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  1. It's a tie for everyone. Thus the player with the Iron Throne decides how houses are placed on the influence track.
  2. Does anyone have any idea if the expansions are too being reprinted? For me it would sound logical, but they are not listed on upcoming section whereas the basegame is.
  3. Gnomen said: Hello. My name is Lukas. I like to ask You some questions: 1. I have Descent board game core. And I like to buy 4th expantion The Road to Legend. It is possible, or I need first to buy 1st, 2nd, 3rd expantion set, and then I can play 4th ? I hope that You understand what I mean. 2. How about the rules in this expantion ? Do i have to remove some of the cards from orginal set, or Descent core game rules are still valid ? 3. Where I can buy paintable miniatures for Descent? I mean this maded in metal, not plastic. Thank you for all the anwsers. Best wishes Gnomen 1. No. Only the core game is needed to play. 2. Rules are a little different, but base mechanics remain. Some skills and items aren't used in RTL and some characters are tweaked. 3. Try your local gamestore. Also you can order them from FFG's site.
  4. 1. Potions are generally potatoes in my group. 2. Giants have been bestowed with a nickname "Spandex" (Those trousers!) 3. Skeletons are often mispelled on purpose as skleletons (A kingdom of loathing reference) 4. Not really a nickname, but many bad jokes have been made of Grinding axe, generally revolving around frustrating level-upping in MMORPGs. 5. Oh, fatigue potions are often called "Fatties" too. 6. Sorcerers are Saucers. 7. Hellhounds = Hotdogs. And the worst last: 8. Someone once said, that Mordrog looks like he's wearing lipstick. He's been called "Tranny" ever since. I bet there'd be more, but can't remember everything.
  5. ProtoPersona said: Send an email to FFG customer support. I was in the same boat on Warcraft, and they sent me a replacement for free. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_contacto.asp Ditto. I missed One-fist and had two Mordrogs instead.
  6. Keep the spiders. Consider it immunotherapy. Get rid of your fear of dragons too. Learn to fear gold weapons...
  7. I got those promo figures today, two weeks after ordering them. But instead of just 3 figs with Descent and Runebound char. sheets I got extra copies of them all! So 6 figs, 6 Descent sheets and 6 Runebound cards. Has anyone else got his/her order doubled?
  8. For the question number three: Read Descent Decrees for an Aspiring Overlord By Robb. Here's the link www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp .
  9. It's not perfect yet, but will be eventually. For example some of WoD's items are missing.
  10. Hi TinyOgre. I remade your Spiridons Curse scenario's map with TileSystem. I could send it to you. If you'd want, I could remake more of your scenarios. They all got huge potential. I also could do some proof-reading. I hope you still read these forums.
  11. DavekeC said: The canons are located on a shipwreck stranded on the island ... Can the shipwreck be considered as Captain Bones' ship (Shame on him if that's so)? I'd rather see it as a prop, so his special ability doesn't count.
  12. In my opinion, Captain Bones' card states that only his ships' cannons get the bonus, so I'd say it doesn't apply for the cannons on shore.
  13. I'm still waiting for a juggernaut female hero with conquest value of 4. You do have some interesting heroes, especially the twins.
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