the Necromancer.
  9. Imbalance is what made this game so revolutionary when it first came out. It isn't meant to be balanced by rules, the player interaction balances the game, so you could say that imbalanced player powers are a huge part of the game's appeal
  10. Indy

    Doom too hard?

    The biggest prob for the rines is not knowing the invader's cards. If you play with a noob group I would always suggest to join the rine team and let one of the noobs figure out the invader strategies.
  11. if something's out of stock you could search the upcoming reprints page for info if and when it would be reprinted. But since I'm still not all that familiar with the new FFG-website I don't know if they even kept that page...
  12. Gargamel said: Why was Midnight discontinued? lack of commercial success and critical acclaim? from what I've read it's the least played and worst rated of the big RB expansions
  13. Well that's not much help, but I looked for that a while ago, too, and din't find nothing, so my personal guess is a no. (Though I would love it if anyone proves me wrong :-) )
  14. Anyone remember the rants section from FFGs old website?^^ A really old rant concerned a Cthuluh card with a ridiculous amount of health and even worse damge stats. Reward was: "What, you're still alive yet?" Now that the rants are gone I realize I never downloaded that one! (and I'm a hopeless RB-completionist). Anyone got it on their hard drive? Or even better: FFG, could you put that picture back up??? Greetings and thanks!
  15. not quite "in space", but Runebound "with space" would be the idea i have been toying around with for a while of making a custom DOOM-Marine expansion, them being tossed into the world of RB by means of a dimensional portal or stuff and having to collect some counters from DOOMTBG across Terrinoth. Though I will probably never take the time to create one...
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