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  1. The riku lv 2 seems to be wanting...kind of a lame effect compared to stage 3. Stage one is kinda cool, what with the game inspired ansem power borrowing. And the storm rider is lovely =)
  2. Darkwing Duck said: Belle-while in play you can play beast of any level Aurora- dragon maleficent cant be played when you have 3 or more princess cards in play. cindy- discard 4 or more princess cards from play to search for an end of the world card and put it into your hand. (fail) all level 1 wit +1/0 They probably had the intention of some sort of effect relating to having a certain number of princess cards in the discard pile, hence the option to discard more than 4 princess cards, rather than simply discarding 4. But i guess that we shall never know.
  3. Eroecchi said: Leigh said: some slight grammatical errors on the translations, but they are looking good. Again, kudos to you guys I would like you to point a few out for me please, to the best of my knowlegde this should be fine i went over it many times before i sent it to the editors. Only way i'll learn Well at the moment I cant read em, not sure if there's something wrong with the html or my browser, but as soon as i can read em all next to their cards i'll let you know.
  4. i could take care of the grammar and make them sound just like the FFG ones if you want - minus the FFG god awful screwups that is. It means that there's one less thing that you guys have to do for this.
  5. some slight grammatical errors on the translations, but they are looking good. Again, kudos to you guys
  6. woah, had almost given up at looking at these forums, then i come back to see all of this, kudos to you guys, it all looks good. I'll be very interested to see how this pans out. And if there is anything I can do to help.
  7. *weeps for the colossally useless form cards he will never see
  8. ill be glad just to see a last set, and have done with all this. it has been far too long a wait for word of any sort. I do wonder if they consider it worth their time to slap the final set on the end (i saw the japanese final form once and vomited in excitement) *sits in the hopes of a deck full of forms and a few more org members
  9. yes, **** tomy and their lack of rights givingness...
  10. well crayons are nice and all, but wouldnt some nice photoshop make it all sweet and pretty? if not, the substitution of crayons for pastels or felt pens may just give the card a much needed edge. or we could just take in game screenshots like they did for the limit cards print them out and glue them over our common cards, that way we would at least be recycling =)
  11. does nobody frequent those rooms anymore?
  12. Leigh2

    Set 5?

    I googled the ISBN. In one store it said FFG was the distributor, but the cards were supposed to have been release in 2007. Google the number, it comes up as the same item in heaps of stores, but very old release dates. I wonder if FFG had originally intended to release separate sets but went with combining them?
  13. Leigh2

    Set 5?

    so as usual its just a waiting game =(
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