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  1. Do we really need another one of these?
  2. You forgot to say “in my opinion, based on what we know now”. Unless you are on the design team or a play tester you really have no idea what the card look or meta will look like by the time this card comes out. That was really my only problem with this whole deal - it was all based off of the assumption that they knew better than the design team who had access to the whole picture. Again, I really have no problem with it. It’s a **** prize, whoever wins it deserves to pick what they want for whatever reason they like. But everyone acting like it is some big sacrifice for the environment is just silly when you don’t know 80% of the cards coming out in the next 2 months.
  3. Nowhere did I disagree with that. I’ve played this game since 1997 and, good or bad, the players impacting the story and cards has always been the best part.
  4. I agree. It’s absolutely a silly choice and completely based on assuming (with limited experience and information) that you know better than the design team and play testers. On the other hand, he’s the guy that won, so it’s completely within his rights to do what he wants. After all, it is generating a lot of drama/attention. Meanwhile I look forward to using it in Crab and Phoenix control/dishonor builds.
  5. Sadly nothing in the rules preventing players from playing a different clan in an active attempt to sabotage them. Ah well!
  6. Regardless of the reason it was a silly move that only served to handicap his clan. It’s not like the card is going anywhere, so the move only served to make Phoenix and Crab arguably better at dishonor than Scorpion.
  7. Oshio

    got it!!

    If anyone is still interested, I'm looking to part with my complete set. PM me if so!
  8. Played a couple games and may make a few adjustments: Miner of the Iron Hills was meh for me and seemed to be more of a hindrance than a help (**** Sack's not being conditions). They are great against certain quests, but so far I haven't seen a use for them. Perhaps in later Hobbit quests, but for now they are on the fence. Kili and Fili are freaking great and I am tempted to up them to 3x each. I used them as Troll fodder and killed off my first pair, then brought two more in a turn or two later (netting more cards and threat reduction). Dori, Bombur and Bofur were originally just in for flavor, but Bofur proved to be a beast, especially once Legacy of Durin is out - netting Threat reduction and a card every turn. Definitely upping him to 2x to get that tech started asap. Narvi's Belt I'm on the fence about. I like being able to spread the wealth in a tri-sphere deck with whoever ends up Steward, but it hasn't had a huge impact yet. I may swap it out. Now that I've solidly beat the first scenario a few times and gotten mad loot, I'm ready to move on to quest 2 with some pretty weapons, which should help out my low damage problem.
  9. Hey all! Haven't been around in awhile but have gotten back into the game recently and caught up on the packs. I'm just getting into The Hobbit and was glad they included some theme decks in the back - though they are pretty terrible as they are restricted to 1 core set and no expansions. As such, I wanted to build a decent deck that still stuck with the theme. Here's my first attempt: as of now I've only played it once and it's 1-0 against trolls. I'm sure it could be improved, but it felt pretty solid in the first play. 1x Thorin 1x Ori 1x Nori 2x Narvi's Belt 2x Hardy Leadership 3x Steward of Gondor 3x Legacy of Durin 3x Daeron's Runes 3x Test of Will 3x Durin's Song 3x Sneak Attack 3x Burglar Baggins 2x A Very Good Tale 2x The Galadhrim's Greeting 3x Gandalf 3x Erebor Hammersmith 3x Erebor Record Keeper 2x Longbeard Map-Maker 2x MIner of the Iron Hills 2x Longbeard Elder 2x Kili 2x Fili 1x Dori, Bombur and Bofur The key is to get to that magic '5' so that Thorin and Ori kick into high gear. This should almost always happen on turn 2 or 3, barring a bad mulligan draw. Once that hits it's easier to snap a couple of other engines into place (Steward of Gondor, Legacy of Durin, Narvi's Belt) and really make your resource engines go crazy. The deck's biggest strengths are it's crazy card draw and production once things get rolling. On the flip side, the allies in the deck aren't particularly strong, and you have to rely on tricks to end up sealing the deal. Thoughts? What has everyone else been playing?
  10. Though I agree that one core set is good for testing the game to see if it's something that you enjoy, I will be the devil's advocate and say that once you decide that the game is for you, a second core set is very necessary. The problem with the game at this point is a problem inherant in the LCG structure: there just aren't enough cards. I love deckbuilding and the more options the better, and right now there aren't a lot of tough choices in deckbuilding - most good cards are clearly superior to others. With a single core set you are very limited, as there aren't a lot of cards that exist in 3x quantity. While I'm on the fence about getting a third core set to really lock down the 3x rares (I'm currently only playing with one of the 1x core set cards, Dwarven Tomb, and I've got a high quality printed sub that is pretty much indistinguishable from the real cards so I'm not really bothered by it,) getting playsets of all of the 2x cards will greatly enhance your experience. This is just my opinion, of course, but having 2 sets really made a difference in filling out decks for me, especially if you plan on ever going solo sphere. So I'd say test out the game, play around with deckbuilding a bit and if it's something you think you'll be supporting in the future, invest in a second set.
  11. Also I just read that Stand and Fight was ruled to not be usable on Gandalf. I'll probably cut it down to 2x and eventually circulate it out entirely. That's a pretty big blow as you could Dwarven Tomb Stand and Fight to get even more Gandalf if you needed, but I don't dislike it, makes things harder, and that's what solo/co-op games are about!
  12. dberman: I say that only because his stats are incredible. 2/1/1/1/1 is just really good as he can typically take more than one hit and can also attack or quest as needed. guciomir: I get where you're coming from, but I'd rather the deck give my existing deck a challenge rather than be an easy win for a deck custom built to beat that scenario...in the latter case you might as well be playing a new game rather than an LCG. In an LCG I like to build a couple of decks suited to my playstyle and throw them against various challenges. This scenario does not do that. All: Played this deck for the first time against the Gen Con scenario and ****, I have to say it's the best scenario yet (including those from the base set). Extremely hard, not watered down by multiple encounter decks, super flavorful. Also the difficulty is evenly divided throughout the deck, it doesn't make things artificially difficult by 'cheating' and taking out heroes, etc. I won the first game, but only by a hair, and was probably 2 turns from losing. Look forward to repeat plays!
  13. Awesome. I mean, it sucks, as the best decks out there abuse Gandalf, but as that gets very boring I like this ruling. Makes things more difficult
  14. Very excited about this. A couple of thoughts: Creating 9 new encounter sets to be used for the next arc is setting a really good precedent, I was worried that they would keep pulling from the core set. This also means a whole ton of possible combinations for possible 'online scenarios' which I'm still crossing my fingers that they will start putting out using random combinations of encounter sets. I really like the idea of a 'theme set' and look forward to the endless possibilities that lie there. With said 9 encounter sets, it sounds like there really won't be a whole lot of room for player cards, which is the only disappointing thing here. With 2 heroes I assume it will be about 2 normal packs worth of cards, where we really need more. The deluxe expansions are an opportunity to inject a lot of new player cards into the mix, and I'd really like another 'big box' like the base set. All in all, very excited, especially as it will be coming out (relatively) soon.
  15. Definitely what he said. If you play it right, Carrock is extremely easy (unless you 'accidentally' complete the first quest early). Take your time and get set up during the first quest, dial your threat way down, beef up Dunhere with Dunedain marks and you should be in great shape. The only real risk is the lone Sacked coming up very early. On that note, here's how the deck generally performs against the 6 adventure's so far: Base Set 1, Spiders: Obviously an easy one, this deck will beat it 99% of the time. Base Set 2, Troll: Also easy: your threat starts low and you have lots of ways to lower it further, so you should never have to engage the Troll directly. This deck beats it about 95% of the time. Base Set 3, Tower: Completely impossible to solo this with this deck aside from an extremely lucky draw. Simply put, every hero fulfills a unique nitch and eliminating one of them right off the bat results in an impossible battle. Out of all my attempts I've beat it once, and that was purely due to a perfect storm of a god draw from my deck, a terrible draw from the enemy deck and eliminating the right hero. 1%. Expansion 1, Golem: Extremely easy. The sole difficult part of this mission is the Hunters, so you are a slightly at the mercy of the draw (the painful part of those guys isn't their health, isn't their attack boost, it's their **** threat boost) but as long as you don't get swarmed with multiples you should be fine. So far I'd give this deck an 80% success ratio against this one. Expansion 2, Trolls: As mentioned above, almost an auto-win as long as you don't 'accidentally' get bumped into the second part of the quest early. Set yourself up, lower your threat, then snipe the trolls from afar. Last game I ended at 4 threat, 1 wound and 15 victory points worth of cards. I've only played a few times, but I anticipate about a 80-90% success ratio. Expansion 3, Eagle: I really hate this adventure, in my mind it's the perfect example of how NOT to design an adventure for this game. The Base Set 3 adventure is a pain in the ass, but it's actually a lot of fun as long as you don't go against it solo. I'm ok with that. This adventure is a pain in the ass and nearly unbeatable, but becomes a cakewalk if you build a deck designed to beat it. I could be wrong here (I lost 3 times and then put it away as it just wasn't fun). I think if it were better designed (allow you to heal the bird by wounding your own guys or raising your threat or something to give you multiple approaches to victory) it would be a fun race against the clock that challenged 'stall' decks like this one, but as is if you include healing in your deck you win, if you don't you lose. All that being said I think it would be neat if you could use any deck, but basically needed to throw in Radagast to help out, or even had him build into the quest rules like in the troll one...but Radagast is terrible and will barely buy you a turn if you're lucky. Bad quest. Maybe 1-2% (if you draw lots of plants early) but I won't play this one enough to find out.
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