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  1. The card says , "when this mercenary whould be destroyed, you may instead destroy a freindly fighter in this system". Following the rules as they are written if he is destroyed in a ground combat, it could take out a Fighter thats in the system instead....looks strange.
  2. That exept that made us confused.. Exept , you win the tech or except you dont ?
  3. When the capital ship of the necro virus is destroyed by PDF fire ,is the "steal technology" still used?
  4. The fleet suply can be a reason to build them, since they are better than the cruiser... The new tech is another good reason They can bombard, this can be a diference betwen wining a invasion or not.
  5. We got in front a situation, that raised a lot of discussions. A Necro Virus player send his Capital Ship alone against a system, but the capital ship was destroyed by the 4 pds fire that was around.... The question is, is the necro virus capable of stealing the tech from the player since didnt happend a space battle ?
  6. Good point, i kind liked the option 5.... anybody that enters the fight should kill both, or if its allied just join up the fight. Sadly all the options break the rules....
  7. i dont fully agree. In the games i played i noticed thats was sometimes more worthy to make connan help in the conquest, so doing direct victory points , than rushing it to his objective just for the sake of getting the edge of the adventure tokens. Of course this is situational, but for me Conan is already very good, if u have 5 units more Conan, u don't even need to use the adventure cards for the conquest.... and so save the adventure card for the next bid (sometimes) . Also u make your adversary less inclined to try to get your conan protected land.
  8. Brasil - Rio de Janeiro :-) If some of you ever consider come to here and still think in playing TI hehe just let me know
  9. just in curiosit , the Dread arent worth to be build even when u want to invade some planet ? Hiting with 5+ with a bunch of units that hit only with 8+ isnt worth for something ? (I just played something around 10 games with the expansion , only with 4 players and a expert thats wins everytime )
  10. I believe that the fact of the dock been moved to a planet could be interpretd as it was build there, and folow the rules of building a dock in a planet....so u cant activate there to build units.
  11. im expecting a expansion also !!
  12. im happy there's no murphy law around in age of conan
  13. I agree thats very unlikely to happen, but if it happens? In a situation where the players are new, theres a bigger chance... So i conclude thats a question without a direct rule answer..
  14. Well, last night conan was very luck, he got all the adventures close from the last destination. So people have to choose betwen finishing the adventure or moving conan to a better spot. Also i saw a intersting efect , people inclunding me , get tons of strategy cards, making the drawing deck be with very little cards. And rising the questinon, If the cards are over? What shuld u buy? Anyway, for me that was a wrong strategy , the kindon cards are much more useful ...........at least if i have half of the strategy cards made from them!!
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