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  1. I got the base set, been thinking of getting some expansions, so this is helpful, thanks
  2. Great post, I learned a whole lot - just have teh base game and am thinking of getting more?
  3. Holy Smokes Batman - what an amazing blog you got going on there, anyone into TannHauser should be there, Now!
  4. Hey Doc, Very cool, I will head over and see what is going on at your blog very cool, thanks for sharing. I would guess this would be a great one to write stories about?
  5. Hendal

    Xombie horror..

    This sounds live a super cool idea, I don't play this one enough to add stuff to it, but If I start playing it more, I want to try and add zombies.
  6. Bairoth - great answer, very helpful. I only have the original game, and I was wondering about getting more, that is very cool to know, thanks!
  7. Darn, I thought Blue was was expanding to more games, that would be kinda cool?
  8. I am sure I will eventually just print them out, but it would be really cool to have real tiles to use!
  9. Sounds interesting, it may be better to explore Blue Moon, as it has all the characters in it?
  10. No Clue Han? But it is popular at BGG, it sure sounds fun, another Knizia game I need to get
  11. I need to get this one, I am just discovering Knizia games and they are pretty sweet I have to admit. Camel meeples - sign me up
  12. The BGG is down right now sad to say, but they will bet the best source of reviews I would think. THis one looks good I wonder how it compares to Drakon?
  13. Hendal

    I love this game!

    I played this a bunch at GenCon for the first time this year and loved it, I just bought one and it is in the mail all the way to Costa RIca, I don't even want to think how much I will pay in customs, but it will be worth it once I start playing it all the time. How is the replayability on this one? Game On'
  14. Hendal

    new expansion?

    I agree, that would rock!
  15. What do you recommend the most for this? I love it 2 person and think it is its own unigue great 2 person game and it plays very differently with 3-5 people. So what do you think is the best # of player for this one? 2-5? Also if you just had 3-5 to choose from, what would you recommend as your favoirite? Game On'
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