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  1. And also a squad of Recon Grenadiers, this time in winter colours. I love these miniatures…
  2. More punch for my Axis Force, one Flamm-Luther in Cerberus pattern colours
  3. Originally the background was in the 1950s, WW2 never ended and evolved into some kind of Cold War between the three great blocs. Earth was devastated and… "All is Dust"
  4. More punch for the Axis with some Laser Jagdgrenadiere…
  5. I have added a Panzer to my Axis forces… It is a Tamiya 1:48 Panzer III Ausf N painted in the colours of OP. Cerberus, and with some DUST transfers…
  6. Finally I finished Grand'ma, so my SSU army is finished (for now!)
  7. Thanks for your words, specially regarding my pics as I normally think they suck, as I lose a lot of detail on my paintwork. The Luther is painted just with paintbrush and sponge… I used time to retouch the chipping manually (never again!). The hairspray technique should have accomplished a better and quicker result.
  8. I managed to finish my Commisar squad. Here they are…
  9. I wish I could change the title of this thread, but… Here is an Axis Sniper team
  10. And here are pics of the retouched model. New base, additional weathering…
  11. And now, one KV-3 Babushka from DUST Models, prepainted. These pics are for the model straight from the box
  12. Long time away. Here are some updates. First, Koshka. I still need to paint Grand'ma, tough
  13. And finally, a repainted Joe, premium version
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