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  1. use reaper miniature power pallet and it will give you what color it is .. in Reaper.. You may have to transpose to your paint line.
  2. Mileage may vary... The Empire is a military.. and the rebels dunno.. For some reason.. the empire knows rebel ships by sight..
  3. Well based upon life events. I leave the country for a week. The second week in February. So that will be the week it is released. ?
  4. Actually I am going to go completely opposite of you.. Marines.. are the US Navy shipboard combatants. They train with all the weapons and hand to hand.. So it takes someone like A Darth Vader to kick them around.. I believe they will have a little better combat stat and be more expensive..Either way.... I am fine...
  5. BA is a pretty good tabletop system...top 3
  6. FFG has said there isnt going to be the chase of cards like in x-wing.. We shall see...
  7. Minwax polyshades and mineral spirits.. Paint a paint mixing stick the main color you are painting as a base coat and then dip the stick and see how it dries over the top.. I believe I guy named plumperJones did some youtube vids about mixing minwax and how much mineral spirits was required ... on some zombiecide minis
  8. I probably wouldn't dip storm troopers..If I did I would probably go Dark tone or Min Wax Tudor or Espresso. Painting storm troopers I am probably going to use a method called "pin washing" Essentially, Pin Washing is this.. Lay down your base coat.. then apply or spray gloss coat over your miniature. Let dry.. Miniature will be hard and glossy.. i will take my darkest wash and apply to all the recesses and let dry. then apply my white to the big flat panels of the armor.. and paint the eyes.. The reason I wouldn't dip.. is they are white.. and as stated above dipping shades everything. Not that you cannot come back from the shading after a layer of dull coat. its just difficult.. Whites are tough...
  9. There are couple of methods for applying quick shade or wood stain..... As its a stain it is messy... Adults only... My wife supervises me when I dip.. You can brush it on.. but I prefer to put my can of shade in a box.. put my miniature on the end of my drill; Dip and spin, never taking the miniature out of the box until I have removed a good bit of the shade. Its not efficient but it is the cleanest method. I have found..Nothing outside of the box. I find that the shade protects miniatures I play with... but it comes out shiney... With a shine... not as in excellent!! I usually hit it with some testors dull coat. If the colors come out dimmer than I like. I repaint with a little of my original color after dull coating. For me speed is the main goal.. I try not to spend more than 45 minutes painting a miniature before dipping. That doesn't mean I am sloppy. That means my goal is to get a clean base coat on in 45 minutes or less. Other advice.. if you dip use brighter colors.. Dip really cuts that down.. .I won't win any prizes.. for my paint jobs.. but I always have good looking table top quality miniatures.. and thats all that matters...
  10. Awesome Sorastro... While I am a long time painter.. I see the benefit in painting tutorials.. Every one can always learn something new.. Additional advice I would give to new painters.. are this... Paint with Friends.. Know when to quit painting. Only you has to be satisfied with the paint job.. You don't have to use the exact paints he does.. but priming is important.. Aces...
  11. Dipping works... as a fast alternative to get models on the table
  12. Yawn... It's the initial release... If I am going to say one thing for FFG .. The follow up game systems with additional product. The hardcore hobbyist is probably sharpening their exacto knives and kneading the green stuff on hand in anticipation of tricking out their models. More power to them. I am hoping for future releases Twilek, Trandoshans, Wookies, Bounty hunters, droids (Imperial & rebel), Hutts, Guavian Death Gangers, Kanjiklub, 1st order, Agents an otherwise.. the list goes on and on...(I made no mention of ewoks or gungans. FFG!) You guys are arguing about the diversity of the initial seven guys.. They are already on the boat.. maybe next go around. I hope that there are lots of characters available.. but they limit them on table..
  13. I concur with the card mechanic.. Beyond reference I dislike keeping track of cards. I disagree with Infinity as one of the best balanced games. Miniatures are nice and have improved in the last 36 months..
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