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  1. It's a Secondary Weapon in an odd upgrade slot the same as Hot Shot Blaster so while it's not a normal secondary weapon Rhymer can increase the range of the EPT to two. We will never be able to save him due to his overpriced pilot ability but if there is something we can make silly nonsense with it might as well.
  2. I like it. Rhymer is tired of sitting on the side so Vader co-pilots and they live life on the edge. Tactician is there because someone needs to fear for their life. While it be in a tournament? No but it does give a use to the most overcosted TIE Bomber and could be good fun.
  3. OK the flaw in your logic is that you don't need to use your firing arc for target locking. For attacking you need to be able to keep your range ruler within your firing arc and that becomes troublesome if your firing at someone on the other side of the board. -and for the Long Range Sensors you still need the range roller as your measuring if your range three or more from the ship you are attempting to target lock.
  4. You know what as much of a plug as it might sound they really should have that at the end of the article. I just want more clarity of the release date in the articles if they do have it downpat once they have everything in. When they have a prerelease planned they should just tell us with these.
  5. I am sure the Gen Con ships were either flown or put on a ship before the print run was complete. The bulk of the shipment was coming through a different method and, having worked with customs, there was no way to be certain exactly which week it would be cleared. They let us know an exact date very shortly after knowing an exact date, which is needed for the new policy of simultaneous release. So can I kindly ask both of you where do they post the release dates for them because I've looked at all four ship's product pages along with skimming all the last few articles and found nothing. Is there some place consumers can look up dates at all?
  6. The complaint I have more of the the article is what I have with how waves and products are released: 'By the way the wave comes out next week' Why can't we have a more solid release date for these beforehand? We know these have been ready since Gencon couldn't there at least have a date set set by then? At least the Month?
  7. Honest prediction: after this Wave officially releases Crazed prediction: Tomorrow.
  8. This is why Homing is the most useful for the Bomber. It works just as well on evasive ships with the evasion tokens but also on the bigger ships with lower evasion dice.On top of it not spending the target lock is very handy for rerolling the attack or if it goes well is still tagging the target for a second volley. The only other Missiles that keep their target lock are Ion Pulse and Advanced Homing which don't go for outright damage. Other Missiles are designed for specific threats that don't preform well against the opposite one. For consecutive battles say a tournament Homing Missile are your to go Missiles. Honorary mention for Cluster as while not as flexible as the Homing Missile it does throw more damage at sluggish targets at a different range. For a Torpedo I do like Plasma for it's cost when I need a budget Munition for a Bomber.
  9. Well the wave hasn't fully released yet so I still am waiting for my store to get one. I really like Backdraft and Quickdraw so want to try them out soon. Wonder if I want to try anything crazy with that Missile Slot... Most likely gotta make things go boom.
  10. I don't know if any of you have played the Miniature games when Wizards had the franchise at the end of the prequel films be we mixed era ALL the time. Especially when we got characters from the Legacy Comics.
  11. Yeah Imperial Vets JUST came out last month and it was announced in December. Heroes of the Resistance got announced this May so it will be a while. They took their time to spoil the set where I don't think anything was hidden about it at the release of the set. So no worries you'll start seeing new toys from it soon enough.
  12. Yeah it's not like they're going to pull a 180 and completely halt this ship because a brand new account keeps posting the same thing over and over again. It would have to be a really REALly AWfully broken mechanic that they never fixed to make me quit. Which is most likely not soon because I starting flying during the dark times of TIE Phantoms and I put up with their super Arc Dodge Decloak. They showed when a mechanic is not good for a game they'll remedy it if needed. -and I don't even plan on getting the Rebel Tie honestly Team Tugboat has my eye.
  13. My Feelings tell me I want to have the option to drop a bomb and my 'valuable' cargo of the Christmas special on the same movement if needed. I know it to be true.
  14. Ok I'm gonna approach this from a fluff side of things: So Emon is an ace at deploying bombs and mine: he understands his tech and is able to just his engine and thrusters to roll that bomb right where he wants it to. however this time his pursuers have weaved and avoided his mine placement and he's sweating a little now.he has to do something more devious to shake them off. He still has a valuable shipment onboard but it's not worth his life so he dumps it out drifting as a barrier between them and is able to escape. Short version you don't plan on losing your precious cargo but you gotta do what you gotta do to survive and it's a last ditch effort.
  15. They seem to favor errata for this game or a rules adjustment. I don't think they'll actually ban something in this game. -Except Munitions Failsafe.
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