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  1. My GM is considering running the free adventure as a way to get our feet wet so I stopped listening when I realized that's what it was. But a hearty congratulations on your first podcast. I look forward to listening to future ones!
  2. I just got my book yesterday... would still play for the pdf... Just sayin'
  3. And I'm sure there will be a "it has left the building" email...
  4. dlw32

    Genesys OGL?

    Partly a function of not knowing enough about the system. Presumably that gets fixed in a few weeks. (see how I spared you all another rant about how close to the vest FFG is with system details? Not a single mention of how they should be marketing this... See, I'm the bad guy... )
  5. dlw32

    Cthulhu Mythos hack

    That's right from CoC (BRP really). You check skills you use successfully and meaningfully, at the adventure's end you roll against the checked ones, any you "fail" at means you learned something - add +1d10 points. If feels a bit less awkward in CoC only because the dice are a simple d100... not meant to generate an opportunity for narrative. Personally, I'd drop it in the hack. Just advance normally.
  6. Well, again, it's not me. Or probably you or probably anyone on this forum. I'm sold... literally, I pre-ordered a while back. You do the articles, the podcasts, the advance reviews, etc for all the RPGers out that who haven't heard of Genesys yet. I've taken a chance on Genesys based on scant info about how it will actually play, I can't fault people who have looked at the three articles and not bloody much else and decided not to take a chance. You do marketing not for the devout but to convert the heathens... In short I'd like this system to be wildly successful not just a footnote in a list of RPG titles that never really caught on.
  7. Sure, two weeks seems like a long time, but I'm sure the flood of articles, podcasts, advance reviews, etc will keep us hyped up until the product is actually delivered... [/snark]
  8. I haven't pre-ordered with FFG before... the release date is now listed (why was that a secret? no, nevermind) and it's 11/30. So would that imply they are shipping pre-orders to arrive at my house on 11/30? Or does "Shipping Now" mean it's currently in the mail to me? Happy for the progress... excited expectation...
  9. printable to pdf? I can't think of anything else, but I also don't have the book yet, there may be some edge-case in there...
  10. Yeah, I really like the idea of Talents having skill and other Talent pre-reqs. The issues I have in EoE with the talent trees are a) the seemingly arbitrary need to have precisely 20 per specialization and b) the bizarre and seemingly arbitrary spiderweb of connections. We'll see soon.
  11. On the whole, I'm not a big fan of classes in general, but you do get something for picking up another specialization... other than access to the trees (admittedly the big plus). You get new career skills. For example, my Pilot picks up Scoundrel and now Charm, Cool, Brawl, and Ranged(Light) are career skills. Every rank in a non-career skill costs 5 more xp than it would as a career skill. So though it costs me 10 xp to add the specialization (or 20 if it is out of my current career), adding two ranks of Charm pays for the Pilot's purchase of Scoundrel (you'd need 4 ranks in the Charm for the Merc to pay off the purchase of Scoundrel). Talents: Though it does seem like the designers set the goal of a 4x5 grid of talents unnecessarily; the truly bizarre part is the apparently random way the talents are linked. Why they all don't just go bi-directional or even uni-direction bottom up, I don't understand. And it creates oddities like for the Fringer to get to Dedication (a thing everyone would want) it costs 90xp to go up one branch of the tree, slide across two branches to get to it. But the Scout just goes all the way up one branch and it's just one branch over... for 75xp. It's just wacky.
  12. If they really mean to do Cthulhu, as in based on H.P. Lovecraft's works, then it's not mental trauma as much as the degenerative spiral towards nihilism. There maybe momentary upticks (you get 1d3 SAN back for saving the baby) but the long-term direction only goes one way (Great... with the 1d3 I'm now only 7 points down from the start of the adventure). It's not "My plucky hero is scared of the pack of ghouls but overcomes his fears with the sudden application of bullets and dynamite" as much as "My accountant remembers nothing since heading into the graveyard last night but now it's morning and he wakes up in the woods naked and covered in some sort of slime". There's lots of sub-genre of horror and a lot of systems have temporary "that's scary" systems and that's fine. But if it carries the name Cthulhu it should really be more than that... It should terrify the player when the GM says "Your PC has learned a bit more about how the universe actually is..." I end with a quote: “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of the infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” ― H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories
  13. Proffering an opinion that is both mine and humble, 5e is the finest edition of the D&D's... Talents are top of the list for me... especially how a PC comes by them... Mass combat rules would be great, but I can't recall many systems that had decent mass combat rules... Birthright maybe (oh, that's one I forgot)... Savage Worlds... Not coming up with another...
  14. I may not have had the time to do it but sweet Jesus did we have systems... From days long past (1979 on): D&D (Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Oriental, etc), WEG Torg, Shatterzone, Masterbook, FASA Star Trek, D6 Star Wars, Paranoia, Twilight 2000, Top Secret, Top Secret SI, Call of Cthulhu, ICE Middle Earth, GURPs (never really a fan), Vampire, L5R, MERP, Alternity, Earthdawn, Traveler, DC Heroes, Space Master, Role Master... And more recently: 13th Age, Fate, Pathfinder, Torg Eternity, Marvel Heroic, Savage Worlds... And that's the ones I remember playing off the top of my head...
  15. dlw32

    dice app?

    In general, "surprising" people eager to give you cash for products is a bad idea... In general companies would rather have their customers (and potential customers) know what's coming and be all hyped up for it... Imagine if Marvel keep a lid on the latest Thor movie and just "surprised" movie-goers one Friday...
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