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  1. I just drew 39 times from the Admin Building. There was only one encounter that I drew more than 3 times: "Discuss the opportunity to sell a monograph with the President of the University. Pass a Lore (-1) check to make the sale and gain $5." I drew it 6 times. It appears on 3 location cards out of the 39 that exist for the Admin Bldg. It's a little suspicious that I drew it 6 times instead of 3 times, but it's not very conclusive. I ran a chi-squared test on expected versus actual distribution and the results were not significant (i.e., the results were very likely to happen by chance). Incidentally, if the encounter had appeared on only one location card, then drawing it 6 times would have produced a significant result for the chi-square. In other words, the encounters that are being drawn over and over tend to be the ones that you'd expect to see over and over, since they have multiple location cards.
  2. The same encounter may be coming up again and again because there are several location cards that have that particular encounter. I'm not convinced that there is a huge problem with card randomization. I haven't heard of anyone who formally investigated the problem (either with a chi-squared test or another approach for analyzing probability). My own analysis was inconclusive. If you think it's a problem, you may want to contact FFG.
  3. It's one week later and the bug has been fixed. With the latest update to the toolkit, you can now draw R'lyeh cards.
  4. I just received word that FFG has fixed the bug and submitted the new build to Apple. They advised me that it typically takes 5-7 days for Apple to approve changes. So, with luck, we should have R'lyeh cards in about a week's time.
  5. I'm finding the same thing. The other Other Worlds work fine, but not R'lyeh. It wasn't a problem until after the recent update. That's the update that added MH cards for Cult Encounters and expansions boards. One step forward, one step back, I guess. The first update took them about eight months. Hopefully we won't have to wait that long before getting R'lyeh cards back in the toolkit. I'll e-mail FFG to let them know. I think they read e-mails a lot more frequently than they read forum posts. This is the e-mail address: software@fantasyflightgames.com
  6. I downloaded the update to the Toolkit. At first glace, it looks like the missing MH location cards have been added. I checked the Cult encounters and locations in Dunwich, Kingsport, and Innsmouth. For each location I tried, I was eventually able to bring up MH content. I appreciate FFG taking care of the problem, even though it took a while.
  7. jgt7771 said: The trick to a Kingsport-Only game is it focuses ALL Gate Activity on the original 11 Arkham Locations. Expect lots of monster surges, full streets, and Terror. I realize that nobody cares, but this is fallacy. If you play with just the base game and Kingport's two Strange Sightings cards, you'd have more monster surges than if you used the entire Kingsport expansion. Aside from the two SS cards, the effect of adding Kingsport is to make the hot locations slightly cooler and the cool locations slightly hotter. As result, there is a slightly increased number of open gates, but there's no increase in surges.
  8. Thanks Julia. And sorry if I was little harsh myself. I'm not necessarily looking for the perfect solution to dilution. When you play with both the Dunwich board and the Innsmouth board, Miskatonic doesn't totally fix things, but it's really close, and it's good enough for me. Basically, there are three "builds" of mythos decks, depending on whether the Dunwich board and/or the Innsmouth board is in play. If both boards are in play, then you can use all the mythos cards. MH will take care of dilution. Otherwise, you can use the builds that I posted earlier. If you're playing with the Dunwich board, but not the Innsmouth board, use this build: The Story Continues Old Debts Come Due 24 randomly selected Dunwich location cards 72 randomly selected Arkham location cards 5 randomly selected other cards (cards that don't have gates on them) The deck works because it preserves the balance between Dunwich gates and Arkham gates, but it also includes other types of mythos cards (which were missing from the DH expansion). The deck is the same size that you'd get if you played with Dunwich (103 cards), which means that Old Debts Come Due and The Story Continues show up as often as they were intended to. The trick is preserving the balance between Dunwich gates and Arkham gates. Dunwich was designed so that 24.51%* of the cards are Dunwich gates, 75.49% are Arkham gates, and 0% are other cards. I'd like to have some "other" Mythos cards in the deck, so I figured it would be good to have 4.83% of the deck be "other" cards, since that's the percent that you get when using the DH and MH expansions together. The trouble is, 24.51% plus 75.49% plus 4.83% is more than 100%. However, if you shrink each of those values to 95% of what they used to be, then the numbers add up to 100. The cards above are the closest approximation to those "shrunk" numbers. So, the balance between Dunwich and Arkham is maintained and you get to play with other mythos cards. *earlier I said 25.51%. That was a typo. If you're playing with the Innsmouth board, but not the Dunwich board, use these cards: The Story Continues 32 randomly selected Innsmouth cards (potentially including Plans in Motion) 64 randomly selected Arkham cards 6 randomly selected other cards This deck works in basically the same way as the Dunwich deck. It doesn't matter if Old Debts Come Due is in the deck, since you won't meet the Dark Man of Wizard's Hill. I'm counting Plans in Motion as an "Innsmouth" card even though it doesn't have a gate on it, since it advances the DOR track. There's an extra "other" card in this deck because (unlike Dunwich) Innsmouth has a couple "other" cards (a Strange Sightings card and The Innsmouth Plague). In case it isn't clear, you can add as many expansions as you want and it won't affect either of these builds. The only thing that matters is whether you're using the Dunwich board, the Innsmouth board, or both. (Or neither board, I guess, in which case there's nothing that could get diluted). Hopefully that clarifies what I mean by "solving the dilution problem." If you build the Mythos deck before the game starts, then the balance between the main board, the expansion board, and "other" cards is preserved. It doesn't matter how many small box expansions you have in play, and you don't need to go back and forth between multiple mythos decks during the game. There's some extra shuffling during setup, but once the game starts there's nothing that you need to keep track of. If anyone wants all the probabilities that I used at each point in the process, let me know and I'll post them.
  9. Julia said: Avec, I'm not sure I get your tone. Deep breath? Count to ten? C'me on, I don't think I've insulted you! :.laughter:: First of all, I'm not saying counting the odds isn't math. I'm saying this: "when I say it solves the problem of dilution I'm not referring to the math, I'm referring to the fact that: a) before Miskatonic, it was unlikely to have a real activity on all expansion boards. Because of the way Mythos deck were constructed, and no interaction between the boards were considered, and tons of other good reasons b) after Miskatonic, this is not so unlikely" Hence, please, don't do some number lawiery saying "hey, there is a 0.3% difference between before and after", since this is not was I was talking about. Or better: feel free to do all the math you want, and post it. Just don't say "you can't say this" when this is not what I'm saying / interested in saying. As I've said, for me MH solves the dilution problem. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it better? Yes. The general experience improves? Yep. Expansion boards are more threatening? Yep. For me, that's "solving". Okay, I owe you an apology. If you feel that MH solves the dilution problem, then you have just as much right to post your opinion as I do. But hopefully you can understand my frustration. On the one hand, you're saying that your aren't referring to math. But then you go on to say that gate activity become less unlikely than it was before. Likelihood is math. You can't talk about likelihood without talking about math. Based on your comments, I'm not sure you understand that. From my perspective, hearing the opinions that you just posted is like hearing someone say that seatbelts don't make people any safer, because they knew someone who got hurt in an accident once even though they were wearing a seatbelt. That is, blanket conclusions are being made on the basis of heresay and a very limited set of experiences. If you want to say that MH solves the dilution problem for you, then no one can tell you you're wrong. But if you tell other people that MH solves the dilution problem, and you state it as if it's a fact (and your opinion carries a lot of weight around here), then people like me might post a rebuttal. @ 00000100: Thanks! I'll post it when I get a chance, probably tomorrow.
  10. Julia said: subochre said: It's definitely nice to have the the exact numbers in mind, but I guess it's an open question what counts as "solving" dilution. I don't see anything particularly sacrosanct about the maximally undiluted ratios. And given the way various elements of the game interact (consider how silly Tulzscha gets when heralding for Rhan or even Glaaki), it's not the end of the world if, for example, certain combinations of expansions make Dunwich or Innsmouth disproportionately busy or quiet. ...Well, okay, if it's busy enough that there are monster surges at Y'ha-nthlei, then that probably is the end of the world. But in any case, as long as I don't ever go "God this town is boring, why did I bother including it," then I consider the dilution problem solved. Yeah, that's the point. Avec, I wasn't talking maths. Even if numbers could be interestng, I was just saying that very often I had games (before adding MH) where one of the expansion boards had no activity at all. You could simply ignore Falcon Point for the whole game. Then, after adding the MH Mythos, this doesn't happen anymore. Most of the DH only games I played, I had at least three gates opening there. In an Abhoth game I lost, I had all 5 unstable locations in Dunwich with a gate. Something I've never seen before. And this thanks to MH. This for me solves the problem. And the problem for me is "I'd love to see activity on all boards", not "we want to have the very same odds of a gate opening in every board regardless of the number of expansions played". Before MH, this rarely happened. With MH, this rarely doesn't happen Deep breath. Count to ten. I'm not just doing this because I love numbers. Being able to ignore Falcon Pt the whole game IS math. Having unstable locations open in Dunwich is math. As I hope you realize, unstable locations can open in Dunwich even without MH. And Dunwich can be quiet even with MH. It's not a matter of what can happen or what can't happen. It's a matter of what tends to happen. Everything you're describing is math. This is what MH contributes: If you play with all the expansions except MH, and you use only the Dunwich board, the chance of drawing a Dunwich gate is 11.57%. If you add MH, the chance increases to 15.44%. Now, if you play with just Dunwich and no other expansion, the chance is 25.51%. So, what you're saying is, when the chance is 11.57%, Dunwich sometimes has "no activity at all." But, when the chance increases to 15.44% (just 4 percentage points), then "this doesn't happen anymore." I'm skeptical. As you can see, if you play with just the Dunwich board, adding MH to all the expansions results in barely any change at all to the activity in Dunwich. Dunwich activity should be 25%. Before MH, it was diluted down to 11%. After MH, it was increased up to 15%. Problem solved? If you're using only the Innsmouth board, it's the same story. With just the IH expansion, Innsmouth activity is 33.33%. Before MH, with every expansion in play it got diluted down to 15.11%. MH "solves" the problem by increasing the activity to 20.52%. That's still a far cry from the 33.33% it was playtested at. Please, somebody, check my numbers. Tell me I'm doing the math wrong. Tibs: "I've come to a compromise on this. After all is said and done, having Dunwich and Innsmouth drop to half frequency isn't so bad considering everything else is mixed in. Really, the Act cards were more important and they were solved adequately. So I'd say that the expansion solves dilution, so long as any future expansions (?) continue to adopt the dual-gate concept on Mythos cards." I agree that MH solves dilution for KiY, but not DH or IH. I don't agree that dilution never mattered for DH or IH. Before Miskatonic came out, a lot of people were quite concerned about dilution of the expansion boards and were hoping that MH would solve the problem. And it does, but only if you use both expansion boards at the same time. This seems like as good a place as any to post my solution to the dilution problem. If you're playing with the Dunwich board, but not the Innsmouth board, use these cards: The Story Continue Old Debts Come Due 24 randomly selected Dunwich location cards 72 randomly selected Arkham location cards 5 randomly selected other cards If you're playing with the Innsmouth board, but not the Dunwich board, use these cards: The Story Continues 32 randomly selected Innsmouth cards (potentially including Plans in Motion) 64 randomly selected Arkham cards 6 randomly selected other cards No more dilution. Plus, the Dark Man of Wizard's Hill actually gets scary again. I didn't just pull those numbers out of the air, by the way. If you want to know where they came from, I'd be glad to tell you.
  11. Julia said: I generally play witht wo expansion boards, one of those being always Kingsport. And complete encounters and small cards decks. Julia said: the expansion dilution is solved by Miskatonic Horror That statement is incorrect, by the way. At least if you play with either the Dunwich board or the Innsmouth board, but not both together. If you play with the Dunwich board and no other expansions, then your chance of drawing a Dunwich gate is 25.51% and your chance of drawing an Arkham gate is 75.49%. If you add all the expansions including Miskatonic, but you still don't use the Innsmouth board (which sounds like your style), then your chance of drawing a Dunwich gate goes down to 15.44%, but your chance of drawing an Arkham gate only goes down to 72.97%. so, with Miskatonic... 25.51% becomes 15.44% (Dunwich gates) 75.49% becomes 72.97% (Arkham gates) That don't seem right. If you play with the Innsmouth expansion and no other expansions, then your chance of drawing an Innsmouth gate is 33.33% and your chance of drawing an Arkham gate is 64.71%. If you play with all the expansions, including Miskatonic, but don't use the Dunwich board, then your chance of drawing an Innsmouth gate is 20.52% and your chance of drawing an Arkham gate is 68.28%. with Miskatonic: 33.33% becomes 20.52% (Innsmouth gates) 64.71% becomes 68.28% (Arkham gates) Hmm. However, Miskatonic does work pretty well when you use Dunwich board and the Innsmouth board together: 25.51% becomes 13.65% (Dunwich gates) 33.33% becomes 18.77% (Innsmouth gates) approx 70% becomes 57.34% (Arkham gates) That seems fair, since all three boards should "shrink" proportionally if they're going to be used together. Miskatonic doesn't even come close to solving the dilution problem UNLESS you use both the Dunwich board and the Innsmouth board.
  12. I propose we rename the FAQs the "Outstanding Frequency Unanswered Questions," or the O-FUQs.
  13. I don't know about Lovecraft, but the idea is a variation of the Isle of the Lotus Eaters.
  14. Of course eating brains makes you smart. (Link to a disturbingly appetizing cow brain sandwich, with pickles.) This is honestly one of my favorite encounters ever The Dreamlands: It's lovely here, and perfect... so perfect you might stay forever. Make a Will (+3) check. If you pass, gain 2 Sanity. If you fail, you are devoured.
  15. jgt7771 said: sprinkle in one rack I love this phrase
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