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  1. Oh, btw, I usually prefer to roll dice... this is the one, singular exception.
  2. IMHO, the dice app is mandatory for Star Wars... reading the damnable dice without the app to do the cancellations would drive me nuts. At some point I stopped trying to figure out how the symbols on the dice computed to the result at the bottom and just decided the app sends the rolled symbols back through time to some Greek Oracle in a temple that you couldn't even find the ruins of and that long-dead reader of entrails replies with the result. The dice app is so absolutely, mind-numbingly, needfully worth the $5. YMMV
  3. Nice writeup. So a little zombie apocalypse with some Deadlands mixed in? So what's the tech level like? Is my Marshall (McLuhan obviously... ) carrying a Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40w range, an Uzi 9mm, or a colt Peacemaker?
  4. I would like to see FFG do more hyping of Genesys. It's supposedly coming out pretty soon (a few months, right?) so they need to get a buzz going. More articles please! Something about character creation maybe? I know from the character sheets there are all these cool talents... how does one come by them? Or pick one of the 5 genre that are supposed to be included and show a bit of it... There really ought to be weekly articles at this point...
  5. Please dear God, YES... Just adding my vote.
  6. Thanks DarthDude!
  7. Where do you guys go to see these announcements? ie: and Thanks!
  8. Thanks. Sometimes it's more confusing to play other games
  9. Let's say I bring out Steve Clarney (F23; While Steve Clarney is committed to a story all characters lose all Toughness.) When I attach Steve to a story, any character with Toughness that also has a wound will die. But if such a character has an Action, could they activate the action as a parting shot. I'm told that in Magic, for example, a card in the process of being eliminated has a chance to perform actions as a parting shot. The rules in CoCLCG aren't clear on this.
  10. I just ordered my copy (long-time fan of Lovecraft, CoC the RPG, Arkham Horror board game, etc) of the LCG Core Set. While I'm waiting for delivery, is there a spoiler list of the 150 cards that come with the set? BoardGameGeek has a list but it looks old-ish to me. Waiting with bated breath...