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  1. Haha sorry I was just over exaggerating ;]. Aww stay happy though! Your figures are coming and they will be very cool to see once they get to you!
  2. Hiya I am just curious as to what are exactly miniatures? Is it like a certain game name, a statue, or something? Sorry just wondering thanks!
  3. Oh my gosh! They all look soooooooooooooooooooo cool. I just wish they weren't so expensive otherwise I would have like 80... On second thought maybe it's a good thing they are so expensive haha.
  4. I totally want this game too! My friends got it and I can't wait until I can get it too but sadly it is sold out at all the stores close to me... bummer. But, I can wait =]
  5. I'm not watching a movie right now but earlier I was watching Christmas is Crazy or something like that.
  6. My favorite heros are Tidus, Cloud, and Squall. My favorite villians are Sephiroth and Jecht.
  7. Oooh I like this thread. =] Major Tom by Peter Schilling
  8. Hiya! I am new too and I thought it was cool we had the same avatar and square thingy so I had to say something haha.
  9. I live close to two targets and they both carry a lot of them still but you have to go into the row with all the trading cards to find them though. I hope yours starts carrying them again soon!
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