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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for any recommendations for some type of Ship bits organizer. Something that would help organize all the pieces at the table. Some type of tray that keeps everything organized, consolidated and easier to move if necessary. Not looking for a storage solution. That's a whole different topic. ;-) Thanks! -Ed
  2. Good day! I'm trying to figure out exactly what the "Signal Intelligence Array" is. How would one describe it? Any interweb searches doesn't tell me much. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Running the beginner game tonight for the first time. Any last minute tips or things to look out for? Thanks! -Ed
  4. As title states, is there any renewed fan interest with the release of 5e.
  5. I tried to search for the answer, but couldn't quite find what I was looking for. Page 277, at the top right of the Force Sensitive Exile Talent tree, it marks certain talents as: Force Sensitives only. For example, Insight is a talent allowed for Force Sensitives only. Whereas Forager, is not. By default, don't you become a Force Sensitive automatically when you take the Force Sensitive? Furthermore, page 275, last paragraph states: "...Additional limitations to becoming Force sensitive as well. For example, the Droid species cannot become Force sensitive... Because of this these species cannot become Force sensitive, they cannot select the Force Sensitive Exile Specialization". I'm unclear of denoting certain talents in this tree as Force sensitive only. Thanks! -Ed
  6. As a player who played in Emirikol's game, I found it to be fantastic. He sums everything up very well. Definitely a good bit of investigation and intrigue, with some combat thrown in. About the balance of play that I am looking for. I suspect there was a lot we missed and things we passed by in the game, and minor things we spent way too much time on(Leper Colony)... -Ed
  7. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but it is probably your finest work...
  8. Emirikol, Whatever you decide to write, I'm sure it will be fantastic! ;-) I always thought an Elf-centric adventure/group would be fun. I've always thought in the WH world, it is real tough to play an Elf. However, having an Elf-centric group, based in either Athel-Loren or Ulthuan, could be real fun.
  9. Emirikol's work is always the best! I'm a huge fan of his. ;-) To maybe prioritize things, do we want to remove Elves for the time being as an option? Or any other careers? I could see Grail Knights being a little difficult Since you're running this Eradico, do you see Wood Elves as a viable class in Barony of the Damned?
  10. Emirikol, That is some amazing stuff. Do I see the Hero of Averheim in there? ;-) I do like to use miniatures. Not to the degree where people are counting out squares, 5 foot steps, etc. But I do like to know relative positions of combatants. Especially something as epic as that battle!
  11. As Eradico mentions, our attempts at gaining a success on Fortune dice is pure comedy. We have a higher chance of gaining a Chaos star than a success. Go figure. But we do like the pre or post option. It's not like they work in our favor anyway...
  12. I think an original character concept comes from a characters story and background. Granted some careers don't a have a lot of flexibility, but I don't think it's unreasonable to work with the GM to maybe swap out skills/talents/abilities/etc to make that work. Think a Trollslayer who was formerly a merchant. The player and GM could work together to define a more relevant set of skills/talents/abilities/etc to fit that backgorund. A Trollslayer who has Education trained. Or something like that. It may not be the most "powerful" and "effective build, but it would be something that would match the background and story.
  13. Any chance you would be willing to post the "pre-pdf" version of the files someplace? Thanks! -Ed
  14. Howdy, Fantastic sheet. Slightly off-topic question: How does one go about creating a character sheet like this? I'd like to create a smaller version of this one for use with minions. Unless something is already created. Thanks! -Ed
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