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  1. Here is the answer from FFG: ________________________________________________________________ Hey D-Fracta, No, the Champion would be able to place damage tokens for both on Valorous Strike. Each time does indeed mean each time, regardless of simultaneous instance. Thanks, Justin Kemppainen Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games jkemppainen@fantasyflightgames.com ________________________________________________________________
  2. One little question: Suppose you are playing a Champion and defeat a monster with Motivating Charge and choose to gain 1 valor from it. Defeating this monster also make you gain another valor through your Valor of Heroes skill. According to the Valorous Strike skill, "each time you gain valor, you may instead place a damage token on this card". Since the 2 valors you just gained were gained at the same time from the same triggering condition, does this mean you can only add one damage token on the Valorous Strike card?
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