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  1. The text for this interlude appear to be very confusing. From my understanding, The white and green guardian cannot be destoryed. It will remain on the map even they suffer hearts equal to their health but it remain non active. Red and Blue guardian can be destoryed since it is a victory condition for the OL. So basically Heroes have to keep healing the white and green guardian till they are revealed. And you may not know which guardian since the objective token are facedown in the beginnining. After they are revealed, the entrance and exit tile will replace the corresponding map tile to the Alcove as indicated on the quest map. There is a black line linking between the objective token and the tile. While they are active, the hero could use the action available for white guardian to spend 2 mp to move to the entrance tile in the alcove and if green guardian is also active. The heroes may move off the map from the exit in the alcove too. Seem like a tough quest for the heroes. BUT IT WILL BE **** FUN.
  2. whipko


    With movement point of 7. Asteros can easily bullrush an adjacent character 3-4 times injured him 1 auto wound each time. Plus his action as an attack can easily kill an adjacent hero each turn.
  3. whipko


    Can hoax discard Barroom brawler to cancel all attach roll successes after she had roll her shock roll? Can Aeteros bullrush a character muitiple time as long as he have movement point left. Causing 1 auto wound each time.
  4. +1 I need a new expansion for new mob, item, skill, whatever any addon is great. A new combat dice!!!!
  5. Any new quests after "Private Collection" Appreciate your works for EE.
  6. Still got 2 to 3 main quests to go. I am more into your new short quests. Like Honor Guard.
  7. Thanks for "Private Collection" quest. Anymore quests after this creation?
  8. I have completed around 7-8 quests from your EE including the 3 new quests you have just created. I would say very well done. Is there anymore quests you are uploading? I am dying to try more. I only feel that overlord is weaker in EE. The reason is due to the lack of threat and the high cost overlord cards. The event Threatary card is not as strong in the original Descent. Some combo in weapons and skill cards create unstoppable hero. EE have lesser monster around the map. This make disabling effect stronger. We realised Spin kick is abit weak in term of all the melee skill card. Our group change it to deal a white die damage ignoring ammor to all adjacent target.
  9. There is only 2 spawn card that can spawn Dark Priest. And one of them is a Threat card. Is that on purpose?
  10. Any update or patch to Enduring Evil card? Look good overall. I only feel that Entrap is abit powerful. It become an item based grapple skill. But i will never know whether it is overpower before i try out EE. Thanks for the great varient. I going to table it this coming weekend.
  11. IS Euduring Evil overlord aim card supposed to be play after rolling the dice?
  12. Question: For leech attack, my count avatar heal 1) the total amount of wounds I damage after armor plus the wounds lost due to 0 fatigue Leech attack 10 on a hero with armor 6 and fatigue 2 (total heal 6 wounds) 2) the number of wounds i damage after armor Leech attack 10 on a hero with armor 6 and fatigue 2 (total heal 4 wounds) 3) only the number of wounds caused by leeching (wounds suffer after 0 fatigue) Leech attack 10 on a hero with armor 6 and fatigue 2 (total heal 2 wounds)
  13. Just check out your link in BBG. Nice to meet you. I am a Descent fan from Singapore too.
  14. Have you ever thought of creating a DOTA varient using RTL outdoor map. A PVP descent in DOTA style.
  15. Can I use strategize to move my unit away from 3 region i control and use the tactic card favour of kellos to place the 3 runes on these 3 empty region. Then i strategize unit not is not activated back to these empty space.
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