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  1. Hey, anyone have an idea of how long this game should last? 8 2-hour sessions? 10 hours total? 5 hours? 7 session of unknown length?
  2. Sorry, meant competitive list. That was my fault. Fixed.
  3. Want to make 3 competitive lists: 1 Rebel, 1 Empire, 1 Scum. All fly differently. Cheap as possible. GO!
  4. A similar thing to this happened for the Kessel Run tournaments. A "gentleman" who runs a store out of his garage and the BGG marketplace was cleared for an event. He held it on a Sunday morning at 9:00 am in his garage and limited it to 8 people. You'd think FFG would do a better job of screening places when i know there a better stores applying for these event.
  5. Why are the thugs not listed a minions? Are they not organized enough so they're not a cohesive unit? Did they just not want to teach that rule yet? Now that I know the rule should I treat them as such next time I run the beginner adventure? If I use them in later adventures should they then be treated like minions?
  6. There are 3-4 of us that play with the Secrets Factory game group. Look up Secrets Factory on Meetup for more info. Mazzys on Roswell Rd Sundays from 2-11. Fuddruckers on Windy Hill Tuesdays from 5-10 IHOP on S Cobb Dr. Thursdays from 5-late. BGG Swingjunkie for further communication. I'd LOVE to find more players!
  7. Well the allies may get to do cool stuff with their command squad, but the Axis player gets to play zombies and gorillas and snipers, which are all kinda bad ass
  8. So my question is really for the sake of all the campaigns (and general balance) would it be ok to vary up what I buy, or do I need to buy each factions mirrors? Like if I buy Command Squad for the Allies, do I need to buy the Command squad for the Axis? Same with the special ops, the walkers, etc.? What I've been doing is kind of building them differently: The Allies have Recon and Command Squads and more Light Walkers, whereas the Axis have the Special Ops and more Heavy Walkers, and I plan to make the SSU mostly air and some walkers, but with several vanilla infiltry units backed by the various commisars. Should this work out for balance as long as everything is balanced point wise or are there things every faction needs?
  9. So the item description for the Airborne Walker Transport says that it comes with a modified KV-47. Does anyone know if this is pretty much the same a Natalya or whatever the first one was? I don't buy multiples of the units and don't really want to go back and buy the first one if this one works just as well.
  10. I'm just hoping against all hope that they don't do the 3x restrictions. I'd be ok with like 6x, but 3x ruins so many fun decks. PLEASE don't kill the Rio/Siren or Doners or TagMe or ….
  11. Has anyone taken into account the "spam-like" nature of Netrunner? Assuming they don't use the 3x card limit (which I'm REALLY hoping they don't, since it ruins some of the fun Archetypes like Rio and PM/PWS) then 3x/2x/1x would be fine…if they 3x the right cards. I'll gladly buy 3x core sets if every one has 3 (or more) Jack-n-Joes, Brokers, BSBs, or any other card that can be used across multitudes of decks. However, I would hate the all 3x model if I had a bunch of Corpse Call, Management Shake-Ups, PWS, etc. sitting around. I would also hate 1x if they don't limit the card counts because I can't buy 6x Core sets to make my Rio Deck or my Corp War/AMS deck. Get what I'm saying? It depends on the card restrictions…
  12. I have no idea how to read PMs. didn't even know we could get them...
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