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  1. warbow

    Ship Crew

    Instead of Crew being 30 or 40, i give them small upgrades as they work together ect. So a 30 crew that goes into a hard battle may get +1 to its crew rating and become a 31, ect. ect. (I don't think this is a normal rule but it's been a while since I played. )
  2. What are your guys thoughts of allowing Crew Damage and Morale damage to continue after all hull integrity is lost? I mean..a raider with 30 hull integrity and 100 moral and crew will be at 70 moral and 70 crew when crippled (0 hull integrity). When that happened in my campaign...my players kept blasting the ship with minor criticals..but morale damage and crew damage slowed to almost nothing...(As the rules state that every point of hull integrity lost costs 1 morale and crew damage. So the smaller the ship....the harder it is to loose large amounts of crew and morale? Help on this one? -RJ