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  1. Excuse me if this has already been answered, but I would appreciate a list of examples of this condition for the purposes of loading up the Dep Ones Rising Track. My main question is if there is already a gate on a location indicated by a mythos card--a monster surge situation, usually--does this count as "preventing" a gate from opening, and thereby worthy of an uprising token?
  2. We're going at Innsmouth for the first time tonight. What's the best combo of GOO and investigators to get the best flavor? We're intermediate players.
  3. So, here was the situation tonight: 1) A player was in the second space in an Other World. He was going to come back to Arkham, but there were two big ass monsters waiting; he couldn't have made the san rolls to be in a position to close the gate. 2) In the Arkham Movement Phase, there was another character strong enough to move to the space and clear it of both monsters. Of course, during Arkham Encounters, he's gonna get sucked into he gate. 3) So, if the player in 1) comes back and closes the gate, what happens to the player in 2), who will be in the same Other World the character in 1) is now closing? Note, there are no other open gates that match this Other World.
  4. Is it me, or are there some silly things that can happen with a bank loan? I ran out of cash last night and lost my Yithian Rifle, among other things. Couldn't I have just, um, taken care of the collectors with the thing? We also created a house rule that made sense to us: you don't have to make a Bank Loan roll in an Other World. I mean, is the bank guy really gonna come through the Gate to collect?
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