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  1. This is well said. More over: this applies not just conversions to gain benefit cover, but the other way too. It saddens me that conversions (probably my favorite aspect of the hobby) is practically discouraged if the converted pose looks interesting / cool, but provides a disadvantage to the player because it exposes more of the model to LoS.
  2. So my 13 y/o son wants to get his own Legion army and he’s leaning toward the Galactic Republic army. The trouble is: (a) we don’t need more measuring tools or dice and even more importantly (b) he is planning on spending his own money on the models and so getting units in a Core Set that he won’t use (the Separatists) is a little jarring for a teenager, especially since you need one to get Obi-Wan. i know the argument of trying to find someone local to split a box set - I’ve sent out messages to the local groups and no takers so far. I’d just like to see some discussion on this topic, as a miniature gamer who typically focuses on one faction, and see if I am in the minority. Do other people wish for the core box set models to be released as individual models? (And I mean the true core set models, not the new Operative models which are different rule sets).
  3. After a few games with him, and knowing that his ability is such that it costs an action to declare a pivot action in order to pivot the 360 degrees (which is the free action he gets with the pivot action), I’m failing to see how to effectively use his ability in the T-47. is the idea to compulsory move such that you will get a target in front and another in read, then pivot, then attack? That seems rather narrow and situation dependent, but I’d love to be proven wrong.
  4. Give me some interesting hooks / hints for the PC's for the following location: A cave system, normally home to spider creatures, has been cleared by a rebel group using it as a base of operations to get enough support / militia overthrow the local government. The locale / planet is relatively low tech; think of the movie Avatar, and you get the idea. The moon, however, is relatively higher tech, and is underhandedly / indirectly funding the rebels (unbeknownst to them). I need something that will alert the players to an off-world force (and it is fine if it is obviously the moon race), but also bring a little combat into the mix. While I know I could just drop tech into the combat, I want something more than that, that will both raise eyebrows of my players but also make for some interesting adventure hooks I can create on the moon when they visit it as emissaries in the next Act.
  5. I feel like I should be able to find this, but I just cannot: When does a compulsory move occur? Is it immediately when a unit activates? Is it at the end of a unit activation? Or is it any time during that unit’s turn, as long as it make that full move at some point before, after, or between actions?
  6. Am I reading the event list for Adepticon 2019 correctly in that there are no Armada events planned? Is this the final event list or will there potentially be more added?
  7. this is a cool idea. How did you actually do this? Programming I assume?
  8. Thanks! I just sort of came up with it on a whim, and it look a life of its own!
  9. I am running a F&D game for my family, ages 6, 8, 12, and 43, and I came up this idea called cinematic events that my kids are enthralled by. At the beginning of an Act (which is usually 1-3 sessions), each player is handed a sealed envelope that says something along the lines of "Open when <insert condition here>" For example, "Open when the auxiliary power kicks in" It's vague enough that they don't know what is going to happen, but specific enough that when the event occurs, it's obvious when to open it. And usually, it culminates in them getting to do something cinematic or cool. In the above example, I was reading some text about how the ship's power died and the auxiliary power came on-line (which caused the player to open the envelope). I didn't stop reading the GM text, which ended with me saying, "And that's when you realize..." And the envelope contained a piece of paper that read: "When the GM says 'And that's when you realize...', finish the sentence out loud to the group with '...It's a Trap!'" Since this immediately jumped into a starship dramatic combat scene, you can imagine everyone thought this was a hoot and a great nod to the genre. The point of this lengthy post is I am looking for more ideas for classic Star Wars stuff that will lend itself well to these cinematic events. What should be in a future envelope? What phrases can players use? Or what other things can go into these envelopes? For example, I've had blurred photos for visions that PC's get. Any ideas, including props, are welcome.
  10. LTP? Can you spell that out for me? Thanks!
  11. My model of Luke Skywalker from the core set has a slight droop to its lightsaber. I've gently tried bending it back, but the plastic doesn't want to hold the new position. Any ideas to get it back to straight? I'm used to working with metal or resin models, so my experience with plastic is minimal.
  12. I've spent the better part of the day trying to find the answer to this, so I apologize if my search-fu is weak, but.... Being a seasoned miniature gamer, I'm used to army-scale movement being a particular distance in inches (or centimeters), not a movement template / device. So my question involves moving around a fixed piece of impassible terrain. For other games (like PP, GW, etc), you typically move a certain number of inches (e.g. 8 inches) and bend the tape measure around a terrain piece, causing the joint in the tape measure to bend around the terrain piece as needed. For Legion, the joint is fixed based on the movement device. So if a miniature needs to move around a terrain piece (for example, a building with 90 degree corners), but the joint occurs BEFORE the corner, how does the miniature move around the corner? My interpretation of the rule is to raise the movement device above the terrain, and bend it accordingly, and the miniature is placed at the end of the movement device. This would garner it extra distance compared to the "bend the tape measure around the corner rule" as the movement device is actually cutting through (albeit above) the terrain piece. Thanks for any clarification in advance.
  13. For someone who is trying to gauge whether to attend Adepticon for a single day (and has never gone), is there a place for players to play casual games, or is it only the tournament (Thursday and Saturday)? If the latter, then how onerous would it be for a casual player to come to? Meaning, "I am not looking to successfully win, but I would like to play and have a good time." I am familiar with the tournament rules, etc, but just want to get some game in more than anything.
  14. Well, I'm not sure this is an actual answer, but I would say you don't want to fault a company for "encouraging customers to buy of their products." Certainly they are going to do that. But probably a better way of describing it is that you want a company to produce products where customers WANT to spend that money and are HAPPY about doing it. Truth: FFG is in the business to make money. But they also, I assume, want to make excellent products that make customers happy to come to them and return many times to do so. So, I suspect it is probably a little of both, and I think that's okay. I would suspect it is less malicious than simple bleeding their customer's wallets.
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