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  1. Hi Ulrich, In response to your rules question: Rules Question: If units/figures are set aside during the setup of a skirmish mission, e.g. On Our Way from Heart of the Empire can they still receive power tokens from the Skirmish Upgrade Extra Armor? Figures that are not on the map cannot gain power tokens. Thanks for playing! Tony Fanchi Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games
  2. Does a card like Force Push (restriction box says Rebel Force User) also count for the command card Protect the Old Ways or are only cards with a pure Force User restriction box valid?
  3. The FAQ now says otherwise: Q: If I control Fellblade (CC 100) and my opponent plays a unit into a zone containing a Warpstone Excavation (CS 116), is the unit considered to have been corrupted, allowing me to put a resource token on Fellblade? A: No. A unit that enters play in a particular state is not considered to have changed states. So in this case there is nothing being corrupted to trigger Fellblade. However, if a unit already in play moves to the zone that contains Warpstone Excavation, then it is considered to have been corrupted and a resource token would be placed on Fellblade.
  4. Sadly it could be worded the same way. I asked this question because having played other games from FFG there were situations when one card said reduce by x to a minimum of 1 and another card said reduce by y without a restriction. The minimum of 1 was regarded as absolute. And so „you may include up to 2 rebel Deployment cards“ could also impose an absolute maximum. Good to know how it works in this game but it always depends on the wording the designers have established for „their“ game.
  5. If I choose the Mercenary affiliation and include Temporary Alliance and the Elite Jawa Scavenger in my list can I now include 3 rebel droids in my list e.g. MHD-19, Chopper and R2-D2 AND C3-PO and Gideon? Can I include 6 droids from other affiliations if I have 2 Elite Jawa Scavengers?
  6. Well, personally I‘d say bringing units that are totally out of place is not the way to go for me.
  7. I have all expansions. Do you think if we start e.g. the Jabba's Realm campaign that only stuff from up to this expansion should be used (items, heroes, units etc.) for balance reasons or is it just fine that also more recent stuff gets used? I guess for open groups newer imperial units have a better value for their cost but maybe it is the same with the stuff the rebels can buy. What is your experience?
  8. Congratulations! I do hope they give us a final FAQ adressing Spectre Cell.
  9. The joy of a customizable game is exploring the riddle which combination of cards, units etc. will be the most powerful. Baring a FAQ update this riddle for competitive skirmish in Imperial Assault seems to be pretty solved. Still there are many more skirmish missions to be explored. What do you as an experienced player think if I randomly take a mission and have a Spectre Cell squad vs. another well-build squad what are the odds of that squad to pull of a victory? I know there is the Continuity Project going on but I don’t want to apply to much changes to the cards like altering point costs on a larger scale. What I could imagine would be a Restricted List like FFG have in their Living Card Games. Instead of banning a card you put overpowered cards on the Restricted List. Every player can use only one of the cards on the Restricted List. Spectre Cell, On The Lam and Take Initiative come to my mind. Which cards do you think should be there? Do you think this change makes Spectre Cell more beatable? Beatable enough to enjoy the game again? My intent is also that all of my miniatures see play. Would be a handicap system a reasonable approach? Something like every player has to chose a handicap along the lines of „your squad must include Boba Fett“, „your squad must include Kayn Somos“, „your squad must include Biv Bodhrik“. Which units would qualify as a handicap in your opinion?
  10. Does anyone know how far the best non-Spectre-lists got?
  11. I am looking for playmats especially the one with the artwork from the core set. I can offer several Star Wars LCG playmats in exchange. I am located in Germany.
  12. This is why Runefang of Solland got errated. Also see this thread https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/63797-epic-spell-trait/?tab=comments#comment-623652
  13. Has there ever been anything official on the Silver Helm Brigade?
  14. Let's say Urguck attacks and I want to defend with a unit that has counterstrike do I have to use counterstrike? If I can't kill him in the battle it is to my disadvantage.
  15. To me it was the greatest LCG I have ever played. It is sad that they didn't treat it better (promotion of the game, some design problems when the game was like I play light side I win) Or maybe it was not all their fault (the delays in production, Netrunner stealing the show etc.). Maybe it was not mainstream enough mechanicwise. But the mechanics and the objective set system were what brought me into and kept me in the game. It is sad they didn't even give it a proper farewell. Just two lines about how many expansions were produced. If you compare it to the article they gave the Call of Cthulhu LCG...
  16. Rotation is not imminent. We get the first pack of the sixth cycle right now. So it will be at least a year before Hoth and Echoes rotate out. I don't think those cycles will return. Maybe some abilities found on some cards will inspire new cards but I would say that's about it. Maybe they will revisit the Hoth theme but if they do they will do it rather differently than they did the first time. The first cycle was meant to be thematic and was rather tame in design.
  17. "When you deploy a HUNTER, reduce its deployment cost by 1." Does this only work when the group I deploy consists of exactly one hunter figure? So no discount for the Trandoshan Hunters? Or maybe a discount of two because I deploy two Hunter figures?
  18. "When you deploy a HUNTER, reduce its deployment cost by 1." Does this only work when the group I deploy consists of exactly one hunter figure? So no discount for the Trandoshan Hunters? Or maybe a discount of two because I deploy two Hunter figures?
  19. The class card says "You earn 1 Imperial and 1 Mercenary villain of your choice." Is this a one time effect at the start of the campaign or do I earn those villains at the start of each mission so I can choose different villains each time?
  20. And here as a confirmation what I received from the designers: Q: A: 1) Yes. Each Snowtrooper is worth 3 VPs when defeated. (Even though the group costs 10 points to include in your army). 2) The trooper put into play by Reinforcements is considered a new figure, and will be worth his figure cost when defeated. If you play Reinforcements on the Elite Snowtrooper, and the group is then wiped out, your opponent will have scored a total of 12 points from having defeated 4 figures, each with a figure cost of 3.
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